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1 Inch X 300ft Pex Tubing/pipe Non Oxygen Barrier For Htg/plbg/potable Water



  • 【RELIABLE QUALITY】- Color: White; Nominal Diameter: 1″; Total Length: 300ft. Keep quick & uninterrupted hot/cold water flows. Made of PEX material, non-toxic, crack-resistant, leak-proof. Perfect to at potable water or radiant floor water use.
  • 【SUPERB SEALING】- Non broken design, tackle with different weather circumstance, no matter high temperature or cold days, it will not deform, thus to ensure integrity and safe use.
  • 【EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION】- Send with a pipe cutter & 10 clamps, easily cut pipes to different length and fix them with clamps. Assemble method: Clamp Connection Systems(Cinch Tool + St. Steel Clamps + Crimp Fittings).
  • 【PREMIUM FLEXIBILITY】- Min.9″ bending radius, easy to bend for different ground situation. Big pressure capacity:188-217psi at 20℃ and 101-108psi at 95℃. Compatible water temperature:-47℉ to 230℉. Thus to ensure its good temperature resistant, crack- & leakage-proof.
  • 【DIVERSE USE SCENARIO】- Suit for radiant floor heat system, solar water heater system, central air-conditioning piping system etc. Structural concrete slabs, Non-structural slabs, Staple-up (between joists) radiant floor heating with and without heat transfer plates, “Sandwich” type radiant heating (between sub floor and finished floor), Snow & ice melting systems etc.


Type PEX Tube(Non Oxygen Barrier)
Color White
Total Length 300FT
Nominal Diameter 1″
Tube Thickness 0.13″/3.18 mm
Inside Diameter 0.87″/22.22 mm
Outside Diameter 1.13″/28.58 mm
Temperature Range -45 to 110℃/ -47℉ to 230℉
Pressure Rate 188-217psi at 20℃; 101-108psi at 95℃
Min.Bending Radius 9″(Industry Standard for 1″ PEX)
Coiled Yes
Warranty Industrial standard


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