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Md40 Magnetic Drill Press 7pc 1 Hss Cutter Set Annular Cutter Kit Mag Drill


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  • Superior Performance: Our portable drill press generates exceptionally strong power thanks to its 1100W copper motor. It is capable of drilling into the toughest materials at 550 RPM. Maximum Coring Diameter: 1.57” (40 mm); Maximum Travelling Distance: 4.92″/125mm.
  • Premium Coring Bits : There are 6 chisel bits: 0.47″/12mm, 0.63″/16mm, 0.71″/18mm, 0.79″/20mm, 0.94″/24mm, 1.02″/26mm, meeting a variety of demands for coring.
  • 12,000N Magnetic Force: The powerful two-stage magnet can generate 12,000 N of holding force, ensuring the drill press machine will not move in the work. Thanks to its Electromagnet base, our magnetic drill press anchor itself securely during use through its solid iron bottom.
  • Thoughtful Designs & Cooling System: This ergonomic design handle provides comfortable grip in operation and transport. These 3 extended crank handles are coated with nonslip rubber for laborsaving operation. Coolant tank, dustproof air inlet, and exhaust air holes are designed for cooling the magnetic drill press during overheating.
  • Various Applications: This versatile magnetic drill press is immensely suitable for industrial and steel fabrication, ship or bridge building, railway manufacture, wind power generation, power-plant construction, home improvement, equipment installation, and a wide swath of other fields.
Maximum Boring Diameter 1.57″ (40 mm)
Maximum Boring Depth 2″ (50 mm)
Voltage 110V
Rated Frequency 60 Hz
Rated Input Power 1100 W
Spindle Speed (No-load Speed) 550 RPM
Stainless-Steel Pot 21.36 Cubic Inch/350ml
2700 lbs (12000 N) Max Magnetic Force** (Thinner Metal = Less Force)
Toolholder 3/4 in(19.05 mm) Weldon Shank
Overall Weight 30 Lbs (13.6 Kg)


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