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What does “Confirm Goods Received” on AliExpress mean and when should I do it?

What does “Confirm Goods Received” on AliExpress mean and when should I do it?

When reviewing your orders pending receipt, have you noticed the “Confirm order received” or “Confirm goods received” checkbox and don’t know what it means?

If you have doubts about what it’s for and when you should use it, keep reading because in today’s article we will explain it in detail.

What does “Confirm order received” mean?

Once the seller sends your order , its status will change from “Pending shipment” to “Shipped” and the “Confirm order received” checkbox will be automatically activated.

With it, you can notify to the seller that you have received the product so that AliExpress will release the money of your purchase to the seller.

What does “Confirm Goods Received” on AliExpress mean and when should I do it?

Beware of confirming receipt of an order

Just because you have the possibility to confirm the receipt of an order, does not mean that it is advisable to do so. At least not until you open the package, check that your order has arrived correctly and you are completely sure that you are not going to open a dispute.

If you confirm receipt of the order you will shorten the time to open a dispute

You have to know that once you confirm the reception of an order you have 15 days to open a dispute. So if you decide to do it and not wait for AliExpress to confirm, once the confirmation period is over, you will have less days to open a dispute.

Is it advisable to confirm receipt of an order even if you have received it?

We advise you not to do so unless you’re sure you will not have any problems with the order.

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For example, in the case of clothing, accessories, beauty products, hand tools… that you have already tried and are satisfied with, you can confirm receipt without any problem. This way, if you are happy with the seller, it is a good way to thank them for their work, allowing them to get paid as soon as possible for the sale.

On the other hand, when it comes to technology products, power tools or purchases of streaming accounts (such as Netflix, HBO or Spotify), it’s preferable that you don’t confirm the receipt of the order and wait for AliExpress to do it automatically for you when the time of receipt runs out.

This way you ensure an extension of time to test your purchase: up to the extra days until AliExpress automatically confirms that you have received your package, you will have to add the 15-day period offered by the platform to open a dispute.

What can I do if I have confirmed the receipt of an order by mistake?

You must be careful with this: if by mistake you confirm the reception of an order that you have not yet received, it won’t be possible to cancel it.

AliExpress shipments are getting faster and faster, so it’s likely that you will still receive your purchase within the 15 days you have to claim.

Hopefully, you will be able to check if your order is correct or not before the deadline to open a dispute. If not, you will hardly be able to do anything to get your money back.

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Why does AliExpress warn me when I confirm the receipt of an order that I will not be able to open a dispute?

If you have decided to confirm an order received, you will see a note from AliExpress warning you that if you click on “Confirm” you will not be able to open a dispute for that order.

Well, you should know that this message is wrong and that you will be able to claim for your order as long as you are within the 15-following-day range.

In the past, it was not possible to open a dispute after confirming receipt of an order. But for some time now, AliExpress has extended the possibility of doing so by 2 weeks, so customers are now much more protected than before.

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