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What is TikTok? Why Is It So Popular?

What is TikTok? Why Is It So Popular?

Currently, when social networks are shooting their heads to develop short videos about people lip-syncing, dancing or performing dangerous acts. For entertainment purposes and to help users feel interested. Perhaps it is impossible not to mention that it is the Tik Tok application that is currently raging. Today we will introduce you to the application Tik Tok.  Let’s learn more about this application.

What is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is one of the short video applications to transmit information to users as well as when using. Previously the most prominent was the app when all young people competed to follow the trend of lip-syncing and creative shooting. But when the Tik Tok application launched in the market in 2017, it also received support from audiences, people who love creativity, good ideas, meaningful videos. When everything is developing and increasingly modern, users’ patience is no longer high so it is possible that long videos, or “multi-word” sharing articles we often glance at. But with Tik Tok, viewers can quickly update information through a video of 15 seconds to 60 seconds.

What is TikTok? Why Is It So Popular?
What is Tik Tok?

When developing applications Tik Tok has brought to users new and special things that also appeal to all ages, not only today’s youth. After the release time, Tik Tok has also updated a number of eye-catching color video editing filters, how to edit videos easily and comes with unique and strange stickers. Perhaps this is also one of the reasons for Tik Tok to attract audiences to this day.

How is Tik Tok used?

About the Tik Tok platform when we have used before, we should understand short videos that contain full video content. But Tik Tok is seen as an upgrade with many unique things to attract viewers. With Tik Tok videos will only fluctuate from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. We can optionally link into stories that build images under a given theme. However, with that small amount of time, it can still give viewers a feeling of “satisfaction” when updating necessary information and news in today’s social life.

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How to use Tik Tok application?

We do not need to register for an account on the application but can use it directly. Signing up for an account will allow you to follow other people, or vice versa. Just like Facebook, Instagram, .. However, to create personal videos on our Tik Tok, we need to register an account to be able to use and transmit our videos to viewers.

Then Tik Tok will display the necessary videos that we previously selected in the list of interest. After watching the videos on Tik Tok if we like their videos, you can press the heart or follow them directly to be able to watch every day.

Tik Tok recommends not using social networks for too many hours in a day because this will not only affect the mind as well as the brain not to rest. Apps with the content they want or the internet can either be addictive or have the most negative effects.

What is TikTok? Why Is It So Popular?
How to use Tik Tok application?

It can be said that Tik Tok will work like Snapchat because when recording, you have to hold the red button for continuous recording or stop when you want to switch to another scene. You can choose the duration of the video, the ways of rewinding the video or making slow motion video (slow) are also available on Tik Tok application. If you need a complete video that has more information or more carefully, you can use a video editing app such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Viva Video, Imovie, … can customize the speed of the intro (intro) and the linked video sections are both editable.

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Is the revenue of Tik Tok public or not?

As we all know, Tik Tok founded by Truong Nguyet Minh is currently a person with a top asset in the world in general and China in particular. Currently, Tik Tok comes from two main activities: advertising to help businesses create short daily videos or meaningful content that want to convey messages to viewers.

Is Tik Tok’s security safe?

Not only in Tik Tok but also in every application is the most obvious confidentiality of information. To promote protection for users, especially email addresses, passwords, personal names or contact phone numbers. Each application protects the most secure users, so we should not worry too much about the security of today’s hot applications.

Does Tik Tok transmit accurate information?

A lot of questions are related to mainstream information transmission thanks to the Tik Tok application. The answer Tik Tok conveys accurate information to the viewer. As we all know, small businesses today have lots of meaningful short comedies or humanities. Along with that, pictures and articles are also available on Tik Tok to help viewers know more in social life. Articles in general or especially mainstream newspapers, we can update information as well as follow up to be able to follow daily.

What makes TikTok so appealing?

Young people crave micro-entertainment and short bursts of distraction. This is one of the main appeals of TikTok. Videos are fun, short and trendy.

People can follow other accounts and create a feed of new content from the creators they enjoy most. There is also a “For You” feed that shows a random assortment of videos from others. This mechanism offers an endless thread of new things to watch and fuels the highly addictive nature of the app. What’s good about the “For You” feed is – it shows content from users that you wouldn’t typically follow. It’s perhaps another reason why TikTok is such an appealing platform. The app allows those with even the smallest followings to “go viral” and become online celebrities overnight. TikTok also has the standard features that you’d expect from a social network including direct messages and the option to “like” videos.

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TikTok is also ideally optimised to create memes. People can re-purpose audio footage from other videos and create a unique take on someone else’s idea. It’s become the newest platform for turning the average user into viral sensations. Currently one of the most popular people on TikTok is Loren Gray, who has over 38 million followers.

Even though we’ve explained the basics, the only real way to understand TikTok is to give it a try.

Can You Make Money on TikTok?

Currently, there is no direct way for TikTok users to capitalize on their popularity through the app. As the volume of views is incredibly high, most users will ask their audience to visit other platforms or websites to monetize.

TikTok allows each account to share their Instagram and Youtube links in their profile, which makes it easier to gain crossover followers.

The main goal of brands on TikTok is engagement and attracting a new audience. While legacy brands do this well, it is not clear whether smaller companies can draw the same following on the platform.

The evolution of mobile marketing on platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat has shown that anything is possible with the right audience.

For anyone with a business or personal brand that produces video content, TikTok is worth joining and experimenting with. As the app grows in reach, its ability to advertise and promote will likely become a big part of the ecosystem.


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