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Top 5 Profitable Products in the Early Half of 2021

Top 5 Profitable Products in the Early Half of 2021

What’s the most important thing of doing business? It’s not how you go through all the business process, but how you keep up with the business trend and seize every coming business opportunity. With so many products overwhelmed in the market, what products are the most profitable? Here we list 5 most profitable products for e-commerce on Amazon, Shopify in the early half of year 2020, some of them tripled in turnover.

Top 1 Pet Products

Pets have been always been part of our life. And nowadays, almost everyone would keep a pet at home. This trend directly contributes to the flourish of pet products, like pet beds, pet toys, pet bowls, etc. In other words, pet products are one of the most popular products to start with your business. There are several pet products for your reference.

Pet Beds

Biting Toys

Dog Toothbrush

Top 2 Home Products

Home, sweet home. To make your home a better place for living, these home products would be added to your shopping list. Home products are divided into several categories, home decorations, households, daily necessities and so on. Here are some hot sale products of households for your reference.

Sofa & Couch Cover

Throw Pillows

Make-up Organizer

Top 3 Sports Products

What people need at present days is a healthy body and a well-shaped figure. While COVID-19 may keep people staying at home, it can stop people working out. Therefore, indoor sports products has become a fashion. Keep fit and stay away from all diseases.

Indoor Sports Equipment

Top 4 Beauty Products

Beauty is an eternal topic at all times. No one would like to be ugly. That’s why beauty industry is an evergreen industry. People would always seek for the most convenient, most portable and the most useful beauty products.

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Magnetic  Eyelashes Nail Polish Hair Wig
Massage Gun Make Brush Beard Straightener

Top 5 Baby Products

One recent product trending is about baby products. Moms and dads would need baby carriers to take care of baby when hanging out, baby swings to keep them from crying, baby water play mat to let them have fun in summer…… Baby products have always been in bad need.

Baby Carrier

Baby Swing

Baby Playing Mat

The better you get to know the trend of products, the more business opportunities you would get. Hope you find our article helpful. And let us know if we have further to improve. If you have some interesting topics relating to importing from China, leave a comment below and your suggestions may get adopted.

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