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TOP 15 Best Chinese Replica Wholesale Websites (electronics, clothes, bags)

TOP 15 Best Chinese Replica Wholesale Websites (electronics, clothes, bags) 2022

Are you looking for the best replica designer clothing site? Here are 10 of the largest replica designer clothes wholesale clothes from China.

Through this article you will learn what the real meaning of replica is? And is it illegal to sell replica designer clothes and how to avoid the infringement of the defendant? You also will know the best place to wholesale replica products form China.

Well, let’s get started!

TOP 15 Best Chinese Replica Wholesale Websites (electronics, clothes, bags)

Why buy replicas from China?

China has a complete variety of replicas, the price is cheap, and there are different grades of quality for buyers to choose from.

China’s replica industry is very developed, and almost all the replica products you see can be bought from China. According to the survey, 90% of the world’s replica products are from China. One can imagine how developed China’s high replica products industry is.

Replicas made in China are cheap, maybe even 10% of the genuine ones are not needed. This is not only because of China’s cheap labor and abundant raw materials, but also because of China’s mature industrial chain.

There are many industry clusters of replica products in China, and these clusters have complete product supply chains.

You can hardly find a large-scale replica production factory in China.

Since the bags, clothes and shoes industries are handicraft industries, small factories (small workshops) with a few people can make them.

Raw materials such as hardware, leather, and cloth are purchased from the raw material factory.

Many processes in the upstream production also have specialized factory OEMs.

As a result, in the replica market, there are tens of thousands of small factories producing knockoffs, but there are absolutely no large factories with hundreds of workers producing knockoffs.

Professional factories are responsible for every step of producing replica products, and the production volume is huge, which greatly reduces the production cost of each product.

Due to the low barriers for the production of replicas, there are countless such small factories on the market that produce replica. Fierce competition has also depressed the price of replica products. This also determines that the quality of replica bags is essentially uneven, there are different grades.

According to the quality of replica products, it can be divided into several grades from A to AAA. For AAA-level replicas, it is difficult for you to distinguish true from false.

Their styles and materials are basically the same as the original ones.

Which replica brand products are suitable for importing from China?

The most popular in China are replica clothing, bags, shoes, electronic products and watches.

The material or workmanship of these replica product is a little different from the genuine ones. They have plagiarized the design style of the brand, and most of the quality is not too problematic. They are not harmful to the body and mind, so it’s a choice for buyer to buy from China.

10+ Best replica clothing sites from China


Well, as a native Chinese girl, I will introduce you some of the best wholesale websites from China, and of course I will recommend wholesale websites from other countries, which you can buy replica designer clothes wholesale. As below:




Alibaba is one of the largest wholesale websites that sells replica clothing from China, on this site, you can find many popular luxury clothes, handbags, shoes, and more. Alibaba also is the most popular marketplaces for varieties of products online, and it offers quality and cheap football shirts replica wholesale.


Alibaba has lots of replica clothes wholesale suppliers, and they offer international shipping to all countries. They have a wide range of payment methods to make it easy to shop online, and you can shop 24/7 on this platform.




Well known as a subsidiary company of Alibaba, AliExpress offers the best platform to buy replica clothes online and at the most affordable prices. The high-quality clothes at are of various types such as football shirts replica, replica watches, replica shoes among others.


For many years, many customers have expressed their delight at the services provided by AliExpress thanks to its generous free shipping policy that ensures you save some money when making your bulk purchases from the site.


TOP 15 Best Chinese Replica Wholesale Websites (electronics, clothes, bags)



This is a one of the best wholesale replica designer clothing site that connect replica designer clothes suppliers to buyers. You can find various products from clothing to shoes and other apparels. This is a unique platform that helps you to connect with the right suppliers and get a quotation for your orders.

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One of the advantages of using this platform is that you can check the prices of different suppliers and compare before making a decision. You can also get more discounts as you buy more and their prices are low. One of the cons is that you cannot determine the overall services such as delivery time and other services because you are dealing with different suppliers.




DHgate offers good quality products as all products on their site pass through thorough quality control measure. Again, they offer incredibly affordable prices and only deal in wholesale price for their numerous customers.


They provide a variety of replica designer products including wholesale replica designer clothes and wholesale replica watches.


DHgate also renders services in the area of connecting millions of customers together with metal skillet up for grabs. They provide a variety of options from which customers can choose without cost.




Based in Hong Kong, Hktdc supplies quality wholesale replica clothes from a variety of trusted replica products wholesalers and manufacturers from China. For instance, the replica clothes’ category alone features up to 458 items all of which are available at the most affordable prices.


