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Top 10 Best Wholesale Fabrics Market in China: Ultimate Guide

Top 10 Best Wholesale Fabrics Market in China: Ultimate Guide


China has the largest textile industry in the world with major shares in the global textile trade. The textile industry of China grew after the 20th century when the country became an expert in cotton production and export. Although the industry has gone through depression and slow growth rates yet the overall industry is efficiently serving country needs and has a strong share in providing fabric, textile, and apparel products to the international markets. Many textile and clothing firms have good customer positioning among local and global customers due to their supreme quality products that fulfill customer needs in a unique way. Following is the analysis of top performing textile companies of China that ranked on the basis of their performance, revenue, innovation, and quick response towards customer needs during the year 2018 by statistics like China Daily and Fortune China 500, etc.

Chinese wholesale market is a great place to reduce costs and lead to steep discounts. China wholesalers can be found in many parts of the country.

If you want to start a fabric business, you can get a wide variety of high-grade materials from the China Fabric Markets.

Chinese wholesale markets have literally hundreds of complexes, each dedicated to a particular range of products.

This article will provide you with a list of the top 10 wholesale fabric markets where you can buy fabric at wholesale price.

Where to Buy Wholesale Fabrics from China


China offers many wholesale fabric markets. The markets offer many fabric vendors, meaning that you will have many choices. You will also find it easy to negotiate for the best prices. We have gathered the top 10 wholesale fabric markets to make your selection work easier. They are the best fabric source for people who would want to stick to their budgets.

1. Guangzhou Zhongda Fabric Market


Guangzhou Zhongda Fabric Market is situated in Haizhu District Guangzhou. It is currently the largest textile wholesale center in Asia. The textile center has over 300,000 square meters of wholesale space occupied by vendor shops. Further, it has more than 4,000 textile wholesale suppliers from all parts of China. So, by choosing this place, you will find China’s textile wholesale suppliers easily. In fact, around 70 percent of all wholesale vendors in the fabric market are factory suppliers. Most of them will be ready to offer customized services.

You will find a wide range of textile products in this place. For example, you can choose knit, woven, jeans, or even sports fabrics. You can also choose polyester, lycra, jacquard, accessories, and trims like zipper, buttons, and lace. Still, you can choose some of the latest or trendy items such as lingerie, knitwear jersey, sportswear, and lingerie to add to your collection.

What to Expect in Every Floor

The sales building offers a very large space for vendors and shoppers. Expect hundreds of vendors on each floor, each offering a wide range of products. Here is what you will find on each floor.

First Floor to the Third Floor

The three floors offer over 2000 fabric shops, offering a wide range of textile products. There are Chinese buying agents on these floors to guide clients due to the many product categories and different prices. The vendors accept both large and small orders.

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Fourth to Sixth Floors

Expect to find offices and showrooms of the large manufacturers and brands on the fourth, fifth, and sixth floors. You can order customized products in this place.

Seventh Floor

The seventh floor is currently the service zone. You will find restaurants, banks, and meeting rooms. Furthermore, there are purchasing agents to guide you.

Negative One and Negative Two Floor

On the negative one floor, you will find fabric accessories and trims. On the negative two-floor, expect decoration materials such as hotfix, padding, and laces.

2. Shaoxing Keqiao China International Light Textile City


Shaoxing Keqiao Textile Fabric Market is the primary source of fabric for Chinese customers and those from the international market. Keqiao offers many market zones, each offering different types of fabrics. So, if you are planning to do your shopping in this market, you should do your homework. The North Market is the best choice for people in need of fabric products. Here is what to expect on the first floor of the North Market.

Section 1

In section 1, expect cotton fabrics, peach fabric, T/C, yarn-dyed fabric, canvas fabric, pocket lining fabric, and jeans fabric.

Section 2

In the first street of section 2, you will find lace, mesh fabrics knitted fabrics, lace, net fabrics, and chiffon fabric. In the second street, expect mesh fabrics, embroidery, and lace fabrics. In the third street, you will find embroidery fabric, rayon cotton, and poplin

Still, you can move to the fourth street when shopping for burnout chiffon fabric, tricot, and knitted jacquard. When in Fifth Street, you will find printed knitted fabric, cotton fabric. The sixth street offers satin fabric and chiffon fabric, while the seven street offers fur fabrics.

