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Shopify Trust Badges: How to Gain Your Customers’ Trust

Shopify is one of the world’s leading platforms where anyone can start their dropshipping business. However, just starting is not enough. There is a lot more than that what you need to do and the most difficult thing in all of that is to gain the trust of your customers. There are different things that people are confused about and here we will be elaborating on all of them.

What is the Shopify trust badges?

Whenever there is a name for gaining customers’ trust the term Shopify Trust Badges always comes into the conversation. These are the badges that you can add to different parts of your website to tell people the reasons for believing in your business.

Customers from all over the world are more concerned about the security and value of products so adding these badges can help in gaining customers’ trust.

Are the Shopify Trust Badges enough all alone?

While some people think that using these badges all alone will get the job done. It is not the right way to get things done. There is a lot that you need to do along with adding these badges when you need to gain customers’ trust.

Why do you need trust badges?

With e-commerce evolving and becoming more competitive, Stores are consistently looking for ways to convert visitors into customers and to win a sale from a competitor. Displaying trust, unique selling points, on-site messaging and store policies are key factors to improving conversion rates.

3 Key factors for adding trust badges to your Shopify store:

  • Build trust and create confidence
  • Establish a bond with new customers
  • Communicate USP’s & Policies

A visitor will form an instant impression of your store the first time they see it. It usually takes around 3 seconds for a visitor to “stick” and potentially go on to make a purchase. If you have a poorly optimized store, weak imagery and content, no trust badges and minimal social proof, many visitors will bounce from your store. Reducing your bounce rate is key to improving your conversion rate and trust badges are a key component.


What type of trust badges are there?

There are 3 key categories of store badges. These are:

  • Payment & Security
  • Store Policies
  • Unique Selling Points or “USP”

Payment & Security

You have probably come across Payment & Security badges before. They take the form of card icons, payment methods and security seals. The main purposes of payment badges are to easily communicate to the customer what payment methods you accept and what payment options you offer. From PayPal to Shop Pay and Klarna to Afterpay, these methods and providers are what your potential customers are looking for. Regarding security, this is less common now as the browsers have built this in. Consumers are trained to look for SSL, HTTPs and other security indicators. It still doesn’t hurt to mention you offer a secure checkout for peace of mind.

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Store Policies

These are policies your store employs as part of the customer journey. Common policies are “free shipping”, “free shipping over $X”, “Hassle Free Returns”, “Free 30 Day Returns” and so on. These instil confidence in potential customers and can help convert visitors into life-long customers.

Unique Selling Points

Similar to Store Policies, these are key points your store engages in that a customer will most likely see value in. If you products are “made to order”, this is a powerful unique selling point. It means the customer isn’t just getting something off the shelf, they are getting something made to order especially for them. Another USP may be that you have a trademark, patent or license. Communicating these positive points to the visitors on your store will only help in generating an order.

Different ways to get your customers’ trust.

If you have just started with your Shopify dropshipping store you are in dire need of all the customers’ trust for your business to start in a good way. The following are some ways that can be very helpful for gaining customers’ trust.

1.       The first impression is the last, make it as good as possible

The first impression of your store matters the most. So, it must be very well designed with attention to all components of the page. This will be the first step towards the right direction for gaining customers’ trust.

2.       Always use attractive graphics to show off your products

If there is one way by which customers can see the products on your online store, then it is photos and videos. So, whenever you are listing something in your store you must use amazing and attractive photos to show off the products in the best way possible.


Sometimes the product is not that attractive, or important but good graphics make it look very unique and attractive which helps you gain the customers’ trust.

3.       Make your store provide a better experience to the customers

Every customer has some personal preferences, and they often follow similar patterns. If you take a look at some of the most famous online stores, they will follow your surfing patterns and optimize their pages according to that. In this way, you get the best experience.

The same thing is what you need to do for gaining customers’ trust because it tells the customers that the platform is made for them.

4.       Make your store optimized for the customers

Different customers visit your store from different devices. In this digital era, a platform is thought to be credible and comes with a good online presence on all devices. So, your store must be optimized for all sorts of devices so that your customers can browse through their favorite products whenever they want. This will not only help in gaining customers’ trust but also increase the brand credibility.

5.       Allowing a little control to your customers shows them that you care for them

Showing that you care for the customers is one of the best ways to gain customers’ trust. Allowing customers little control on the website helps a lot in this regard. The following are some things that you can do:

·       Allowing them to set the color schemes according to their preferences

·       Allowing customers to see the products in list or grid as they like

·       Letting the customers customize their pages according to their likings.

6.       Ensure their security by different means

Digital scams are becoming more and more popular every day. With this people are becoming more concerned about their security and they hardly trust any online platform now. What you need to do is to let them know that their security is valued. This can be done in the following ways:

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·       Using SSL certificates

·       Providing different payment options

·       Utilizing different backend security measures.

7.       Make sure that you build trust for the long term

Your business model must not be based on selling a product for once. It must be focused on maintaining a long-term trust-based relationship with the customers. Gaining customers’ trust will be easier than ever this way.

8.       Make your business consistent in all terms

A business and a brand must be consistent in all terms. If you are providing quality products, you must provide quality services as well. What you need to do in this case is to grow your team as the business grows. It will keep your business credibility consistent so will help in gaining customers’ trust.

9.       Do not forget to add the Shopify trust badges where needed

After you have done all of these things you must not forget to add the Shopify trust badges. Different badges go on different pages and some of the examples are:

·       Home page

·       Product page

·       Cart/ Checkout page

Having the right badges on the right pages will ensure to gain the customers’ trust.

10.   Provide the best value to your customers

The last thing that you must do to gain your customers’ trust is to provide the value they are looking for. In this case, the value comes from the good quality products and the services that will make the shopping experience better.

While the service quality depends on you, you can always go for wiio for selecting the best products. Here you can choose from a long list of dropshipping suppliers. The best part is that you can also enjoy all the automation services available on the platform that will make your dropshipping experience easier than ever.


If there is something that matters the most in the online business then it is the credibility, reliability, and trust that you bring for the customers. There are different ways of achieving it and Shopify makes things even better with the help of its trust badges.

So, if you are also looking to gain customers’ trust from the very first day of starting your dropshipping business you can follow the above-mentioned things.

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