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Top 10 Shopify Apps to Increase Your Sales in 2021

Top 10 Shopify Apps to Increase Your Sales in 2021

Did you know that there are hundreds of Shopify apps available to assist you in growing your business?

Do you have an idea which Shopify app will guarantee positive results for your business?

How do you decide which app to use?

Shopify makes it incredibly simple to get started selling online right away.

Top 10 Shopify Apps to Increase Your Sales in 2021

This list is for you whether you’re just getting started with a new store or looking to improve an existing one.


#2. Boost Sales

#3. Email Marketingapp

#4. Oberlo

#5. PushEngage

#6. Bold Upsell

#7. Refferal Candy

#8. Super Reports

#9. Fancy FAQ

#10.Tip Quik | Tip Pop-up in Cart

#11. NextSmartShip

1. is a free Shopify app that assists you in creating product videos that increase sales. It takes little or no effort on your part to create a video. All you have to do now is choose the type of video you require and the product you wish to promote. Then will take all of the photos and video on your website and turn them into a promotional video for your business.

2. Boost Sales

Boost Sales is one of the best Shopify applications for increasing order value per online shopper, which helps to increase conversion and sales.

When customers view or add an item to their cart, Boost Sales displays a popup with alternative or complementary products. Not only does Boost Sales give you the ability to manually schedule your favorite upsell and cross-sell packages, but it also scrapes and analyzes sales data around the entire store to automatically recommend customized goods to the right customer.

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3.  Email Marketingapp

According to Wordstream, every pound spent on email marketing generates a return of 38 pounds in the United Kingdom. $44 in the United States.

That’s a fantastic return.

In a nutshell, email marketing is worthwhile. You’re missing out on a big platform if you’re not putting in the efforts to Import your contact lists into Shopify with a single click.

Fortunately, Shopify has a large number of apps.

Some of the shoppify email marketing apps that you should try out include:

Create and submit your campaigns, and track metrics such as opens, clicks, add-to-carts, and sales to improve your consumer acquisition and retention efforts. Each month, you get 2,500 emails for free, after which you only pay $1 per 1,000 emails you send.

4.  Oberlo

Oberlo will help you find a supplier if you’re looking for a small business concept or a product to sell. You can use Oberlo to browse a marketplace of items that can be directly imported into your Shopify store. When you get an order, you will fulfill it through Oberlo, your dropshipping provider, who will ship the product to your customers on your behalf.

5.  PushEngage

PushEngage is a Shopify push notification app that helps you boost your sales. On your Shopify platform, you can send custom alerts to fight cart abandonment, re-engage users while they’re on the site, and eventually drive more traffic.

The best part is that PushEngage is simple to set up with just one press.

You can give your visitors the following site push notifications:

  • Notify your customers when there’s a drop in price
  • Notify buyers via inventory warning when the product is back in stock
  • Increase the open rates by sending updates to well-targeted segments.
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6. Bold Upsell – True Upsell

Shopify store owners may use Bold Upsell to deliver enhancements or complimentary goods to consumers in order to substitute or add items to their shopping cart. In minutes, you can create your first upsell proposition and begin selling and providing better value.

Your upsell and cross-sell deals are triggered where and when you want them to be, in accordance with your store’s design.

7. Referral Candy

Referral Candy is a great Shopify app for incentivizing the customers to refer their friends to your business. For unlimited referrals, you can select how you want to reward.

Automatic incentive delivery and referral notifications are included in the Referral Candy scheme, as well as a dashboard where you can monitor referrals. The cost of this app is $49 a month.

8. Super Reports

Super Reports allows you to monitor orders, gain inventory knowledge, evaluate order data, and track success over time for your shop. This app integrates with your Shopify store and generates real-time reports that you can submit to yourself and other stakeholders. You can quickly recognize winning (and losing) items, monitor inventory levels, and gain valuable insights to help you develop your business.

9. Fancy FAQ

The importance of FAQ pages in creating a positive customer experience in your store cannot be overstated. They respond quickly to popular questions and dispel any reservations they might have. Fancy FAQ makes it simple to incorporate attractive, search-friendly FAQ pages into your pages, allowing you to create confidence with customers and inspire them to buy.

10. Tip Quik | Tip Pop-up in Cart

Do you want to please both your staff and your customers? Customers can leave a tip for staff before checking out with Tip Quik. Using Tip Quik, you can build a custom pop-up and install it on your checkout page in minutes. With more money in their pockets, your workers will be happier, and your customers will have the opportunity to show their gratitude—it’ll be a win-win situation for everyone.

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