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Premium 3D Flame Electric Fireplace Freestanding Portable Space Heater




Have you been looking for a portable alternative for a fireplace to effectively heat up the room during this chilly season? If so, our portable electric fireplace is just what you need!

Introducing our portable indoor fireplace, a device that could free you from fire hazard concerns while making life more convenient as it comes with a remote that adjusts the settings according to your preference. Apart from that, our portable, small build indoor space heater allows you to carry and place it anywhere.

Made to maximize domestic comfort, our freestanding electric fireplace heater comes with a remote control so you don’t have to get out of your cozy beds during winter to adjust the temperature. Even without the remote, operating our electric fireplace is made easy with clear 6-button control panel.

Our portable space heater is built with a sturdy handle so you can carry it everywhere and place it in any room that needs warming up. Even though the air outlet vent featured in our small room heater provides the maximum warmth you set it to be, the surface is made with a cool-to-touch quality.

Mimicking a traditional fireplace, our small electric heater displays four levels of adjustable 3D dancing flames. You can now enjoy the familiar and comforting visuals of burning logs and realistic, soft blaze. In addition to that, our small fireplace heater could also be an aesthetic decorative piece for your home.

There won’t be any interrupted sleep with our portable room heater as it emits very little noise and programmed with 0-12 hours setting that allows you to put it in timer. In case you couldn’t sleep with lights on, you could always set the quiet space heater to flameless mode.


  • 2 HEAT SETTINGS & ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE – Our portable heater comes with 2 heat settings that has higher power of 1500 W and lower power of 750 W. The temperature is adjustable to suit your preference and it ranges from 50℉ to 90℉. The efficient instant heating system also saves you time so you don’t have to wait long to warm up a medium-sized room.
  • CONTROL PANEL & REMOTE CONTROL – Featuring a clear 6-button control panel, our fireplace space heater is very easy to operate and understand. Paired with that is a remote control that allows you to comfortably change the settings from afar. 
  • CHEMICAL-FREE FIREPLACE – Designed to rid you of worries regarding fire hazards, toxic smoke and ashy mess from a real fireplace, our electric fireplace heater is all-rounder chemical-free. It is safer for the environment as it maintains the indoor air purity. Apart from that, our heater also has a convenient handle, 12 hour timer and designed with a low-noise system. The surface is also cool to touch no matter how high you set the temperature to be.
  • SAFETY PROTECTION – Equipped with overheating protection, our portable electric heater will automatically cut off the power when it reaches the maximum temperature. The child lock enforces the safety aspect and prevents children from touching random buttons without adult supervision.
  • REALISTIC 3D FLAME EFFECT – While showcasing the modernized upgrade, our indoor heating device still maintains the classic outlook through the burning logs effect displayed on the screen. The 4 flame brightness could contribute to setting the ambience and you can also turn it off when you no longer need the lights.


Material: ABS
Dimension(inches): 11.5″(L) * 6″(W) * 14.5″(H)
Cord Length: 6 FT
Item Net Weight: 7 LBS
Power: 750 W / 1500 W
Voltage: 120V / 60HZ
Temperature Range: 50℉ to 90℉
  • Natural Wood
  • Walnut
Package Includes:
  • 1x Premium 3D Flame Electric Fireplace Freestanding Portable Space Heater
  • 1x Remote Control
  • 1x Instruction Manual Guide


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