Section 3

Section 3 has many streets, but the main products in this place are jeans fabrics, canvas, and suede, and cotton fabrics. You will find the fabric selection work easier.

Section 4

The fabrics to expect in this section include plush velvet fabrics for toys, corduroy, flocking fabric, linen fabric, linen-look fabrics, linen. In the fifth street of this section, you will find a wide range of shirt fabrics.

Section 5

Section 5 of the North Market offers a wide range of shirt fabrics. If you are not satisfied with what the first floor of the North Market offers, you might need to try the second floor. In the first section of the second floor, expect mesh fabrics and uniform fabrics for traffic police. After moving to the second section, you will find curtain blind fabrics, curtain accessories, and curtain poles.

The third section has a wide range of sofa fabrics and curtain accessories. Both section four and section five provide a wide range of curtain fabrics and hotel fabrics. The third floor is a good choice if you are planning to buy voile fabrics, sheer fabrics, and curtain fabrics.

3. Dongguan Humen Fabric and Accessory Markets


There are many clothing manufacturers in Humen Town, meaning that you are unlikely to miss anything that you need. Furthermore, the town provides many wholesale markets for fabrics and accessories. Dongguan Humen Fabric and Accessory Markets provide all types of materials needed in the production of clothes.

Even though the wholesale markets in Humen are smaller than those in Guangzhou are, they have generous vendors. They are ready to provide samples and swatches. The markets open each day of the week between 8.30 am and 6.00 pm. Besides, the prices are comparable to those expected in Guangzhou.

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The textile wholesale markets are situated on both sides of the Renmin North Road. If one of your goals is to meet many wholesalers, you have to choose the center of this area. Visit the Fumin Cloth Market and HICC for fabrics. Xing Yu Accessories and Fortune Accessories provide quality garment accessories.

4. Jiaxing China Southern Textile City

The location of Jiaxing, China, is in the shadows of big neighbors. Nevertheless, that has not prevented it from emerging as an important economic region. The population of Jiaxing is over 4.6 million, something that helped it stand as a hotbed of China’s economic activities. It will take you around 1 hour to travel to this place from Shanghai, China. The textile wholesale market borders big cities, including Huzhou and Hangzhou.

According to the owners of Jiaxing China Southern Textile City, the main fabric styles are creped Chine, elastic chiffon, and embossed chiffon. The market also provides two types of filament chiffon fabrics, which are polyester FDY Chiffon and Polyester semi extinction.

At present, the market attracts customers from Jiangsu, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, Hangzhou, and other places. The management claims that the products are of great quality and the prices are moderate. Further, the supply is tighter.

5. Shanghai Light Textile Market

Shanghai Light Textile market is among the most vibrant textile trading hubs in the globe. Over 29,000 companies manage more than 40,000 types of products in this market. Further, the wholesale textile market receives more than 100,000 customers each day. Most importantly, its sales network covers 187 countries and regions.

The market is among the first light textile markets in China. Locals who need low-cost locally made clothing and accessories have been shopping in this place. After choosing this market as one of your shopping destinations, you will have to be patient. It has many vendors, and most of them may not provide the quality you need. Some vendors will also notify you immediately you step out of a taxi. So, be cautious and stick to the shops and public stalls.

6. Fujian Shishi Yuanyang Pool Fabric Market


Fujian Shishi Yuanyang Pool Fabric Market is currently the most influential textile market on Taiwan Strait West Coast. The market is under the support of the municipal government, municipal party committee, and some other departments. It has 9 central districts, 6000 storefronts, 1000 company headquarters, and 6000 warehouses. It has also established over 5,000 branches in specialized textile markets in China and other countries.

The municipal party committee and the municipal government have adopted many policies to stabilize this market and welcome many vendors. Recently, the market was recognized as the most influential market when it comes to commodity trading. It has also won many other titles.

Since 1980, the market has been supplying a wide range of products. The products to expect in the market include casual wear fabrics from the local manufacturers. Further, you can buy clothing products under registered trademarks such as Fuguiniao, Septwolves, Seven, Yepao, K-Boxing, Pin, EDEBO, Joe One, Hadley, and Wales. Primary garment traders, wholesalers, and more than 6,000 clothing shops occupy its 18 streets.

