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High Accuracy Waterproof Search Coil Metal Detector


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An awesome investment that gives back!

Buried old coins box.. lost diamond ring.. All of these and more could be waiting to be found by you.. But you’ll never know if you don’t grab your metal detector and get hunting! Wait no longer.. invest in our high accuracy waterproof metal detector and you’ll get to expand your time outdoors while discovering unknown treasures all over the world, in your state, or in your own backyard! 

Thanks to its high sensitivity and waterproof search coil, our gold metal detector has a large 10″ search coil that allows metal detection to increase its search range, which is more efficient and time-saving for you. At the same time, the waterproof coil enables you to use this best metal detector on beaches or streams, so it is ideal for outdoor activities.

On top of that, this white metal detector comes with a discriminating mode that makes it easy to detect metals and distinguish target metals from unwanted metals. Plus, the unique audio prompt will emit 3 different tones, including high, medium, and low, based on the type of metal.

Best part of all, our gold detector are equipped with an intelligent LCD control panel. The depth of the target, detection mode, sensitivity level, battery condition, and volume level call all be seen on the screen accurately and conveniently. What’s more, it is made for convenient portability, so you can fold it flat and store it in your trunk to start hunting anytime, anywhere!


  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT – The underwater metal detector is equipped with an adjustable rod, which makes it suitable for both adults and children. Meanwhile, the humanized armrest and lightweight design ensure a comfortable grip for you.
  • ENDLESS FUN – Our beach metal detector can effortlessly help you to search for cultural relics, coins, jewelry, silver, gold or any other metal in backyards, gardens, parks, mountains and even beaches, bringing you the fun of exploration. 
  • FOLDABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT – Thanks to it’s foldable design, this gold detector machine can be easily folded into a flat size, while only weighs 17 lbs, lightweight and compact for you to store in your trunk.



        ABS Plastic, Copper Wire, Circuit Board
        Product Dimension:
        10″(L) * 10″(W) * 53″(H)
        Power: 2 x 9V AA Batteries (Not Included)
        6 KHz
        Sensitivity: 7″ Deep
        • Standby: 10 mAh
        • Max: 70 mAh
        Net Weight: 17 LBS
        • Dim Black 
        Package Includes: 
        • 1x High Accuracy Waterproof Search Coil Metal Detector
        • 1x Plastic Rake
        • 1x Digging Tool
        • 1x Foldable Shovel
        • 1x Carrying Bag
        • 1x Headphone
        • 1x Manual Guide Book


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