Additionally, Hktdc also supplies high-quality fashion designer apparels including dress, shirts, shoes at the best prices. Guess what! This site also distributes the replica watches.


TOP 15 Best Chinese Replica Wholesale Websites (electronics, clothes, bags)



This is another Chinese websites that has been specializing in providing replica designer clothes wholesale or even Balenciaga replica. They have certain specific options like one piece dress, jacket, dress and football shirts that you can purchase in bulk.


They provide dropshipping service via DropInTheBox website, it can ship to 28 countries, and their return and refund policy is better than most.




eBay is an American ecommerce platform that provides many products including full categories. You also can find some replica designer clothes at a cheaper price on this website, apart from being an ecommerce site, eBay also is a dropshipper supplier. Any individual with a seller’s account has the ability to dropshipping.

When you consider for your bulk replica clothes purchasing needs then be sure to come across reliable suppliers offering cheap replica clothing product wholesale from China. This site is ideal for purchasing trendy shoes, clothes, and watches for men and women alike. Now, the most interesting thing about is that you can always enjoy plenty of incentives when purchasing from the site such as taking 30% off the shipping fee.



If you need a reliable Chinese replica designer clothes wholesale while enjoying free shipping at the same time then Rosegal is an ideal option. At, you can make bulk purchases of the latest wholesale clothes and fashion style wholesale clothes from China at affordable prices.


One of the most interesting things about Rosegal is that they offer free shipping on select products and this can be so helpful when starting out your business. Besides, it is also advisable to check out the new arrival section at the Rosegal website since it is always updated on a daily basis.

TOP 15 Best Chinese Replica Wholesale Websites (electronics, clothes, bags)




Have you heard of Chinabag888 before? Well, this is a cheap China bags wholesale supplier that boasts exceptional services, and this websites not only sells bags, but also sells some replica clothing. This company stocks a variety of high-quality products including handbags, shoes, clothes, dress and more.


And did I mention the large number of cheap bags for females available at the website? In a nutshell, Chinabag888 primarily focuses on ladies’ handbags so it can be a suitable option when looking to stock quality products under such category.

You can also check replica online to learn more about replica stuff wholesale

When it come to looking for the best site to buy wholesale replica clothes, then should be your one stop online platform. Shopstyle is a leading lifestyle and fashion shopping platform where you can search, explore and find the exact thing you are looking for.  From this site you can search for millions of products, get updates on new products and also save your favorites.

Some of the featured products in this site includes replicas of designer brands such as Airmax shoes, Gucci belts, branded sneakers, Supreme Sneakers, and many more others. They have the best selections of Women, Men, Babies and Unisex clothing items.  All of this clothing pieces and accessories are available at high quality and affordable prices.

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Are you looking for the best replica Gucci product or Balenciaga replica to rock on? Belt online shop websites offer you a wide selection of Gucci replica product at a cheap price and the replicas are of quality. Their products are so good that you will find it difficult to differentiate from the original Gucci designer products.

Also, in this site they have streamlined the buying and payment process, hence making it easy as possible.


I bet you have heard about eBay.  If not then let me tell you why it is so famous in the UK. This website has made a reputation in the UK by being the best provider of replica designer clothing in the UK.

These replica designer clothing pieces are sold at wholesale and retail shops at an affordable price. If you are looking for replicas of designers such as Hugo Boss, Armani, Timberland then you will not be disappointed by this site. They provide the best payment and shipping offers to their customers.

Clothing products from are regarded as one of the best in the UK market. They supply replica designer clothing’s to customers and to wholesalers.

Their products are mainly obtained from the best manufacturers and suppliers. They have an inventory that will satisfy every consumer needs.

TOP 15 Best Chinese Replica Wholesale Websites (electronics, clothes, bags) 2022

Great Shirts

Are you after the best replica shirts? this then is the official site to stop by. They have the best shirts ranging from kids’ shirts, men shirts, Men polo shirts, women Blouses & shirts. They are the best sellers of shirts in the UK.

Replica Online

Every beautiful woman always rocks a classy handbag. The Handbag is meant to complement the dressing of the woman and also acts as a storage unit for most of the women, If you are looking for a classy handbag that will give that classy modelish look, Replica online should be your first stop as they offer their customer some of the best replica designer handbags in the market at very low prices.


UK Sports Warehouse Wholesale

This site offers sportsmen, sportswomen and other customers with the best replica designer sports clothing and accessories. The clothing ranges from Bgrade bags, basketball clothing, tracksuits, scarves & gloves, socks, sweaters, shirts, replica rugby clothing.

