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Keys to do Google SEO optimization

Keys to do Google SEO optimization

SEO can help websites to increase their search rankings on Google to get more free traffic. The google SEO optimization is a matter for professional and technical personnel. In fact, if you really understand SEO, you can also do it yourself or provide SEO maintenance staff with helpful suggestions to do website optimization google.

Keys to do Google SEO optimization

What is SEO? The simplest explanation can be said as follows: (1) A series of optimization methods are used to let search engines understand the content of your website. (2) After the search engine understands, based on the algorithm, it will decide whether to place your website at the top of the search page. (3) The better the website ranks, the more natural traffic you can be obtain. Here you probably understand what SEO is about after leaning explanations above. Now I will give a detailed explanation from step3 to step1 to let you get a deeper understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and free traffic.


Obtain the most natural traffic


Natural traffic refers to the amount of traffic obtained from a user searching for keywords in a search engine and then clicking on a natural ranking page from a search results page. Ads are not included in the natural rankings, so we must first deduct the ads before calculating the natural search results ranking. The definition of natural traffic is so simple. Next I will talk about the core concept behind SEO.


Put your website at the top of the natural search results page


Google’s excellent algorithm can find the most suitable and relevant website contents for searchers and present them on the search results page to solve users’ questions. Therefore, users’ search experience is Google’s most important job and Google does it well. How does Google ensure that the top-ranked websites are able to solve users’ questions?

Google’s 3 main keys to measuring website rankings:

1. Domain Authority

The most basic requirements for a website’s authority come from whether it has a connection with high-quality websites. If you can get a link to your website from high-quality websites, especially sites that are highly qualified in the SEO, such as government agencies, medical institutions, schools, etc., Google will consider your website to be of high quality and trustworthy, and will accumulate so many websites to link to your website. Of course, you also need to spend time slowly accumulating site authorities, rather than just go to other sites to put links on them.

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2. Relevance degree.

The relevance degree represents whether keywords searched by users are related to the keywords of your web page. If I have a product page that is selling fitness equipment, then I will add some keywords related to fitness equipment and try to provide useful content in this page. In this way, Google’s algorithm will link my web page to related keywords. When users search these keywords, my website will be displayed. Of course, linking web pages to keywords is the most basic. Google can already know that your web page is related to fitness equipment, but it still ranks it on page 10. You can do nothing because other websites are more authoritative and informative than yours and Google believes that these websites can provide users with better content.

3. User experience.

The golden rule of SEO is that to do SEO is to provide a better user experience, not to cater to search engines. This is very important. A good user experience can rush your website into the top ten search pages. So what is the user experience? In short, when a user see your web page and click, and he finds out the answer he wants, then he stays on this page for a long time or even continues to drill down. This data will let Google know that your website is very helpful to users and has a good user experience. On the other hand, the user is only fooled by the keywords of your title. After opening it, he discovers that this is not what he wants, and immediately turns off the web page. This kind of user experience is very bad and the bounce rate is very high. Over time, Google will think that your web page is not worth the first place, and will replace you with the other web pages. Then you will definitely ask how to create a good user experience? There are many ways, not just about content, but also include the user’s message experience on the site, etc. In a word, as long as you take providing a better user experience as the direction of the optimization, then your decision is correct. Of course, you may ask, “Is there any difference between ranking first and ranking second?” You should not underestimate the relationship between rankings and traffic. According to surveys, websites ranking first in search results can get 42% of the total traffic. This is the difference.

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Keys to do Google SEO optimization

Let search engines understand the content of your site


The Google search engine can be considered as a machine, so you need to communicate with it in a language that the machine can understand, let it know that your web page exists, and clearly tell it what value your web page can provide to the users. SEO has many tasks, shown in the the following picture:

Keys to do Google SEO optimization

For the newly established foreign trade website, what are the basic SEO tasks that must be done?

1. Website.

The domain name of the website is also an important part of SEO. In addition to optimization in the search engine, brand names and keywords in the domain name will also impress users.

2. Meta setting optimization of web pages.

The Meta setting is a markup interpretation of the content of the website. Part of it is what is shown to the user, but it is also information that the search engine can understand and will refer to. Meta settings are: (1)Title. This is the title of the page you want to display above the browser and on the search results. It is important for web page optimization. (2) Introduction. A brief introduction to the content of the web page, with restrictions on the number of words. (3) Keyword. Keyword of the web page is not necessary, but it can enhance the relevance of web page and search keywords. (4) Descriptive URL. Describe web content in the shortest, most understandable English.

3. Google and Bing webmasters.

Search engines have a lot of free and powerful tools for diagnosing websites to understand how can your website become a good one that Google can easily retrieve.

4. Search engine site map and user site map. Submitting a site map to Google’s webmaster tools is equivalent to telling Google which pages on your site are available and asking it to check it out quickly. Submitting a site map will allow Google to more quickly and effectively understand which pages are on the site, which keywords the pages correspond to, and then display these retrieved pages on subsequent search results.

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5. Continuously produce premium content.

The above four recommendations are basic SEO and can be put aside when they are finished, because it is impossible to immediately see the apparent increase in natural traffic. When the foundation is established, it is time to begin to create quality content and do content optimization. Good content can provide more information on the product page. You can also create a blog to describe your product or service, or content information that is about your product.

6. Strive for external links.

You can link your own long-established network resources to a new site, so that Google will crawl to your new site faster and crawl the information on the page. You can add links in your long-established Facebook, Instagram, or blog platforms to your online shore so that search engines can quickly and effectively know the existence of this new web page. There is also a very effective external link. Create an account from Google merchants and connect to your website so that when searching for your brand, users can not only find a physical store, but also can directly see the link to the site.


After finishing reading entry to SEO search engine optimization, I believe you have a general concept of SEO, and also learn a lot of optimization methods to improve your site rankings. It is not difficult to rank in the first place on the search page. In addition to doing well in small details, you should patiently wait for the search engine to rank your site. In addition, as so many people just understand about the concept of SEO and do not know how to carry out the operation in a specific situation. I’m gonna suggest that join an e-commerce platform like Chinabrands that provide training courses should be a better choice for SEO beginners.

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