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Top 10 Most Famous TikTok Users in the USA

Top 10 Most Famous TikTok Users in the USA How to Make a Good Short Video for TikTok 2022?

TikTok is fast becoming one of the social networking apps to reckon with and it is turning many persons into celebrities already. In this article, we would be looking at 10 of the most influential TikTok users in the United States.

The journey with TikTok began as Douyin before it was merged with and later changed to TikTok. Since its launch in 2016, the Chinese-video sharing app has gained so much popularity around the world and there are a handful of users who have used its reach to become popular.

TikTok makes it easy to reach thousands of users by sharing short video clips and it is more effective when you participate in trends.

The app lets you create, share, and watch short video clips, and even amidst the ban on TikTok in the United States, it has garnered over 200 million subscribers.

Many vloggers, video editing experts, YouTubers, and people who use other video-based apps, have opted for TikTok, and have become TikTok users.

According to Sensor Tower, TikTok was the most downloaded app in the Apple App Store during the first half of 2018 surpassing social networking giants like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and so on.

Let’s see the top 10 TikTok users in the United States who have excelled and reached heights of popularity and influence using the app.

Top 10 TikTok Users In The United States

1. Charli D’Amelio

Top 10 Most Famous TikTok Users in the USA

Image credit:

Charli Grace D’Amelio is number one on the top 10 TikTok users in the United States with over 101 million followers.

A social media personality and dancer, she is just 16 years old and even though she has been dancing competitively for over 10 years, she began posting on TikTok sometime in the Fall of 2019.

The Norwalk, CT born dancer uploads videos of herself dancing to trending songs and she quickly raked in much following in a short while with over 7.9 billion likes.

Her TikTok handle is @charlidamelio

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2. Addison Rae

Top 10 Most Famous TikTok Users in the USA

Image credit:


With over 70 million followers and 4 billion likes, Addison Rae Easterling is second on this list. She is an actress, dancer, and social media personality.

Born on 6th October 2000 in Lafayette, Louisiana, Addison Rae is famous on TikTok for posting lip-sync and dance videos.

You can follow Addison on TikTok @addisonre

3. Zach King

Top 10 Most Famous TikTok Users in the USA

Image credit: The Guardian

Well, the top 10 users of TikTok in the United States are not singers and dancers alone. Zachary Michael King makes it to the list with his six-second videos which he calls “digital sleight of hand”.

The American internet personality who was born in Portland, OR but lives in Los Angeles uploads videos of himself that look like he is doing magic.

These videos have seen him grow his TikTok following to over 52 million users. He’s TikTok handle is @zachking

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4. Loren Gray

Top 10 Most Famous TikTok Users in the USA

Image Credit: Capitol Records

Loren Gray Beech is another TikTok sensation and she has over 49 million users and 2 billion likes.

Born in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Loren is a singer and social media personality. The 18-year-old is signed to Virgin Records and Capitol Records.

Her TikTok handle is @lorengray

5. Spencer X

Top 10 Most Famous TikTok Users in the USA

Image credit:

Spencer X whose real names are Spencer Polanco Knight was born in Manhattan, NY but he is of Ecuadorian and Chinese descent.

He is popular for beatboxing and that has brought him over 49 million followers on TikTok. His beatbox videos are fast-paced and he has featured in several publications in the US.

Spencer X’s TikTok handle is @spencerx

6. Dixie D’Amelio

Top 10 Most Famous TikTok Users in the USA

Image credit: Tiktok (@dixiedamelio)

Also joining this list of top 10 TikTok users in the United States is Charli D’Amelio’s elder sister Dixie.

Dixie Jane D’Amelio is a singer, actress, and social media influencer born in Norwalk, Connecticut on 21st August, 2001.

She has over 45 million followers on her TikTok (@dixiedamelio) and is also known for her role in the YouTube web series, Attaway General.

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7. Bella Poarch

Top 10 Most Famous TikTok Users in the USA

Image credit: Tiktok (@bellapoarch)

Though she is of Filipino ethnicity, Bella Poarch was born in the United States and enlisted in the US Navy in 2017.

The 19-year-old is popular for the comedy, hypnotic lip-sync videos she posts on her TikTok handle @bellapoarch which has grown to over 44 million followers.

Bella’s desire is to be an actress and she is taking conscious steps to achieve that.

8. Will Smith

Top 10 Most Famous TikTok Users in the USA

Image credit: Forbes

The internet was thrown into a frenzy when Willard Carroll Smith Jr. popularly known as Will Smith joined TikTok in October 2019.

The 52-year-old Philadelphia born actor who is a five-time Golden Globe Awards and two times Academy Awards nominee has since gained over 43 million followers on TikTok.

His TikTok handle is @willsmith

9. JustMaiko

Top 10 Most Famous TikTok Users in the USA

Image credit: Pinterest

Michael Le who is also known as JustMaiko is a dancer and choreographer. He began using TikTok while it was still called

Born in Florida, Michael Le posts dancing videos and dance tutorials on TikTok and he has over 42 million followers.

His handle is @justmaiko on TikTok.

10. Jason Derulo

Top 10 Most Famous TikTok Users in the USA

Image credit: Insider

At a time when his musical career was engaging a downtime, joining TikTok rejuvenated Jason Derulo’s career and he has since bagged the title “King of TikTok”.

Jason Joel Desrouleaux who is a singer, songwriter, and dancer has sold over 30 million singles since 2009 and his TikTok handle @jasonderulo has over 40 million followers. 

1. Be Familiar with the Shooting Content

For example, in the process of shooting an origami plane, you should practice several times in person, so that every detail is well known. And you could know fairly well about how to deal with key points and difficulties.

If the process is not skilled, it is likely that the time is not enough in the shooting process because the content is not tight, or other problems like the focus are not prominent, improper details, and even there will be forgotten phenomenon.

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2. Mute Shooting to Ensure Recording Quality

During the shooting process, the door should be closed to avoid interference from outdoor noise, and the volume of the mobile phone should be turned off to avoid the influence of prompt and SMS sound on the video.

Closing the door can reduce noise and ensure clear commentary during recording, although the sound volume of live shooting may not be loud enough, which can be increased during post-editing.

3. Make Good Use of the Pause and Delete Functions

The most critical thing is to use the pause function well.

For example, a 3-minute short video is divided into 3 segments, each of which is one minute, or divided into several finer segments. If you are not satisfied with any of the segments, you can delete them and re-shoot them.

If you don’t pause, after more than 2 minutes of shooting, you find that the last sentence is wrong, then you have to delete all of it to revise it. If there is a pause, you just need to delete the last fragment.

4. A Good Video Editing

No matter how well a video is shot, it is still very rough work if it is not well edited.

A good video is combined with content editing and transition settings, plus a special beginning and end, with beautiful background music and filter effects.

In short, shooting a video requires certain editing techniques and shooting techniques. Only through continuous practice and gradual accumulation can the production level of the video be improved.


TikTok is a social networking app for adolescents and young adults. With a vast majority of its users been singers, dancers, and creative video creators.

Now you have it, a list of top 10 most famous TikTok users in the United States.

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