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The Complete Shein Shipping Guide: Shipping Time, Cost, Address, Tracking

The Complete Shein Shipping Guide: Shipping Time, Cost, Address, Tracking

The Complete Shein Shipping Guide: Shipping Time, Cost, Address, Tracking

Shein is a Chinese e-commerce company founded in Nanjing, China in 2008.

It mainly focuses on women’s clothing, but also provides fashion items such as men’s clothing, children’s clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and so on.

Shein primarily targets Europe, the Americas, Australia and the Middle East, as well as other consumer markets.

The prices and products on Shein are extremely competitive, and it has become one of the most downloaded shopping apps competing with ASOS, H&M, Zara, Uniqlo, and various other high-volume e-commerce stores.

As of 2021, Shein has approximately 10,000 employees worldwide, 7 million active users and a value of approximately $15 billion.

Shein ships to more than 150 countries and territories around the world.

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Where is Shein located?

Shein is a Chinese fast fashion apparel brand. 

Its headquarter is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China, the supplier center is located in Guangzhou, China, and the e-commerce operation center is located in Shenzhen, China.

Of course, Shein currently has operations in Singapore and Los Angeles, USA, as well as other major global centers.

How long does Shein take to deliver?

Shein offers three shipping methods: Economy Shipping, Standard Shipping, and Express Shipping.

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Shipping and time are noted on the checkout page, depending on your country.

In the table below, you can view shipping costs, delivery times, and free shipping conditions for your country.

Country Shipping Cost Delivery Time Free Shipping
Australia $4.95 – $7.95
Standard shipping
12 – 14 days Standard shipping
Austria €2.50 – €4.50
Standard shipping
13 – 15 days Standard shipping Order €39.00+ Standard shipping
Bangladesh US$4.90 Express shipping 8 – 20 days
Express shipping
Express shipping
Shein Brazil R$15,00 Standard shipping 20 – 32 days Standard shipping R$49,00
Standard shipping
Canada C$6.95 Standard shipping C$26.00 Express shipping 14 – 18 days Standard shipping
10 – 14 days
Express shipping
Order C$49.00+ Standard shipping Order C$129.00+ Express shipping
Denmark €3.90 Standard shipping 12 – 14 days
Standard shipping
Order €19.00+ Standard shipping
Shein Egypt US$24.90 Express shipping 8 – 20 days
Standard shipping
US$129.00Standard shipping
Finland 4,50€-spend below 25,00€ 2,50€-spend over 25,00€ but below 39,00€ Standard shipping 13 – 16 days Standard shipping Order €39.00+ Standard shipping
France €1.99 Economic shipping

€2.99 – €4.49Standard shipping

24 – 27 days Economic shipping 11 – 14 days Standard shipping Order €39.00+ Standard shipping
Germany €1.50 Economic shipping€2.90 – €4.50 Standard shipping 25 – 27 days Economic shipping 14 – 17 days Standard shipping Order €39.00+ Standard shipping
Hong Kong HK$40.00 Express Shipping 6 – 8 days Express shipping Order HK$400.00 Express Shipping
Shein India ₹80 – ₹130
Standard shipping
7 – 14 days Standard shipping Order ₹1,800 Standard shipping
Shein Italy €1.99 Economic shipping
€4.49 Standard shipping
23-26 days Economic shipping 13-15 days Standard shipping Order €25.00+ Economic Shipping Order €39.00+ Standard Shipping
Shein Japan ¥500 Express delivery 5-10 days Express delivery ¥2000 Express Shipping
Malaysia Free Standard shipping 9 – 12 days Standard shipping All orders Standard shipping
Netherlands €2.00 – €4.00
Standard shipping
8 – 11 days
Standard shipping
Order €39.00+ Standard shipping
Singapore Free standard shipping
$3.00 Express shipping
9 – 10 days Standard shipping 7 – 9 days Express shipping All orders Standard shipping Order $80.00+ Express shipping
South Korea US$4.06 Standard shipping US$11.78-spend below US$55.23 US$6.33-spend over US$55.23 but below US$117.76 Express shipping 12-15 days Standard shipping 14-17 days
Express shipping
Order US$16.24+ Standard shipping Order US$117.76+ Express shipping
Switzerland CHF5,90 Standard shipping 12-14 days Standard shipping Order CHF9,90+ Standard shipping
Spain €1.90 – €3.90 Economic shipping €3.90 Standard shipping About 4 weeks Economic shipping 12 – 16 days Standard shipping Order €29.00+ Standard shipping
Thailand ฿22 Standard shipping฿59 Express shipping 9-12 days Standard shipping 6-7 days Express shipping Order ฿99+ Standard shipping Order ฿299+ Express shipping
Vietnam 160,000₫—Spend blowing 299,000₫ 80,000₫— spend 299,000₫—499,000₫ Economical delivery 15-20 days Economical delivery Spend over 499,000₫ Economical Delivery
Shein UK £2.00 Standard shipping
£12.00 Express shipping
12 – 14 days Economical delivery 10 – 12 days Express shipping Order £35.00+ Standard shipping Order £100.00+ Express shipping
Shein US $3.99 Standard shipping $12.90 Express shipping 10 – 12 days Standard shipping 6 – 8 days Express shipping Order $49.00+ Standard shipping

Generally speaking, Shein shipping takes about 1-3 weeks to arrive at your door.

