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Wiio Dropshipping founder story

Wiio Dropshipping Review – Pros, Cons, and Competitors

You might have heard of it in the news recently, but what exactly is Wiio dropshipping? And how does it stack up against the competition? In this article, we’ll go over exactly what makes this dropshipping service different from others and help you decide if it’s right for your business or not.

Is It Worth Dropshipping With WIIO? WIIO Review.

What is WIIO?
WIIO is a worldwide marketplace that connects brands and dropshippers in one place. Brands can post requests for dropship suppliers while dropshippers can submit their proposals to fulfill those requests. Once both parties are satisfied with each other’s terms, they can enter into an agreement and get started! A big difference between WIIO and other marketplaces is that WIIO doesn’t charge commission fees. This means both brands and dropshippers pay only after successfully fulfilling orders!

What are the pros of this dropshipping app?
One of Wiio’s pros is that you don’t have to sign up for an account. Simply enter your product name and search with your unique tracking code and pay at checkout! This dropshipping app also allows you to create unlimited stores, so if you think that one store isn’t enough or if you want a different URL associated with another niche (i.e., shoes, clothing, baby products), then simply create a new store and repeat! You can do all of that without spending any money because it doesn’t cost anything to set up a store. Simply choose which products that you want to sell and let business roll in!

What are the cons of this dropshipping app?
The most noteworthy competitor to Wiio is Oberlo. Both are apps that streamline dropshipping; however, it seems as though Oberlo has had more success in building a brand around its product than Wiio. This means that prospective customers are more likely to search for Oberlo than Wiio. Of course, there may be other competitors out there I am not aware of and just because customers aren’t necessarily Googling Oberlo doesn’t mean they won’t find out about it from word-of-mouth or email marketing.

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Who are its competitors?
Dropshipping is a relatively new service that has gained popularity in recent years. It allows sellers to easily list and sell products from third-party suppliers without ever holding or shipping any inventory. The upside of dropshipping is its ease of use and low barrier to entry for sellers. Many online marketplaces have made it easier than ever for anyone to start their own business with little overhead cost by offering templates, such as those on Shopify, that can automatically sync up with suppliers’ catalogs. Another way startups can save time on listing items is by using a third-party dropshipper like Wiio; however, choosing which option is best will largely depend on individual preferences and goals.

WIIO Review — Order Fulfillment & Shipping
WIIO has a tiered system of order fulfillment. Shipping is free for orders over $250. For small orders (those under $250), WIIO offers three options: your customer can wait until an item is available or you can choose to have WIIO replace it with another item that’s in stock; finally, you can choose to just send a refund. These are all fine options, but I’m not sure why anyone would ever want to use them instead of Amazon Prime. It’s great that WIIO doesn’t charge shipping on smaller orders and also great that they offer customers who don’t want to wait for items a choice between replacement and refund. But if I’m going to be honest, I’d rather just pay Amazon Prime fees than deal with those choices — especially since Prime gives me free 2-day shipping on everything else as well as access to movies and TV shows via Amazon Video. If you’re going into dropshipping because you want more control over how products are shipped out, then it might make sense to go with WIIO — but otherwise there are better options out there.

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WIIO Review – Product Pricing and Availability
WIIO’s pricing model offers a unique advantage over many other drop shipping companies. WIIO offers both free and paid plans—and on its free plan there are no order fees. At just $0.50 per sale, WIIO can be more cost-effective than many of its competitors’ plans that charge 10 percent fees for every order placed by their clients. For example, Oberlo charges 10 percent and Doba charges 20 percent. This is why it’s important to consider your business needs before choosing a dropshipper. If you sell one product and make $100 in profit per month with WIIO, you would pay just $5 in fees to use its service while if you were using Oberlo or Doba you would pay around $10 in monthly fees ($20 total). While all three have similar price points for product listings (around $5), WIIO may prove to be an attractive option if your business is small and you only need to list one or two products at a time.

WIIO Review – Return Policy
WIIO’s returns policy is simple: You can return any product that you buy through their platform. You do have to have a receipt or proof of purchase though. The products must be unused and unopened, in a re-sellable condition and in its original packaging. However, if you’re looking for hassle free returns then other platforms such as Oberlo might be better suited for you. Click here to learn more about Oberlo’s policies.

Is it worth dripshipping WIIO?
The world of e-commerce is a lucrative one to be in. With retail giants like Amazon and eBay making billions every year it can be hard for entrepreneurs to stand out among their crowd. One strategy that could help you do just that though would be dropshipping. This involves selling physical products as a middleman, relieving you of most responsibilities and allowing you to focus on marketing your services. However, with so many options out there how can we make sure we choose a safe, reputable platform? Let’s take a look at Wiio dropshipping and see what kind of product they offer consumers today…

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