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12 Best Wholesale Crystals Suppliers in US/UK/China You Can't Miss

12 Best Wholesale Crystals Suppliers in US/UK/China You Can’t Miss

This guide I am going to introduce the top Wholesale crystals suppliers in the world, how to find the wholesale crystals vendors, tips to sell the wholesale crystals and Q&As about wholesale crystals business.

First, I’ll show you the best wholesale crystals suppliers in the USA, China, and the UK.

Then, I’ll introduce how to find the wholesale crystals vendors and tips & tricks in the wholesale crystals industry.

Last, I’ll include some Q&As about the wholesale crystals business.

Let’s get started…

12 Best Wholesale Crystals Suppliers in US/UK/China You Can't Miss


Why Wholesale Crystals


Currently, wellness is taking over the whole world. According to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness industry is currently valued at approximately USD$3.7 trillion, globally.

This may not be surprising considering that the wellness industry combines Yoga, meditation, books, and even supplements. One thing that may surprise you is the fact that currently, the alternative/complementary medicine market is worth approximately USD$200 billion.

Crystals are among the breakout stars in this whole wellness industry. Google has already witnessed a 40% increase in the number of searches for “crystal healing”.

This has happened in the past 4 years. The number of “healing crystals” searches reach their maximum in January. This can be associated with the “new year, new you” line of thought.

Irrespective of whether the crystals work, interest in them has continued to deepen among the business elite and also in spiritual circles. This means that the market for crystals is currently growing.

Investing in the crystals industry is currently one of the best things you, as an entrepreneur, can do. You will stand a chance of generating big profits.



Wholesale Crystals Suppliers in China


Wholesale Crystals Supplier Category Online/Offline
Chinabrands General Online
KTG Crystals Crystals and Jewelry Online

1. Chinabrands

You will find a lot of great products on Chinabrands. It is one of the best when it comes to helping dropshippers or retailers get top marketing and sustainable results. The prices of its products are very cheap.


The best part is that these products are of very high quality as they have been made to pass through quality control procedures.

The pros:


● Engage much energy in technology: The API integration is fully optimized to guarantee a successful end-to-end system integration. Hence you can make your orders and inventory synchronous.

When your customer pay order from you store, Chinabrands will catch orders automatically from your store and then ship directly to your customer.

In addition, with API you can add multiple products at one time. Image that when your store generate 100 orders one day, this automatic function will be greatly helpful for your order management.


● Much choice of products and suppliers: After serious selection, Chinabrands provides more than 1000,00 products and more than 5,000 verified suppliers to choose from.

Your products are directly from manufacturers. There are many factories want to increase sales in China but lack in channels, and Chinabrands aims to connect Chinese good manufacturers with the global buyers. Manufacturers can join in Chinabrands and list their products, allowing buyer by directly from manufacturers.


● Much coverage of Warehouse and delivery: the warehouses of CB cover 3 continents and more than 50 countries, the whole warehouse are more than 100 all over the world. The delivery line covers more than 200 countries and 1W+delivery route to choose from.

2. KTG Crystals

This wholesale crystals supplier has been selling crystals for over a decade now. The company was established back in 2008.

Some of the products available on the supplier’s catalog include crystal stickers, rhinestone applique, rhinestone jewelry, and crystal nail art. The seller does offer the buyers free samples and a 12 months warranty.


· KTG Crystals products are eco-friendly.

· The supplier does offer a 12 months warranty.

· Free samples are available.

· Delivery is approximately 3 to 5 days.


· Prices are not available on the supplier’s website.

· Payment options are limited.


Wholesale Crystals Suppliers in the USA


Wholesale Crystals Suppliers Category Online/Offline
1. Wish Crystal Crystals, pendants, GemStone Keychains, etc. Online
2. From the Mines Crystals Online
3. Best Crystals Crystals Online
4. Pikes Peak Rock Crystals, pendants, jewelry, etc. Online
5. Gems Geodes Wholesale Crystals and Jewelry Online

1. Wish Crystal

If you are looking for a great wholesale crystals supplier based in the US, you can check out Wish Crystal. The seller supplies crystal healing products, crystal pendulums, orgone pyramids, and more.

The seller will offer you wholesale prices. You will be able to have a nice profit margin.

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· A wide variety of products.

· Great wholesale prices.

· Simple to use website.

· Delivery takes a maximum of 7 days in most cases.


· The live chat is not available on a 24/7 basis.

2. From the Mines

From the Mines has a wide range of products. You can get what you need easily. Some of the crystal rocks available include peacock ore, emerald, amethyst, etc. For you to qualify to be a wholesale buyer, you have to obtain a FEIN (employee ID from the IRS).


· Numerous crystal and mineral stones.

· The website is easy to use.

· Contact info is easily accessible.


· Wholesale crystals buyers need an employee ID acquired from the IRS.

· No product prices on the website.

3. Best Crystals

This wholesale crystals supplier offers crystals, jewelry, tumbled stones, etc. The seller’s prices are affordable. As an entrepreneur, you should be able to enjoy a nice profit margin when using Best Crystals as a supplier. You will find it easy to use the supplier’s website.


