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Etsy dropshipping: The Complete Guide to Do Dropshipping on Etsy

Etsy dropshipping 2022 : The Complete Guide to Do Dropshipping on Etsy

Etsy dropshipping: The Complete Guide to Do Dropshipping on Etsy

Dropshipping is a successful business where you can earn a good amount of profit. Dropshipping is an ideal way of earning through selling and buying goods. Dropshipping allows you to sell products without the need of going through the manufacturing processes.

Dropshipping is a leading e-commerce business, especially for new and beginner dropshippers. There are many dropshipping platforms like AliExpress, Doba, Shopify, Amazon, and much more that are known to be among the popular dropshipping ones. However, Etsy is now among them too but people do not know the full guide on how dropshipping works with Etsy.

Therefore, today we will talk more about the complete guide to do dropshipping on Etsy.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an e-commerce business where only three entities are involved that include the owner, a customer, and a manufacturer. While dropshipping you do not have to worry about owning a store since it is mostly an online-based business. However, you need to stock up your inventory with the latest and trending products.

Several tips need to be addressed before starting a dropshipping business like how much to buy and what products you need to set up in your e-commerce business inventory to minimize financial losses.

What is Etsy?

Etsy is an online selling platform or marketplace that is unique and one of its kind. It is specially created for people who are interested in buying and selling handcrafted items, antique, and other art category products. The amount of interest you earn on the Etsy platform is much higher as compared to other websites since it is full of every kind of business dealer let it be a small business owner or buyers who are interested in buying vintage items.

If your ultimate goal is to look up unique and rare handcrafted products then Etsy is the ideal place for you to start your dropshipping business. Most of the products that are listed on the Etsy platform are handmade, unique that include the following categories

  • Jewelry items.
  • Baby toys.
  • Maternity products.
  • Art and crafts.

All the above-specified items can be used for special occasions like weddings and other events. However, one thing to know beforehand using Etsy is that it does not sell any product on its behalf. Instead, it serves as a middle man where it performs the job of connecting a buyer with a customer. Though, due to security reasons and to avoid any fraudulent cases Etsy is responsible for completing the paperwork and taking care of all the necessary security measures.

Etsy Dropshipping FAQs


If you’re still a little bit fuzzy about how dropshipping on Etsy works, you’re not alone. Its rigorous dedication to handmade products and specific community guidelines make it a pretty daunting place at times.

1. So… are you legally allowed to dropship with Etsy or not?

The short answer is kind of. That’s not helpful, I know.

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Here’s the deal: you can only drop-ship products in one direction when dealing with Etsy. As long as you have an agreement with a seller, you can stock their vintage goods and craft supplies on your virtual shelves. Just remember that you cannot resell handmade items that you didn’t help make.

If you are operating an Etsy storefront, keep in mind that it delineates the difference between reselling a finished product and selling a product that you designed, but did not physically make. Only the latter is allowed. You can only legally sell a product if you have a role in developing it. You need to tell buyers where you are and where your production happens so that they are fully aware of where their product is coming from.

2. How do you find a maker or manufacturer to work with?

If you’re establishing an Etsy shop and outsourcing the production of your idea, remember that Etsy only permits production assistance when your partner makes your designs themselves. No third party companies can get involved.

In other words, the Etsy store policies do not allow any outsourcing of the outsourced work.

There are companies like Art of Where and Printful that are studios and warehouses dedicated to making products and integrating with online platforms like Etsy and Shopify. If you want to sell directly to Etsy consumers, you can reach out to them and establish a partnership; you design the goods they make and ship them. They can bring your ideas to life with expertise and specialized equipment, and then take care of all of the logistics for you. Bringing on expert manufacturers will save you many headaches and sleeps nights.

While it is impossible to know for sure if a seller is using a dropshipping model, sellers like ThreadDomain, that move such high volumes of the same clothing products in endless patterns, are likely capitalizing on dropshipping possibilities.

If you want to source products for your e-store from Etsy, approach sellers you’d want to work with and see if they’d be willing to supply and ship products with you. For companies looking for greater exposure, dropshipping is a fantastic way to increase sales and visibility. Sellers will often give you discounted rates. Either way, you must contact and disclose your plan before uploading their products to your store.

3. How does splitting profits work in dropshipping scenarios?

The numbers vary from brand to brand, and product to product. Bigger companies like Art of Where have set commission, wholesale, and dropshipping rates that they won’t budge on, while other smaller sellers or manufacturers might have lots of flexibility in their price points.

Smaller Etsy sellers are often excited. about extra exposure and give you a great deal on a dropshipping deal.