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7. Jiangsu Changshu Jingu Cloth Market

Jiangsu is another leading garment and textile production base. Data from China National Textile and Apparel Council shows that Jiangsu stands as the third-largest garment and textile producer after Zhejiang and Guangdong.

In the year 2006, the sales revenue of garments and textile stood at RMB 362.9 billion, and the net profit was RMB 10.5 billion. Further, Jiangsu is a leading export market. It exported garments and textiles worth US$9.58 in 2007 and the amount increased by 17.4 percent in 2008. Currently, it stands as the third province in the list of China provinces.

Changshu Jingu Cloth Market is situated in this province. The market is located in the southern area of Changshu, around 20 miles from Suzhouthere. It has 5 separate multi-floored clothing malls, meaning that you will get many suppliers to try. The shops are many, and they cover almost every type of shoe, clothes, and bag. Further, there are many hardware malls. You will also get all types of fabrics in this market.

8. Nanhai Yanbu Cloth Market



China has many fabric markets, and Nanhai Yanbu Cloth Market is among the leading. This market has great decoration and standardized management. When it comes to wholesale fabric, you will have a wide range of products to try. Most wholesalers in this market are usually keen to establish business relationships with their buyers. For that reason, you should expect special privileges when buying fabrics wholesale.

Further, the market offers you a good chance of meeting fabric suppliers with extensive experience in the industry. That means you will learn something new each time you travel to this place. You can buy denim fabric, stretch denim fabric, cotton denim fabric, cotton poly-denim fabric, and many other types of fabric. The best news is it will take you only one hour to reach this market from Guangzhou Airport by taxi. The high-quality products, efficient development, and innovative services attract customers from all parts of the globe.

9. Jiangsu Shengze Cloth Market


Shengze, situated in the southern part of Jiangsu, is an important part of the Yangtze River Delta, which is a silk textile town with an extensive history. Shengze is widely known for its prosperous silk trade and developed silk weaving that started as early as the Qing and Ming Dynasties. The ancient Shengze town, together with Huzhou, Hangzhou, and Suzhou, was called “China’s four major silk capitals.”

Today, the town owns more than 2,500 textile enterprises. The enterprises have a 3.25 million tons spinning capacity, 3 billion meters finishing capacity, and 12 billion meters weaving capacity. Initially, Shengze had a complete chain of silk reeling, weaving, chemical fiber spinning, fabric deep processing, dyeing, printing, and garment making.

One of the important things you will find in this place is the Jiangsu Shengze Cloth Market. The market has many wholesale fabric vendors who sell a wide range of fabrics. You can choose stretchable and flexible fabrics from the market. Regardless of the garments and costumes you want to make, you will find something to match your needs. The market offers polyester, spandex, cotton, nylon, and many other types of fabrics.

10. Haining China Home Textile City


Haining City is located in the Yangtze River Delta zone and in Zhejiang Province. It is around 60 km to the east of Hangzhou and around 120 km west of Shanghai. Further, it is around 100 km to the north of Ningbo and 90 km to the south of Suzhou. The city has a population of 660,000 individuals, and it is surrounded by a network of highways and railways that connect it to Hangzhou, Suzhou, and Shanghai.

Therefore, you can easily reach the Haining China Home Textile City wholesale market from any part of China. This market is among the largest wholesale fabric markets in China and Asia. Even more, it has many textile products vendors who offer quality cotton knitted fabrics, chemical fiber warp knitted fabrics, decorative fabrics, and many other types of fabrics.

Order Wholesale Fabric Online from China

You must look for the best fabric suppliers and manufacturers when shopping for fabrics from China. You can source fabrics online through fabric sourcing companies or fabric-sourcing agents. Online wholesale platforms provide a better source for wholesale fabric buyers. The platforms provide many suppliers with a wide range of products. After opening one of the platforms, you will only need to select a supplier that matches your needs. Here are the leading online China wholesale platforms to try when shopping for fabric.


Most individuals do not know the connection between Alibaba and Aliexpress. Also, they do not know the characteristics of each of the two platforms. Alibaba is a platform of big sellers, while Aliexpress caters to both small and big sellers. The big fabric sellers on Aliexpress are big trading companies and manufacturers.

Factories can produce goods in large quantities, meaning that they can provide you with the exact quantity of fabric you need. On the other hand, large Chinese fabric trading companies have enough money to buy goods in large quantities and resell them to small buyers. The trading companies mostly sell the products at a lower price, which is the reason you will find many similar products on Aliexpress selling at different prices.