Actual delivery time depends on your location and the shipping method you choose. You can use the following as a reference:

  • Economy Shipping: 3 – 4 weeks
  • Standard Shipping: 2 – 3 weeks
  • Express Shipping: 1 – 2 weeks

Delivery times in Asia are usually fast, as these items are made in China, so they arrive relatively quickly.

If you are not in a particular hurry, it is recommended that you choose standard shipping, which is a more affordable option. Because express shipping is generally only about 2 days faster than standard shipping.

You can check the shipping times for more countries here.

Where does Shein ship from?

Hong Kong is Shein’s main transportation center, but Shein has international warehouses in the US, UK, Asia, America, Europe and the Middle East.

So usually Shein will ship from the warehouse closest to the buyer. When out of stock, it will be shipped from Hong Kong, China.

How much is Shein shipping?

Shein offers three shipping methods: Economy Shipping, Standard Shipping, and Express Shipping.

Depending on Shein’s partnership model, Shein may only offer one or two shipping methods to some countries.

Shein Economy Shipping

Economy shipping is the most affordable shipping method on Shein, but Shein is only available for a small number of countries.

Shein Standard Shipping

Standard shipping is the most common shipping method on Shein, and orders arrive in approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

Standard shipping methods are available in most countries and they provide a good balance between cost and delivery time.

Shein uses China Post and is shipped to the US by the US Postal Service with standard shipping.

Shein usually works with national postal services in Asian and European countries.

Shein Express Shipping

Express Shipping is a premium shipping service from Shein, and delivery takes only about 1 to 2 weeks to reach your door.

It is the most expensive shipping option but also promises the fastest delivery times.

For international express shipping, the designated carrier is FedEx.

For other countries, Shein fulfills orders by courier via international courier companies or national postal services.

You can check the specific shipping fee on the checkout page.

It’s worth noting that Shein offers free shipping when your order amount exceeds a certain value.

Shein free shipping conditions

Shein offers free shipping on orders over the stated amount, and Shein’s free shipping conditions vary by region and shipping method.

For example, Shein offers free standard shipping for orders greater than $49.9 when your delivery is in the US.

All orders are free shipping when your delivery is in Malaysia.

Therefore, you must understand Shein’s local shipping policy before placing an order.

Frequently asked questions about Shein return policy

How do I track my order with Shein?

Shein offers the option to track your order for the exact estimated time of arrival (EST). Below are the detailed steps to track Shein order.

① Log in to your Shein account

You need to log in to your account. After logging into your account, you need to go to your order list.

② Check “My Orders”

In the “My Account” screen, click “My Orders” and you will see all current orders and their current status.

③ Use the “Tracking” option to track your order

From the order list, select the product for which you want to view information. All orders are preceded by a “View Details” icon. You can click on the “View Details” option to view details for that particular order.

If the product has already shipped, you will see the “Tracking” option in the order. You can use the tracking option to track your order. Click the Track option to continue.

④ Get product tracking number

After clicking on the tracking option, you will get the current delivery status and tracking number.

The Complete Shein Shipping Guide: Shipping Time, Cost, Address, Tracking

You can copy the tracking number and paste it into the search bar at the top of the website.

Then you will be able to see all the tracking information related to that product.

Does Shein provide shipping guarantee?

Shein offers shipping insurance, you can select the “Shipping Insurance” option when placing your order, but this option costs an additional $2.99.

It offers transport and shipping protection for like $2.99 which fundamentally just permits you the alternative of returning anything you don’t need “for nothing”.

This is such a lot and regardless of whether you don’t wind up sending anything back, you’re just out $2.99.

What’s more, you can return the thing under any circumstances, even if it is not as per your choice or it is having some minor issues.

What is Shein return policy?

If an item in your order isn’t what you want, or you decide you don’t need it anymore, they’ll offer you free shipping as long as you return it within 45 days of purchase. (Please note that any shipping or insurance you pay for your package will not be refunded.)

If you’ve already returned an item from an order and want to make an additional return for another item, you must do so within 45 days of purchase. There are two ways:

① You can use the shipping label provided by Shein and pay the shipping fee of $7.99, which will be deducted from your refund.

② You can use your own shipping method at your own expense.

Regarding what can and cannot be returned, Shein lists non-refundable items as “bodysuits, lingerie, jewelry, beauty products, underwear, event and party supplies, DIY supplies, pet supplies and accessories (except scarves, bags, and mermaid blankets).”

Additionally, you cannot return an item if you have removed the original label or hygiene sticker (including cosmetics), or if the item has been washed, worn, or damaged.

If your order arrives damaged or defective, you can contact Shein’s customer service to correct it, but you need to do it within 24 hours of receiving the order, so it is best to check the package contents as soon as you receive it.

Many shoppers end up being allowed to keep the damaged items while also getting a refund, but that’s not a guarantee.

View the full Shein return policy here.

Where to find the Shein return shipping label?

To get a return shipping label, go to My Orders and click Order Details. When you’re done, click “Return and Refund History,” then “View.”

That’s all about Shein Shipping, you can learn more about Shein here, such as safety, quality, price, and more.

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