Why choose Etsy as a dropshipping platform?

The majority of the people wonder that what is so special about the Esty platform and why should it be on the priority list when considering starting with a new dropshipping business. There are many advantages of using Esty and some of them are specified in detail below.

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·       Unique products

Oftentimes customers are in search of something unique and classic. However, most e-commerce platforms do not have such categories due to several reasons. But here on Etsy, you can find your desired vintage products that are timeless and precious.

Hence, if you have a major interest in buying or selling vintage products Etsy can be the ideal place to start your first buy and sell.

  • It is famous

Dropshippers who opt for Etsy as their dropshipping partner are quite benefitted since Etsy is famous among several potential customers. Etsy is a platform where sellers get maximum exposure from the customers in a short time as compared to other dropshipping platforms. Thereby, if you are looking for a quick way to earn money and sell goods do not miss out on using Etsy.

  • User-friendly platform

Another major advantage of using Etsy is that it is a user-friendly platform that makes it much easier to use and handle. Since a lot of beginner dropshippers cannot handle complex platforms, they can choose Etsy as their initial guide. On Etsy, you are only required to create an account, upload pictures of products, set prices, add promotions or discounts and you are ready to go.

How to start dropshipping with Etsy?

There are two ways in which you can start dropshipping on the Esty platform. The first option is where you have to dropship Esty items from an Etsy store owner into your e-commerce business that must have its base outside of Etsy. However, you need to remember one thing that is handcrafted items cannot be resold again that can count as one setback.

The second option that can help you start a dropshipping business is to initiate your own Etsy store and hire product manufacturers outside Etsy or they must be non-Etsy makers. This can give rise to a much better stock of products and can also raise the bar of creativity at the Etsy platform. If you opt for starting an Etsy store you will be rewarded with the advantage of selling goods directly to the customers.

Is Etsy safe for starting a dropshipping business?

Yes, Esty is an online platform that is completely safe and considered to be risk-free. Several security measures are taken for ensuring the safety of both buyers and customers. Some of the safety policies for Etsy are mentioned below.

  • A strict usage policy is offered by Etsy.
  • It offers safe and appropriate payment doorways.
  • Provides an easy work environment.
  • Customers and sellers are welcomed warmly.
  • Avoid any kind of inappropriate discussion or direct contact      with the customers.
  • Runs all the paperwork for extra security to avoid fraud.
  • Offers contactless product shipment to the customers.
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To sum up, Etsy is an excellent place where everyone let it be a buyer or seller are welcomed on equal terms and it promises to ensure users’ privacy and safety at all cost. Therefore, if you are wondering to choose Etsy and start your dropshipping business then you are in the right place.

How to Dropship Products from Etsy

Despite jumping through an extra few hoops here and there, setting up your dropshipping business is reasonably straightforward. For both avenues of Etsy drop shipping, you just have to set up the proper channels and relationships from the get-go.

To upload a product from Etsy to your Shopify store:

  1. Research. Make sure you have found sellers on Etsy that align with your brand and mission.
  2. Reach out, establish a line of communication, and come to a clear agreement for your dropshipping terms.
  3. Add the Shopify extension to your Chrome browser (if you don’t already have it)
  4. Go to the product page of the Etsy item you want to add, click the Shopify extension, and add all necessary information. Make sure you change the wording.

That’s it! The product should appear in your Shopify store.

If you want to open an Etsy shop, I have good news for you. Etsy has plenty of resources for you to explain the process. To begin your Etsy storefront:

  1. Develop products for your store and find a partner to manufacture them.
  2. Calculate prices and profit margins.
  3. You can then register to sell on Etsy through their website. This involves naming your storefront, setting up your billing and payment methods, adding your production partner’s information, and listing your products. Maximize any marketing opportunities and create a strong narrative for your shop.

Then, you’re open for business. You’ll be able to have a hand in product development without lifting a finger to produce and ship it.

Whichever route you choose, make sure you’re setting your business up for expansion and long-term success.

A Final Note

Perhaps Etsy requires a bit more ingenuity on your part, but there’s never been a better time to adopt a dropshipping model to the platform. With growing concerns about sustainability, shopping locally, and making goods by hand, Etsy was tailor-made for this cultural and economic moment.

Think carefully about the goals for your brand and business, and make sure you’re prepared to take on a more active role in its operation. Dropshipping companies are a breeze to set up on all kinds of eCommerce platforms, and you can source products from all over the online marketplace. So, if Etsy isn’t for you, that’s okay – there are plenty of other solutions to your eCommerce conundrums out there.

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