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0.7 Cu Ft Lab Incubator 0-65 ℃temp Control 400w Thermostatic W/gloves Scientific


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  • 【EXCELLENT QUALITY】- The scientific incubator is made of high-quality steel plate, the inner tank is made of 304 stainless steel, the shelf bracket can be adjusted up and down, and the transparent window for temperature consistency
  • 【INTELLIGENT PID CONTROL】- Incubator combines fuzzy theory with the traditional PID method; the control is fast and stable; digital display, easy reading.
  • 【THERMAL CONVECTION SYSTEM】- The hot air circulation system is adopted to ensure that the temperature inside the culture incubator is uniform and the heating effect is excellent; the sample can be heated to 65 °C and cooled to 0 °C.
  • 【DOUBLE SEALING STRIPS】- The incubator laboratory uses double silicone seals to ensure proper sealing and reduce temperature changes caused by heat loss.
  • 【EXTENSIVE USE】- Analog incubator is suitable for the cultivation of microorganisms in agricultural and animal husbandry scientific research, scientific research, universities, and colleges.


Capacity 20L
Power supply 110V 50 Hz 400W
Temperature Range RT-65 ℃
Inner size 25 x 30 x 30CM
Outside size 38 x 45 x 48CM
Measurement accuracy ±0.5%FS
Cold end compensation error ±2℃
Resolution 4Bit
Adoption cycle 0.5Secretary
Insulation resistance > 50 ohms (500VDC)
Insulation strength 1500VAC/1 min
Power consumption < 10VA
Service environment 0-50 ℃, 30-85%RH non-corrosive gas application
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