The other important group of sellers on this platform is the small sellers who opened their online stores recently. Their primary goal is to expand their business. For that reason, they work hard to reach as many customers as possible. That means that they sell their products at a lower price, including at zero profit. Most people looking for quality fabrics at a lower price will choose Aliexpress.

Alibaba stands as one of the leading B2B eCommerce websites. The platform was the first to introduce the wholesale eCommerce concept. Further, it opened the door to the worldwide market for Chinese factories. Before Alibaba came into being, it was very hard to search for products from China online and negotiate with the suppliers.

Alibaba solved most of the problems people faced when importing products from China. Today, you can communicate with many Chinese suppliers without leaving your home. While Alibaba does not sell any products, it allows buyers and sellers to meet and conclude agreements.

Each seller has to create an account and list all products. After that, buyers can choose the supplier they want and order the quantity of wholesale fabric they need. You can try as many fabric suppliers as you want.

Made in China is among the oldest Chinese wholesale websites that target international buyers. The site was launched in 1998, and its headquarters are in Jiangsu, China. The platform has adopted several policies to guarantee the safety of buyers.

First, it lists only the verified suppliers. Each of the suppliers should have a verified badge near the name. Secondly, the platform offers secured trading services. The suppliers will only get the payment after they deliver the products to you.

Furthermore, most of the sellers on this platform are large trading companies and factories. Most of the suppliers also sell their products in bulk. The delivery time ranges between 15 and 25 days.

DHgate is another important platform to choose from if you want to buy fabric from China online. You will find factories, small trading companies, and medium fabric trading companies on this platform. Factories on this platform have a wide range of products, and they are a perfect choice for people looking for both retail and wholesale products. Typically, the medium and small-sized trading companies buy products from the factors and other wholesale networks and sell them on this platform. Most of them prepare inventories as the demand changes, and they do not buy a lot.

The companies can buy fabric from various suppliers for resale on this platform. So, if you want to buy similar products, you will have to contact them before placing an order. Otherwise, you might end up with many products of different quality and appearance. is a perfect choice for people looking for a wide range of wholesale fabrics online. Unlike other platforms, is not only a marketplace. It is also a sourcing service provider and a trade show organization. Similar to AliExpress, Alibaba, and DHgate, this website connects fabric and other product suppliers to buyers. It also lists all trade shows and Chinese fairs and helps register others.

Unfortunately, has a complicated buyer safety system. The platform displays a Verified Manufacturer account on the profiles of sellers they have verified. Their verification system involves checking the business licenses and other important documents. Keep in mind that the platform does not offer a direct buy mechanism. You will have to contact a seller and discuss the pricing, delivery, and payment.

How to Buy Wholesale Fabrics from China

Textile and clothing suppliers and manufacturers are not the same. Therefore, you are likely to end up in a problem if you choose an online fabric supplier or factory without verifying whether they can provide the products you need. The following are the three reliable methods you can use to source wholesale fabrics from China

Wholesale Fabric Direct

Fabric Wholesale Direct is changing how people source high-quality fabrics from China at wholesale pricing. The wholesale fabric store provides a wide range of fabrics and trims at an affordable price. Even more, the platform provides both professional and novice professional sewers in many textile fields like design, craft, retail, and event planning. You will always get the type of fabric you need from this platform.

As a direct manufacturer of many types of fabrics, Fabric Wholesale Direct controls all production aspects. That means you will always get top-quality products. The pricing is competitive, and you can place orders of any size.

Wholesale Fabric Suppliers

The wholesale fabric supplier you choose is as important as the fabric you select. That is for the reason that the quality of the fabric and the shipping can affect the products. When searching for a wholesale fabric supplier, you should consider several factors like the fabric source and the delivery timeline.

Wholesale Fabric Sourcing China Agent

This is possibly the easiest way of sourcing fabrics from China. China has many sourcing companies and agents that can help you import fabrics from China at an affordable price. All you will need to do is state your fabric specifications, and the sourcing agent will look for the best manufacturer. They will also ensure that the fabrics are of great quality and negotiate for a better price. Finally, they will ship the fabrics to you.

How long does it take China to deliver woven fabric garments? 

The average delivery time for woven garments from China and India is 50-60 days and 60-70 days.

