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The Metropolis Shoes City

The shoes center in the world is in China, but the window of Chinese shoes industry is in Guangzhou. The Metropolis Shoes City, which is located in the boundary between Daxin Road and South of Jiefang Road where there is a greatly retail place of shoes and shoes materials in Guangzhou, covers over 20,000 square meters with over 300 stores beside the street and it is a trade center of shoes industry with diversified operation which retail shoes mainly.

The Shoes City has a convenient transportation for its locating in the center of Guangzhou, it just take 8 minutes for you to get to train station in Guangzhou and Baiyun Airport. There are security teams with good training who will work during day and night in the Shoes City and large parking lot about 6,000 square meters.

The Shoes City founded a mall center for information which advocates new market conception firstly to provide the latest news for stores in it by various dissemination activities such as exhibitions and orders meeting. It is equipped with computers to help those renters obtain overseas buyers and run trade affairs with translators and special talents about international trade, including the negotiation with overseas buyers, the arrangement of orders and the handling of trade files and etc.


The Metropolis city covers over 20,000 square meters with 800 stores and parking lot and warehouse about nearly 1,000 square meters.


The shoes city is divided into two floor and nine districts, there are 6 districts (A, B, C, D, E ,F) with 174 stores in total on the first floor and 4 districts(A, B, C, D) with 96 stores on the second floor.  More than 200 suppliers who sell all kinds of shoes are there including leather shoes for males and females, dress shoes, sandals, sports shoes and children shoes and so on.  Most of the shoes are PU, and the imported price is between 20 and 50 Yuan. So you can see the price is pretty low.

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What the followed is the site and opening time of the Shoes City:

Where:Number 88 in the south road of Jiefang

Opening: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

As the leader of wholesale market of finished shoes in Pearl River Delta, the Metropolis Shoes City in Guangzhou made a creative establishment of Mall Center of Information for providing complete services for stores in it such as international trade, logistics service, services for clients and spreading brands. It was researched that 90% of the shoes retailers in Pearl River Delta have been to the Shoes City for purchasing. Nowadays, businessmen from 180 countries and regions in the world come to the Metropolis Shoes City for buying shoes.

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