· Numerous products.

· An easy to use website.

· Good prices.

· You can return products within the first 7 days.


· No free shipping.

· No live chat.

4. Pikes Peak Rock

In the category section, Pikes Peak Rock has an extensive product’s list. This increases the chances of you getting everything you need on the same website.

The seller has nice prices. If you are in the US, the minimum order is $150. The minimum order for international customers is $350.


· Numerous products.

· Simple to use website.

· Affordable prices.

· Contact details are easily accessible.


· Customer support is not available on a 24/7 basis.

· Return and refund policies are unavailable.

5. Gems Geodes Wholesale

This wholesale crystals supplier is ideal for customers looking for both crystals and crystal jewelry. The seller has numerous products. You can access the supplier’s contact information easily. The products available on the wholesale crystals supplier are very affordable.


· Affordable products.

· The seller’s website has a great user experience.

· Numerous products.

· Easily accessible contact details.


· Customer support is not available 24 hours 7 days a week.

· Refund and return policies are not available.


Wholesale Crystals Suppliers in the UK


Wholesale Crystals Suppliers


Category Online/Offline
1. Moussa Minerals Giftware, Crystals, Fossils, etc. Online
2. Gemstone UK Natural Crystals, Jewelry, Tumble stones, etc. Online
3. Holistic Trader Crystals, Crystal Jewelry, Incense, etc. Online
4. Crystal Magic Wholesale Crystals, Fossils, Fragrance, etc. Online
5. Albion Fire and Ice Crystals, Tumble Stones, Minerals, Fossils, etc. Online

1. Moussa Minerals

This wholesale crystals supplier has a wide range of products. Apart from wholesaling crystals, you can wholesale related products such as fossils, giftware, tumble stones, etc.

In the crystals category, the supplier has a wide range of products. Using the supplier’s website is extremely easy.


· Numerous products.

· Easy to use website.

· Wholesale discounts.

· Subsidized shipping on orders worth more than £200.


· No live chat option.

· Before creating an account, you can’t view product prices.

2. Gemstone UK

This wholesale crystals supplier has numerous products. The seller promises wholesale buyers nice product prices. The supplier’s website is extremely easy to navigate and use. The seller will ship your products for free if your order exceeds £250.


· Easy to use website.

· Wide product variety.

· Free shipping on orders worth £250.

· Nice wholesale prices.


· Customer support is not available on a 24/7 basis.

· Orders weighing more than 22kg are sent in 2 boxes. This raises the shipping fee.

3. Holistic Trader

Holistic Trader has numerous crystal products on its catalog. The seller has a minimum order of £130. If your order is worth more than £280, you will enjoy free shipping. Shipping is done within a period of 2 days.


· Numerous products.

· The seller promises good wholesale prices.

· Free shipping on orders worth £280+.

· Easy to use website.


· You need an account to view the prices.

· The seller lacks a live chat option.

4. Crystal Magic Wholesale

This wholesale crystals supplier also offers figurines, fossils, jewelry, and other products. The seller’s website has a currency changing feature. The contact details are extremely easy to access. Navigating the seller’s website is easy.


· Easy to use website.

· Numerous products.

· Contact details can be accessed easily.


· No live chat option.

· You have to create an account to view prices.

5. Albion Fire and Ice

This wholesale crystals supplier has a wide range of products. You can get gemstones, crystals, fossils, etc. The prices are affordable. Navigating the seller’s website is extremely easy.


· Easy to use website.

· Nice prices.

· Numerous products.


· Customer support is not available on a 24/7 basis.

How to Find Wholesale Crystals Suppliers?


Many newbies are confusing on how to find a reliable supplier for their crystals business, some of them take lots of time identifying the great suppliers, so I am including following some tips for you to catch a good wholesale crystals supplier.

. Make Sure the Wholesalers Are great for Your Business/Brand

Finding a great wholesale crystals vendor is often a personal issue. While the testimonials available on the internet and suggestions from fellow entrepreneurs may be helpful, you should always aim to work with suppliers who are great for your business/brand.

It is worth noting that business models do vary. Hence, what works for one entrepreneur may not work for another entrepreneur.

. Attend the Local Trade Shows

This is an extremely effective way to meet crystals wholesalers you may potentially work with. Trade shows allow you to connect with people whose business aspirations/interests are similar to yours.

If you happen to find crystals you love during the trade shows, you can exchange contact details with the wholesalers. Use the suppliers’ details to request samples.

If you find that the products and suppliers will work for you and your customers, go ahead and establish a business relationship with the suppliers.

. Use Google

Whether a startup or an established crystals business, Google is always a perfect resource. By simply searching wholesale eyelashes distributors on Google, you should be able to find wholesale suppliers you can work with.

. Find Businesses Exiting the Industry and Make Bulk Orders

This is a perfect way to get amazing wholesale deals when starting a crystals store. Businesses exiting the industry often sell their stock at wholesale prices. Some will price the stock below the wholesale price.