The average delivery time for Bangladeshi exporters is 90-120 days.

Nevertheless, the Chinese suppliers have now begun delivering woven fabrics within 30-40 days.

Which is China’s best fabric wholesale market in terms of quality?

For quality, Zhongda Fabric Market and nearby markets are the best.

Among all the wholesale markets in Guangzhou, the Zhongda market is one of the largest, busiest, and most chaotic.

Various fabrics material is available, including silk, cotton, colored fabric, men’s clothes fabric, satin, synthetics, wedding dress fabric, denim, linings, flockings, and much more.

Zhongda’s fabric supplier is also very professional and can handle your entire order supply chain.

What is the best way to verify the best fabric supplier for your business?

The key to buying from suppliers safely is making them trust you and developing trust with them. Suppliers can be judged on a couple of factors.

First, check their business platform credit history and how long they’ve been in business.

In addition, you can check whether they have any certifications and what their clients think of the products and services they offer.

Make sure you conduct due diligence before making any deals.

How can I start a fabric business?

To start a fabric business, you need to find fabric suppliers and wholesale markets. You can purchase fabric from well-known fabric factories in your region.

You should familiarize yourself with the product details and the normal price of the fabric before purchasing.

You can contact multiple fabric suppliers to purchase the best product as a buyer.

1. Jiangsu Hengli Group


Jiangsu Hengli Group is the largest manufacturer of textile and clothing in China that has expertise in yarn dyeing, washing, weaving, and finishing. The company is located in Changzhou, China, and had a revenue of $22.05 billion in the year 2013 which reached $25 billion in the year 2017. The company is specialized in manufacturing three main products i.e. yarn dyed fabrics, indigo denim, and stretch fabrics out of dyed yarn. The present production capacity of the company is 15,000,000 meters out of which 96% is exported to Asia, US, and UK. The company owns world-class machinery which is mostly made in Hong Kong and is designed in Italy and Belgium. The company has a competitive advantage over other textile manufacturers on the basis of using advanced technical skills.  The company is awarded AAA rating during East International appraisals.


2. Shangtex Holding Co Ltd


Shangtex Holding Co. Ltd is the second leading textile industry in China. The company manufactures and distributes textile and fashion products like home textile, bags, luggage carriers, fabric, and garments in international markets. The company also produced for many renowned brands like EY, Three Gun, and Conch, etc. which are sold by the company at wholesale rates to the retailers and sales partners globally. It is also licensed for global brands like Walt Disney from US and Bagutta from Italy. The company is appreciated and awarded for contributing to China’s economy due to its vast range of products and use of high technology.


The company started its operations in 1878 from the penal of Shanghai Mechanical Weaving Bureau in 2001 it took its present portfolio after the merger of two textile bureaus by the Chinese government. The company had revenue of $7.113 billion in the year 2013 which reached $7.5 billion in the year 2017. The company owns assets worth $3.9 billion and 18,000 employees with 40 shareholders and 190 affiliated companies & subsidiaries.


Looking for Textiles suppliers? Use the live chat feature. We may be able to help you.


3. Lu Thai Textile Co Ltd


Lu Thai Textile Co. Ltd is located in Sichuan Dist, ZIBO and is the manufacturer, importer, retailer, and online dealer of textile products in China. The company is specialized in high-quality dyed yarn and dyed fabrics along with blended yarn, combed cotton, fiber, chemical fiber, silk, shirts, white fabric, non-iron fabric, stretched pants, and digitally printed clothes. The company owns famous brands like Alain Delon, Arrow, Cavad, and Bessshirt, etc., and exports the products to 30 countries. Lu Thai Textile Co. Ltd fulfills domestic textile needs as well with the help of various subsidiaries and 25,203 employees. The company had revenue of $1.058 billion in the year 2013 and $1.5 billion in the year 2017.


4. Huafu Top Dyed Melange Yarn Co Ltd


Huafu is also a leading textile company in China that is working on the mission “Care for People. Color the World”, and wanted to become the pioneer in using high technology in textile industry sidewise saving the environment. It was founded in 1993 and currently has 24,726 employees and five production bases in China. Its main products are yarn and yarn products that include a vast range like dyed yarn, casual wear, shirts, sportswear, socks, business suits, towels. Decorative fabric, white yarn, and home fabric. The company sells its products in China and to the global markets in the US, UK, Japan, Asia, and Macau. The company had revenue of $1.02 billion in the year 2013 and $1.4 billion in the year 2017.


