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Bluu Patio Umbrellas: New Range To Redefine Summer Outdoor Living

Bluu Patio Umbrellas: New Range To Redefine Summer Outdoor Living

Bluu Patio Umbrellas: New Range To Redefine Summer Outdoor Living

Outdoor living and summer go together, but not without the protection offered by one of the essential accessories for sun protection — the patio umbrella. The availability of patio umbrellas in all shapes and sizes is huge, but the best come designed to suit the consumer’s needs.

Bluu Patio Umbrella makes it easier than ever before to find the right umbrella for your space. Consideration is given to each aspect of the design for each model, ensuring they work well in all outdoor spaces.

The range of umbrellas at Bluu Patio offers flexibility, sustainability, accessibility, and affordable quality. These features do not compromise the sturdy construction of each umbrella design. The range is available in a variety of modern colors to match every home style which also includes various styles and sizes.

Both the cantilever and market designs are available in sizes ranging from 7.5 feet to 11 feet, making them suitable for small and large patios and decks. The process of setting up a Bluu umbrella has three simple steps: tilt, crank, relax!

The two and three-tier Bluu Maple Umbrella and the two-tiered Redwood, are thoughtfully designed to provide more than just an elegant height. Their wind vents allow for an increased air-flow rate. This allows wind and heat to move freely, imparting an open, airy feel without sacrificing the UV protection from the sun.

Bluu Patio only uses Olefin or Sunbrella fabrics on its range of patio umbrellas. These are both superior fade-resistant materials backed with long-term warranties. Both are sun-deflecting fabrics that offer protection from the sun’s harmful UV radiation.

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Each canopy is thoughtfully designed according to the umbrella style. In the cantilever model, the fabric has an extra tie, allowing it to be secured to reduce swaying in windy weather.

Receiving Top Reviews

Wendy C. shared her impressions after purchasing a Bluu umbrella.

We received this umbrella yesterday. It arrived undamaged and in the color we ordered. It took only a few minutes to unpack and install. We were very impressed with the overall quality of the umbrella, especially the fabric and sturdiness. It was exactly as advertised and exactly what we wanted.

Wendy C.

With a laser focus on customer service and the highest quality products, one might expect that this quality will cost an arm and a leg. The good people at Bluu are shocked by the sheer number of expensive, low quality products available in the market. Inefficient retailers are selling cheap products for an unreasonable markup.

This is not the Bluu way of doing things. Working directly with factories to design durable products and using modern materials, these quality, competitively priced products are backed by a solid customer service team and no middleman to hike prices or delay communication. Bluu is committed to provide the best shopping experience possible for their customers.

As one reviewer put it: “I was hesitant to buy a patio umbrella without seeing it myself, but I risked it and I do not regret that. The umbrella is well made, the fabric is light and it opens easily. Because of the material and the color, it does not feel like it is looming heavily over the table. Easy setup, clear instructions.”

Bluu Patio Umbrellas: New Range To Redefine Summer Outdoor Living

Bluu Stands for Sustainability and Responsibility

Creating beautiful outdoor spaces is one of the areas Bluu Patio Furniture is concerned with; the other is sustainability and responsibility.

Together with their customers, Bluu Umbrellas is making an impact with their One Umbrella One Tree project. Their commitment has ensured that by the end of 2021, they will have helped plant 70,000 trees and the creation of 5,000 jobs. All this together with their partners, American Forests, whose movement is dedicated to reforesting areas across American cities and rural areas.

Taking care of our planet means it will take care of us, the founders of Bluu Blue Patio Furniture believe. That is why they have thrown their weight behind their One Umbrella One Tree sustainability project. This vital initiative is helping fight climate change, preserve wildlife habitats, and conserve water across the U.S., ensuring memorable and enjoyable patio experiences for generations to come.

Final Take

Making outdoor spaces beautiful may feel stressful, confusing and expensive, and Bluu is here to help. Apart from planting one tree for every umbrella sold, Bluu offers sleek patio furniture and accessories as well. With an industry-leading warranty program, backed by the reputable customer service team, a satisfying purchase experience is guaranteed.

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