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Napoleon Recessed Mounted Electric Log Fireplace Free Standing Heater


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Why our electric fireplace over conventional log fireplace? Modern electric fireplace has taken over with better benefits by both efficiency and overall cost. For instances, neither gas line nor chimney is required, neither ashes nor odors are produced and you don’t have to worry about unattended fire. By just plugging in our electric fireplace heater, your home is guaranteed a safer and cozier place.

Worrying that the wall mounted and free standing fireplace does not match with your home’s design? Our realistic flames from the LED display cater your preference with 3 different colors in 5 brightness option providing you a cozy atmosphere. This artificial fireplace comes with 2 heating settings, low temperature of 750W and high temperature of 1500W that keeps you and your family warm at all time.

Besides, our in wall fireplace is equipped with timer and thermostat where it can works automatically while keeping the place warm at a range from 62F to 82F. All of the settings and displays mentioned can be changed and operated through a remote control from distance as your convenience is always our concern. This modern electric fireplace is guaranteed safe to be used with certification mark from ETL and overheat protection device


  • REALISTIC & FLICKERING FLAME EFFECT – Comes with 3 flame color options which are blue, orange and mixture of blue and orange. The LED fireplace has 5 different brightness of flames which you can choose to match the lightning. Can also be used separately without heating providing a cozy atmosphere.

  • HEAT SETTING – Our built in electric fireplace provides 2 modes of heating. A low-temperature mode with 750W and a high-temperature mode with 1500W that keep your house warm throughout the whole year.

  • INTELLIGENT THERMOSTAT SYSTEM – Equipped with timer and thermostat, our modern electric fireplace allows it to work automatically from 0 to 8 hours while being able to schedule selected time for it to turn on and off. The temperature can also be adjusted in the range from 62℉ to 82℉ on personal requirement.

  • FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION – Not only it can be a wall mounted fireplace, it can also be embedded in the wall or act as a free standing electric fireplace you place randomly. Please be alert to the dimensions given.

  • SAFE CHOICE – It is safe to operate the heater in either manually or by remote control. Our napoleon electric fireplace has overheat safety protection and has been entrusted with certification from ETL. 


Material: Metal & Glass
Dimensions: 28.5″(L) * 6″(W) * 21″(H)
Item Net Weight: 27.5 LBS
Color: Black
Flame Color:
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Mixture of Orange & Blue
Power: 750W / 1500W
Voltage: 110V to 120V
Range of Temperature: 62℉ to 82℉
Package Includes:
  • 1x Napoleon Recessed Mounted Electric Log Fireplace Free Standing Heater
  • 1x Remote Control
  • 1x Manual Guide Instruction


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