Hazards of illegal handling of dangerous goods:

1 If the shipping company or airline encounters some fire or explosion, it will be the whole aircraft’s cargo, and the serious loss of the whole vessel’s cargo, as well as the life safety of the staff.

2 The consignee will not be able to receive the goods on time or even receive the goods. The worst part is that the consignees whose goods just general goods jut ship with these dangerous goods, due to the illegal operation of some consignees, may cause their goods to be untimely or uncollectible. They will lose the goods. This is why you should always find a reliable Chinese shipping agent .who will really take good care of your goods.

3 Legal persons of freight forwarding will receive legal sanctions. And for the lifetime of the blacklist of each airline, cancel the booking rights from the carriers.

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Bestforworld Logistics as a Chinese logistics supplier with more than 10 years of experience in the transportation of dangerous goods, we often receive inquiries from many importers and Chinese suppliers. Can you export dangerous goods for us, but my goods do not have MSDS? Or they said that our suppliers do not have proof of dangerous goods packaging.

Our answer has always been NO! even if sometimes the shipper and the consignee will pay us a large additional service fee, but our principle is still rejected.

We will advise them to choose a supplier with a certificate or choose another option to ship.

Delivery the dangerous goods do not only need the professionalism, but also the responsibility and social merits, which the shipping agent you use needed.