It is important you ensure that you are buying products because you have a passion for them, not just because they are cheap. Make sure that the stock is in good condition. Also, confirm that the business is closing down for the right reasons before purchasing its stock.

. Use Yellow Pages

Search for wholesale stocks listed on the Yellow Pages in your locality. If you happen to find a listing, locate wholesalers selling the products you want to stock and have competitive prices.

Since shipping is easy to do nowadays, you do not have to limit your search to your local area.

. Purchase from Big International Companies

This option is ideal if you are just getting started or you are on a budget. If you choose this option, ensure that you have enough time to wait for your stock to arrive. Often, large international companies sell products at pocket-friendly prices.

Before purchasing from big companies, confirm that the crystals you will receive are of the best quality.

. Purchase a Bulk Wholesale List

Some companies do compile lists of wholesalers who offer different crystals. Such a list can relieve you of the need to look for all the suppliers alone.

How to Choose the Best Wholesale Crystals Suppliers


. Ensure that the Supplier is Certified

When wholesaling crystals products, it is crucial that you ensure you will get high-quality products. Ordering from verified suppliers can guarantee you high-quality goods.

Verified wholesalers source their products from authorized dealers or directly from the manufacturer. If a supplier is certified, you can trust their products.

. Minimum Order Quantity Should be Low

If your beginning budget is not huge, ensure that you are ordering from a supplier that has either low or no minimum order quantity. This reduces risks and also reduces your startup cost.

. Pocket-Friendly Prices

Look for wholesalers offering high-quality crystals at affordable prices. This will help you make a good profit from your business.

. After Sale Services Should be Satisfactory

Confirm whether a supplier offers great after sale services by checking testimonials written by other buyers who have already used the supplier. Avoid suppliers with bad after sales services.

. Quality Assurance

Order your crystals from suppliers who offer product warranty. Suppliers will only offer product warranty if the products they sell have the best quality.

If a product has a warranty, it will be much easier for you to get a refund or replacement if the product gets damaged.

Best Practices to Sell Wholesale Crystals


1. Get the Display Right 

The display is crucial when it comes to selling both minerals and rocks. The crystalline structure of the crystals often reflects light naturally.

You can take advantage of this crystal’s quality to make the display more appealing to potential customers. To set the crystals off, try shining light on your display.

2. Focus on Offering Rare and Unique Crystals 

Maybe you already have a wide variety of crystals in stock. Put effort into building the display around rare or unique pieces.

This trick will help you raise the apparent value or intrigue possessed by the smaller stones. Focus on using extraordinary pieces to catch your customers’ attention.

3. Use Signs with Benefits and Properties 

Often, people who come to your store may not know the benefits and/or properties of the crystals you have on display. Make things easier for potential customers by displaying both the properties and benefits.

Potential customers will be more willing to pay for what you are offering if they know the basic and alternative uses of the stone. For example, if a crystal boosts confidence, suggest it to people who regularly speak in public.

4. Expand Online via Etsy

Opening a shop on is 100% free. Etsy will give you the ability to reach a big audience who may be interested in what you have to offer.

Etsy is an ideal way to expand your business online. The online marketplace is not complicated to use. You should find it extremely easy to launch your shop.

5. Use Great Photos 

If your goal is to sell minerals and rocks on the internet, you have to use great pictures. The pictures should show the bands of colors or crystalline structure clearly.

Investing in a better camera or a better stage with great lighting techniques can help you generate great photos. While a great camera may require you to use some of your money, it is an investment that can help you bring in a lot of cash.

6. Display the Interior Design Items 

This is an ideal way to let your customers see your stock’s value. You can place the smaller crystals inside a clear glass vase and use them as interior design items. Selling high-quality and rare crystals will be much easier if your customers can imagine the vision already.

Where can I buy wholesale crystal jewelry?


If you intend to wholesale crystal jewelry, you will be happy to learn that you can find high-quality suppliers online. Some of these suppliers include:





Where can I get genuine healing crystals at Wholesale prices?


You can find various healing crystals suppliers who sell their product at wholesale prices. The prices may vary depending on the supplier.

Therefore, comparing the products’ prices on different suppliers’ websites is always an excellent idea. Below are some healing crystals suppliers you can use:







How can I buy gemstones at wholesale prices but also preview them first?


Most gemstone merchants selling online do have a return policy. If you are not satisfied with the product quality, you can always send the product back.

Before working with a supplier, you should read and understand the seller’s return policy. Below, we have a list of gemstone suppliers who allow you to return delivered products if they lack the quality you were looking for:




What are trustworthy websites to buy real healing crystals?


Online, there are a large number of healing crystal suppliers you can trust. It is always a great idea to research a supplier to determine whether the supplier is trustworthy or not.

Conducting research beforehand can help you avoid getting fake healing crystals. Below, we have outlined some of the best healing crystals suppliers:




So, that’s my post all about the best wholesale crystals suppliers in the USA, China, and the UK and the tips & tricks in the wholesale crystals industry.

Now I’d like to know from you:

Are you going to take part in the crystals business?

Which wholesale crystals vendors from today’s list do you want to choose first?

Leave a comment to let me know.

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