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Importing Handle and Knobs from China: A Complete Guide 2021

Importing Handle and Knobs from China: A Complete Guide 2021

China is undoubtedly a super power when it comes to manufacturing and exporting consumer goods. However, importing Cabinet hardware like handles, knobs, pulls, etc from China is not easy, especially for newbies. One can easily get confused with all the formalities, fees, delivery etc. It is important to understand the process, rules, and regulations.

Hence, we created this small guide on how you can import Handles and Knobs from Geortree, a professional cabinet hardware trading company located in Hangzhou, China. 

Importing Handle and Knobs from China: A Complete Guide 2021

Note – All the information present here is for general information only. We always advise you to check with the local customs authority before importing.

Step by Step Guide on Importing Handle and Knobs from China

1. Import Rights

When you buy goods (no matter big or small) from a foreign country, you become an importer. However, before buying Cabinet hardware like handles, knobs, pulls from China, you must know about the import rights, no matter if you are an individual or a business. Given below are the import rights for some countries.

  • For Japan, before importing goods, it must be declared to the Director-General of Customs. A permit is given after the proper examination of the goods to be imported.
  • For Australia, Companies and Individuals are not required to hold an import license. 
  • For US, the Internal Revenue Service Number for Businesses and Social Security Number for Individuals is enough for importing goods from China. 
  • For Europe, registration as an economic operator is required. 
  • For Canada, Business Number issues by CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) is required.

Most of the import rights only apply to goods which are imported for commercial or resale purposes. However, only the concerned authorities have the right to make the call on what products or goods are considered as commercial or personal. Importing large quantities of similar items have some hard time passing the judgement for personal use. 

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Note– The information above might not be general information only. It is highly advised to check with the local custom authority before importing Cabinet hardwares from China. 

Importing Handle and Knobs from China: A Complete Guide 2021

2. Identify Cabinet hardware you want to import

It is very important to know the product you want to import as choosing the wrong product will result in loss of time and money. Hence, you need to select the best and high quality knobs, handles, pulls etc to import. This is where Geortree comes in.

Geortree is a professional cabinet hardware trading company located in China. We have been serving the local market in China for the past 10 years and we have a huge base of loyal customers, supermarket chains and real-estate developers. 

Our motto is “Quality First, Cooperation and Mutual Benefits”

We are a professional Cabinet Hardware manufacturer engaging in the research, development, production of cabinet pulls, hinges, slides, etc. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Geortree as reliable cabinet hardware suppliers.

Customized Samples

We offer samples in different shapes and sizes for free. We also support OEM and ODM so if you want a custom model, we can do molding for you. 

Quality Control

Our strict quality control policy ensures high quality products. All the products are inspected before shipping to ensure highest quality. Geortree is also verified by Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide.

Fast Delivery

For retailers, we have a large inventory of Cabinet Hardware for quick response and fast delivery ensuring you get your goods on time. 

Factory Price

Geortree has close cooperation with factories ensuring factory like prices for most of the products. We also provide better prices due to our cost control process from the raw material to packaging and delivery.

Trade Assurance

Geortree provides multiple payment method support. We are at as well with Alibaba credit endorsement.

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Some other reasons to choose us are Buyer label service, drop shipping service, professional team, competitive prices, large inventory, quick response, etc. 

Importing Handle and Knobs from China: A Complete Guide 2021

3 Check Import Permissions

Not all the goods you want to import are permitted in your country. Different countries have different rules regarding what are prohibited products. Also, even if the goods you want to import are permitted, there might be some additional permits, restrictions or regulations applied by the government on it.

Hence, it is your responsibility to ensure if the goods you want to import, in this case Cabinet Hardware, is permitted for import in your country or not. 

4. Classify and Calculate Cost

It is important to know the 10-digit tariff classification number of each of the items you want to import. With this number and the Certificate of Origin you will be able to determine the import duty which you have to pay for importing the selected goods. 

To get a good idea of the total cost, you must

  • Ask the freight agent for shipping charges.
  • Ask the supply for product price
  • Ask for other charges like customs clearance, duty, tac etc. 

Once you get these costs you will get a clear idea of the budget required to import goods from China. Although, some unexpected costs might come up but that’s perfectly normal so it is better to be prepared for such costs. 

5. Find Supplier

Geortree is a trusted supplier of cabinet hardware in China. Here are some of the reason to choose us

  • Over 10 years cabinet handle and knobs production experience
  • Professional team
  • Design service
  • Buyer label service offered
  • Reliable and flexible production lines;
  • Large inventory
  • Competitive price
  • OEM service offered
  • Drop shipping service
  • Quick response
  • Quality Assurance

So if you are planning to import hardware like knobs, handles, pulls etc from China, Geortree is the perfect choice for it.  

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Importing Handle and Knobs from China: A Complete Guide 2021

6. Arrange Transport

There are plenty of costs associated with transport. Some of these costs are container cost, broker fee, packaging cost etc. It is important to choose good partners for transport inorder to reduce any delay or damage in logistics as not all the cabinet hardware is rough and tough. 

Some of the hardware is fragile and it’s important to package property and transport them. Do remember that broken goods might incur additional costs of re-importing additional quantities in order to fulfill the order. Hence, it’s important to get a good logistics service in place. 

7. Track Cargo and Obtain Shipment

Shipping products from one country to another takes time and it is important to keep some documents ready to eliminate the unnecessary delay.

Here is a list of some entry documents-

  • Bill of the items imported
  • Packaging list
  • Arrival notice
  • Official invoice listing country of origin, purchase price, and tariff classification number of the items imported.

Inorder to speed up the clearance of you shipment, you should

  • Present the exact quantity of each item in each case, box, etc.
  • Mark packages with numbers.
  • Invoice items in a systematic manner.
  • Show the number on your invoice. 

Once the shipment arrives, ask the custom agent to get it cleared from the custom and once done, it’s time to pick up your Cabinet hardware.

So this is a complete guide on how you can import Handles and Knobs from China. While we’ve mentioned everything here, we still advise you to check with the concerned authorities in order to check if any news rules and regulations came into effect recently. 

Also, we hope that you choose Geortree as your partner for importing Cabinet hardware from China. 

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