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Premium Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Wooden Kneeling Rocking Chair Stool


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Are you looking for a quality kneeling chair that will help make the adjustments? The seating angles are everything. Our ergonomic kneeling chair was created to give you a different option for sitting and give you the ability to open up your hips and adjust your posture from the lumbar spine up instead of from the shoulders down. Moreover, this rocking motion will definitely keeps your core engaged. 

In our ergonomic kneeling chair, your spine remains in an upright position, your weight is evenly distributed between your legs & hips, improving your posture, strengthening your abdominal & back muscles, and increasing circulation.

Our rocking stool comes with an arc-shaped bottom and a slip-resistant design. The rocking motion keeps your core activities and helps you maintain focus for long periods of time.

This kneeling chair with an integrated knee cushion is wider than one with scattered knee cushions. It is suitable for people of different heights and does not require adjusting.


  • STURDY FRAMEOur kneeling stool comes with 3 thick crossbars for high stability and balance. Include 2 pieces of 2.6ft length strips, and stick them to the bottom for anti-slip effects.
  • LARGE LOAD CAPACITYThis kneeling stool is manufactured with a 220lbs load capacity, thus can accommodate small to big sized persons. Easy & quick to install with screws & tools. Comfortable with 7cm thick padded cushions.
  • MULTI-USE – Reduce pressure on the spinal, lumbar spine, and shin vertebrae when on seating, and reduce discomfort. This kneeling seat can be used as a desk chair, meditation chair, computer chair, etc.


Material: Birch Wood with Foam
Dimension: 33″(L) * 20.9″(W) * 22″(H)
Load Capacity: 200 Ibs
Cushion Thickness: 2″
Package Includes:
  • 1x Premium Ergonomic Kneeling Chair
  • 1x Installation Kit


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