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10 Tips for Growing Your Dropshipping Business on TikTok and Facebook

10 Tips for Growing Your Dropshipping Business on TikTok and Facebook 2022

Taking your dropshipping business to the next level can be challenging if you aren’t taking the right steps. At DropshipingPro, we have 10 proven tips that will help you grow your dropshipping business on TikTok and Facebook! In this guide, you’ll learn about proven marketing strategies for growing your business using social media. Whether you want to grow followers or views on TikTok or increase organic traffic and sales on Facebook, these tips will take your business to the next level.

10 Tips for Growing Your Dropshipping Business on TikTok and Facebook

1) Promote your products in video form
Getting your products in front of as many eyes as possible is an important way to grow your dropshipping business. Video does a much better job of that than text or pictures. While you can use other platforms to promote your product, it’s no secret that video gets higher engagement rates. For example, someone watching a video is around 2 times more likely to purchase something than someone who only sees still images. It also helps users understand what they are buying at a glance. Even if you have a small audience, videos help people see how your product works and why they should buy it. This can make them feel confident about their purchase before even clicking buy. If you want to get started with making videos for marketing purposes, there are plenty of easy-to-use tools out there. Try using Animoto or PowToon to create simple animated videos without any prior experience required! If you don’t want to make your own video but still want something professional looking, try using Canva’s free templates for social media posts. They’re very easy to customize! As far as where exactly you should post these videos?

2) Collaborate with influencers
Not everything you do needs to be done 100% in-house. There are many different influencers out there who can help drive sales—and they won’t charge you an arm and a leg, either. Find people with large followings on TikTok or Facebook who might be interested in collaborating with your business. You can do it through paid advertising (though that can get expensive), social media outreach, or just straight up cold calling their contact info (don’t worry; I won’t tell anyone). Even if you don’t end up making a deal, it never hurts to ask!

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3) Create custom content around your products
If you’re just starting out, it can be difficult to create enough unique content around your product or service. Custom content is critical to getting your message in front of new audiences—and if you’re in ecommerce, it’s also a great way to boost conversions by driving people back to your website.

4) Post valuable information
You’ve probably heard of TikTok (formerly, which is a social network that allows users to shoot, edit, and share short videos. The app was purchased by Chinese tech giant Bytedance in 2017; now it has over 300 million users. But have you heard of its sister platform, Facebook? With more than 2 billion monthly active users, it makes sense to diversify where you promote your dropshipping business! Here are 10 tips for using both platforms to their full potential.

5) Encourage comments/interaction
If you want to grow your community, it’s key to provide them with opportunities to interact. Encourage people to comment on posts that are relevant, especially when they touch upon a hot-button issue or prompt a question you can answer. Be sure to respond back, too—it’s good karma!

6) Make sure your videos are high quality
If you want to see success on TikTok or Facebook, you have to make sure your videos are high quality. Sure, it takes some time to put together a quality video, but if you aren’t willing to put in that effort, then you shouldn’t expect much out of either platform. When it comes down to it, neither company is going to try too hard with accounts that haven’t proven they can generate revenue through their own creative efforts. So show up every day and churn out some great work; then sit back and watch your business grow.

7) Stay on top of trends
In order to best market your dropshipping business, you’ll need to stay up-to-date with trends. If you use Facebook or TikTok as a marketing channel, it can be tempting to share any content that gets engagement. However, in order to stay on top of trends—and avoid looking like a spammer—you should reserve your social media updates for content that has been vetted. Keeping an eye out for top trending hashtags will help you discover relevant content and provide opportunities to connect with new audiences. Using unique hashtags instead of popular ones will also help you avoid being too spammy.

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8) Add hashtags to each post
Instagram is an ideal platform to promote your dropshipping products, but one major challenge you may face is getting your followers to notice your business. One of your best bets is to post engaging, targeted content that utilizes hashtags. Take note of any hashtags used by influencers or relevant accounts and incorporate them into each of your posts. For example, if you’re posting about skin care products, use #BeautyTips, #SkincareRoutine or #SkincareTips. You can also add hashtags related to keywords that are specific to each product; for example, if you sell a hair dye product aimed at brunettes, use #BrunetteHairDye or #BrownHairCare.

9) Tag similar accounts in your posts and stories
If you’re trying to grow your audience, start by tapping into an already-existing one. Chances are there are other businesses like yours that already have a large presence on TikTok or Facebook, so start tagging them in your posts. You should also be sure to reach out to them (via direct message) with a short introduction about yourself, why you want to connect with them, and what their thoughts are about working together. They’ll probably appreciate that you took time out of your day to get in touch with them and will be more than happy to work with you—or at least share your post or comment. You could even go as far as asking if they would be willing to collaborate by posting one of your stories or videos on their page.

10) Showcase your brand, try different angles
While it’s important to show your brand in a positive light, it’s also important to make sure you take creative risks. There are plenty of different angles and story lines you can try when using TikTok or Facebook, so don’t be afraid to switch things up once in a while! For example, rather than just snapping videos about a new product, why not snap your customers opening their shipments? This is a good way to get user-generated content that is high-quality and shows off how happy customers are with your products. In addition, if you do have negative feedback from time to time, there’s no better way to deal with it than by addressing it head-on. Rather than ignoring complaints or attempting to hide them from users, use TikTok or Facebook as an opportunity to showcase how well you handle issues (and then fix them!). In addition, if someone has tagged your business page in a complaint, respond quickly and politely—even if they didn’t tag you specifically. As long as they’re making noise about your business on social media channels like TikTok and Facebook (which they probably will), make sure they see that there’s an actual person behind it who cares enough to address their concerns.

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10 Tips for Growing Your Dropshipping Business on TikTok and Facebook

Final Thoughts

Dropshippers can learn a lot from established retailers and influencers on TikTok. At the end of the day, it’s all about creating a connection, building brand awareness, and using passive sales techniques to drive conversions. Those ways you can use to grow your dropshipping business using TikTok.

Marketing is indispensable for any business to succeed, dropshipping, or not. With that in mind, the explosion of different marketing channels and strategies over the past years has made it challenging for a dropshipping business to keep up and soar fully. To gear you up, our popular marketing tips above will make sure that you are armed in every step of the shoppers’ buying stage. Whether they are browsing, completing a transaction, or have already made a purchase, our marketing tips will come in handy.

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