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4.5L Smart Touch Multi-Functional Air Deep Fryers With LCD Screen




Satisfy All Your Imagination & Cravings About Food Today!

French fries, fried chicken wings, grilled fish, grilled sweet potatoes, fried steak…everything is proficient, and it is easy to cook delicious foods of different ages. With it, it is difficult to adjust the taste. Become everyone’s joy.


  • The principle of high-speed air circulation, replacing the “oil” with hot air to quickly heat and crisp food, and use less oil to make a deep-fried texture, which can reduce the fat
  • Through the heating devices on the top and bottom, the air in the pan is quickly heated. Under the action of the high-power fan, the air in the pan is accelerated, quickly heating and brittle the ingredients, and it can be healthy and fried without adding oil. good-tasting food
  • Using high temperature penetration to bring out the oil of the food itself, and evaporate to the surface to effectively reduce fat and oil, while locking the water price and nutrition of the food, so that you can enjoy the delicious meat without worrying about fat growth
  • All-round turbo cycle mode, uniform speed motor drive technology, uniform speed cycle and crisp food, you can cook delicious food without frying 


  • Heat dissipation air outlet, fast heat dissipation, filter smell
  • Separation of machine line for easy storage
  • Keep warm function, keep the temperature of food
  • LCD screen operation panel, easy operation for the elderly and children
  • 9 blade powerful fan, heat up quickly in all directions
  • Large capacity, can hold the whole chicken to meet the needs of the family
  • High-gloss PP material, strong and high temperature resistant
  • Drawer type frying basket, anti-scalding handle, easy to push and pull
  • Fry basket with fine holes, filter grease, easy to clean
  • Reservation function, just make an appointment for air frying
  • Separable frying basket, integrated liner with grill, non-stick material and easy to clean
  • 4 turns of heating tube, heat evenly, temperature is more stable, heat is not exposed, safe to use 


Dimension: 33cm(H) x 22cm(D) x 22cm(L)
Capacity: 4.5L
Voltage: 220V
Power: 1200W
Frequency: 50Hz
Plug Type: US Plug
  • Red
  • Green
  • Black
Package Includes:
  • 1x Air Fryer
  • 1x Manual Guide Book



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