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F-Series Professional Outdoor Wood Burning Pizza Oven With Stand


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Are you looking for the best outdoor pizza oven to cook your world-class pizza in your own backyard? Meet our revolutionary restaurant-grade pizza oven, now you can cook Neapolitan pizza without the need to travel to restaurant just in your own garden. It is simple to use and engineered without compromise for the best possible cooking results.

With this world-class wood-fired pizza oven, you can have your own personal pizza in just under 2 minutes. But the fun doesn’t stop there. With its super-fast heatup and blazing-hot temperatures (up to 900°F), you can cook almost anything from baking, roast, grill, sear or barbecue food in a fraction of the usual cooking time. – perfect pizza from edge to edge. 

This wood burning oven, handmade in Italy, will turn you into a true pizzaiolo. The reflective stainless steel dome creates convection that circulates heat, reaching temperatures up to 900°F in just 15 to 20 minutes and capturing the rich, smoky flavor of the wood fire. Simply slide your pizza into the oven, and you’ll be rewarded with crisp, chewy Neapolitan-style pies in just less than 2 minutes. 

Why choose our F-Series Professional Outdoor Wood Burning Pizza Oven?

Unrivalled Performance – Professional grade and designed without compromise for the best possible cooking results

Simple To Use – Make wood-fired cooking easy. We’ve taken care of the engineering so you can enjoy the cooking experience. 

Unbeatable Quality – Turbulent, powerful, and reaching for the open door, our home pizza oven highly engineered flame is exactly what’s required to create even heat distribution and cook perfect Neapolitan pizza.


  • The dome is a double wall heavy gauge stainless steel filled with a 4” thick layer of Ceramic Fiber insulation Blanket. This will help in heating up the oven quickly and retaining the heat for long hours.

  • Built-in ash drawer to make cleanup easy is accessed from the back of the oven.

  • Comes with flat cooking surface, as the flooring is made from 1.5” thick refractory stone, same flooring used in commercial ovens. Wood burning pizza ovens heat up in as little as 30 minutes and retain the heat for an extended time. This makes it economical using less wood to burn.

  • It can be placed on the included pre-assembled stainless steel cart / stand with casters for easy maneuverability and convenience.  You may choose to put it on an island if desired. Cooking area is large enough to fit 5 10” pizzas.


Material: Grade 430 Stainless Steel 0.060″ / 16 Gauge #4 Finish
Overall Oven Dimension(inches): 46″(L) * 30.5”(W) * 19″(to the base of the Chimney)
Cooking Area Dimension(inches): 38″(L) * 26.5″(W) * 13″(H) – 1007 square inches
Door Opening Dimension(inches): 21.75”(W) * 8.75”(H)
Cart/Stand Dimension(inches): 43.75″(L) * 30.75″(W) * 30″(H)
Height assembled from the floor to the top of chimney(inches):  81″
Oven Weight without stand: 200lbs
4″ Ceramic Fiber Blanket Insulation: Thermal Mass 4-6 Hours
Heating Time: 25 minutes
Pizza Capacity: 5 10″ Pizzas
Package Includes:
  • 1x F-Series Professional Pizza Oven with Chimney
  • 1x Door with Thermometer
  • 1x Cart / Stand with Wheels
  • 4x Metal Carrying Handles
  • 1x Ash Drawer
  • 1x Manual User Guide


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