Amazon is one of the largest suppliers of replica designer clothing in the UK and all over the world. They have the most affordable price tags on these products. They offer a platform where you can access and the different list of available replica products.

The company offers shipping services up to the location of the customer and have a flexible payment option.


After knowing where to wholesale fake clothing, next, I will share some useful tips of how to wholesale replica clothes.

Replica definition


Do you know what does “replica designer clothes“mean?


Many people think that replica is equal to fake, but I don’t think so, I think that replica is not the same as fake.


Replica is copy of original products. There products can include multiple branded items like, clothes, shoes, jewelry, leather products and more. This is done in order to reduce the cost of the original product which is usually very high for designer pieces.


Fake product is copy of original products. It is common to sell cheaper versions of products at very high prices to make money. People don’t know how to buy fakes most of the time they buy fakes.


Therefore, I think the replica is a manufacturer or designer who analyzes a luxury clothes and then re-creates it (Low price and good quality). Although its style and design are similar, I don’t think they are the same item.


Why do people like purchase replica designer clothes?


Now more and more people like to buy replica designer clothes, why? In my opinion, there are mainly the following reasons.


1. Satisfy vanity. Most people buy luxury clothing because the brand’s clothes look good or are well designed, just because it is a luxury brand. While wearing them, people will feel more sense of superiority.


2. Certified products too expensive. Most of the luxury brands have very high prices, but their styles and designs are very good and they are very popular with the public. So people will choose the replica designer product in order to get this product.

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3. QualityI believe everyone knows that the quality of some luxury brands is not as good as that of replica products. The price is high because of its brand. E.g. a netizen commented on the forum. He said the leather on Chanel bags are thinner and thinner. He has seen girls wearing classic flaps where the top of the bag looks folded like a cardboard.

TOP 15 Best Chinese Replica Wholesale Websites (electronics, clothes, bags)


Is it legal for sellers to buy replica designer clothes wholesale?


Obviously illegal.


This is an infringement. If you are selling or making this product that completely copy a luxury brand. Then your behavior is illegal. But if you are based on the original product, make a little modification, then this is not illegal.


Therefore, for sellers, when you are buying replica designer clothes, you should pay attention to the following points to avoid the account being closed due to infringement.


1. Avoid purchasing products with logos.

2. Before buying a replica product, you should first ask the suppliers or wholesalers what is the difference between this product and the certified product.

3. Avoid using the brand name on the listing of product.

4. Describe the properties of the product in detail on the listing, but don’t use words such as replica, fake, etc.

Tips for wholesaling replica products from China

There is no doubt that there is a huge market for replicas, and most of them are made in China. There are many reproductions to choose from, and you must know how to find the best product.

Although the quality of the replicas is somewhat similar, there are still many factors. If you know the factors to keep in mind before buying the product, here are some of the factors discussed:

Quality: The quality is very important and can be perceived by the eyes. If the appearance satisfies your eyes, then it is the appearance that suits you. If you want to purchase in bulk, you’d better buy samples first to check the quality.

Grade: There are A, AA, AAA+ and other grades. Whenever you want to search for a copy on the website, mention the grade. AAA+ is the closest to the real product.

Price: When you compare the prices of products from two different websites, you can see the difference. If the product is better for you, you can choose a higher price.

Manufacturer: It is important to have products from registered manufacturers to ensure the highest quality products. Remember to check before confirming the purchase.

Logo: You may not find a brand replica with the same logo as the genuine product. What you can do is search for the exact logo in other products.

Material: The material of one product is different from another. To ensure the best reproduction, please search for the type of material. Good materials will make the product go further.

Warranty/guarantee: This is another factor you can consider. You should choose a product with a warranty/guarantee over other products. It will ensure longevity, better functionality and efficiency.

Customer reviews: This is one of the key factors that you must consider before buying any product.

On almost every website, comments are displayed on the side or bottom of the page. There you will find compliments and complaints. It can definitely help you decide which products to buy and which products not to buy.

The market is flooded with millions of counterfeit products related to brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana.

Is it illegal to buy replicas on wholesale websites?

It is illegal to sell replicas in any market. But the customer knows the real and copied product. However, if you really want to start your business by selling replicas, then it is best to buy products from the market that do not have any brand logo.

Can I ship my copy from China to my country?

The shipping method of replica products is the same as normal, but you need to confirm how the customs of your country/region determines whether the products are replica products. Knowing the rules beforehand can help you choose a product.

As long as you do the above four points, you will most likely avoid the defendant’s infringement. Then you know where to buy replica designer clothes wholesale? Next, I will recommend some of the best replica clothing sites to you.

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