Even though these big companies are capable of producing a variety of goods within the textile industry, Quality issues are bound to arise when working with them. Since they are running multiple orders at a single time and in-house QC can always overlook defects. It is wise to conduct product inspections in order to assess the quality of your orders.

5. Weiqiao Textile Co Ltd


Weiqiao Textile Company Limited is a non-state company of China that produces and distributes textile products in 2000 varieties including plain fabric, yarn, grey fabric, tribute silk series, jacquard series, khaki drills, twill weave fabrics, and denim. The company has domestic repute with 2000 plus customers and global market access with 300 overseas customers like Texwinca Group and Fountain Set Group in 20 plus regions and countries. The company is working efficiently with approximately 152000 employees with 24/7 production capacity. China Chamber of Commerce for Imports and Exports of Textile has ranked the company as the number one company in aggregate export of yarn and fabric in PRC. The company had revenue of $976 million in the year 2013 that reached $1.2 billion in the year 2017.

Top 10 Best Wholesale Fabrics Market in China: Ultimate Guide


6. Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile Co Ltd


Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile Co Ltd was founded in 2003 and has its headquarters in Shijiazhuang, China. The company is involved in textile manufacturing, distribution, scientific research activities, and import & export of textile. The company’s portfolio is segregated on 7 mega textile mills, many affiliated textile trade companies, real estate companies, and raw material companies. The company has a production capacity of 12,000 looms and 12000 weaving machines with an annual output of 0.12 million tons for cotton fabric and 0.35 billion meters of gray fabric production. The product range includes cotton fabric, printed fabrics, dyed fabric, and woven garments. At present company owns assets of 2.52 billion RMB with 25000 employees serving efficiently. The company had revenue of $956 million in the year 2013 that reached $1billion in the year 2017.



7. Jiangsu Sunshine Co Ltd


Jiangsu Sunshine Co Ltd is majorly engaged in the production and distribution of textile products, fabric and wool products while sidewise the company deals with pharmaceuticals, electronic equipment, oil & gas supply, and power retailing. The company was established in the year 1994 and has its headquarters in Jiangyin, China. The company provides woolen fabric, wool products, and other textile products to domestic markets of China and global markets. In the year 2013, the company’s revenue was $382.7 million which grew to $400 in the year 2017.

Top 10 Best Wholesale Fabrics Market in China: Ultimate Guide


8. Huafang Textile Co Ltd


Huafang Group Co Ltd is famous to produce textile products to feed domestic and overseas demand. The product range of the company includes carded cotton, polyester cotton, knitted fabric, non-woven fabric, customized yarn, dyed yarn fabric, dyed woven fabric, grey fabric, elastic cotton, woollen polyester fabric, and raw material. The company had revenue of $219.1 million in the year 2013 and $260 million in the year 2017.



9. Shandong Demian Incorporated Company


Shandong Demian Incorporated Company was founded in 1997 and its headquarters is in Dezhou. China. Along with its 14 subsidiaries, this state-owned company is able to supply spinning, weaving, printing, dyeing, and knitting services of garments to domestic and international customers. The company has huge potential for growth, it also owns ISO14001 certificate for environmental management and ISO9001 certificate for quality management. The company is utilizing modern technology for efficient output. In the year 2013, the company owned $142.3million in revenue which grew to $190 million in the year 2017.


10. Shandong Jining Ruyi Woolen Textile Co Ltd


Shandong Jining Ruyi Woolen Textile Co Ltd was renamed in 2017 from Shandong Jining Ruyi Woolen Textile Co Ltd which was founded in 1972 and today has its headquarters in Jining, China. The company got listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange after becoming a public company in 2007. The company specialized in manufacturing and distributing woolen fabric, cotton fabric, other textile and apparel products in China and overseas markets. The company also owns a Ruyi brand that offers suiting. In the year 2013, company-owned revenue of $96 million that raised to $150 million in the year 2017.


Fabrics have been an important part of life since prehistoric times. That is for the reason that people use fabrics for various purposes, especially in the textile industry. Today, the market offers a wide range of fabrics, and each type is used for a particular purpose. You will save a lot of money by importing wholesale fabrics directly from China.

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