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Bull Float Concrete Float 48”x8” Concrete Tool Trowel Float 4 Handles Round End


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  • 【PREMIUM QUALITY】- The surface of the trowel board, made of magnesium and aluminum alloy, is smooth and sturdy. An extruded float with a comfortable coated steel handle that is positioned to give the tool perfect balance.
  • 【EXCELLENT EFFICIENCY】- This concrete bull float has a thickened trowel board. Its unique round end design will not warp, or roll up the cement, and can float a large area about 48×8 inch / 1200×200 mm each time, significantly increasing the work efficiency, saving labor force and time, reducing fatigue.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE & FLEXIBLE】- There is a bull float bracket to connect the handle and the trowel. It is designed to be adjustable in the angle and with excellent flexibility in pushing or pulling the handle to make a smooth finishing cement surface. Turn the handle clockwise to push; Turn it counterclockwise to pull. The rigid mounting base and reinforced side panels increasing its stability.
  • 【FULL-SET EQUIPMENT】- The concrete float kit equipped with a finishing trowel, a bracket, a rigid mounting base, and side panels, four handles (each handle with a length of 1.8 m), and four screws. To organize your tools conveniently, we also offer you a specially designed square plastic tool bag. The concrete trowel kit can be used in all types of concrete finishing work.
  • 【VARIOUS APPLICATION】- Our concrete finishing tools mainly used for smoothing and finishing after the construction of cement pavement. With its light, flexible, efficient, and fast characteristics, widely used in plaster, concrete resurfacing, custom tiling jobs, and different DIY projects, etc.
Material Magnesium & Aluminum Alloy
Trowel Size 48×8 inch/ 1200×200 mm
Trowel Shape Round End
Handle Length 4×70 inch/ 4×1.8 m
Bull Float Bracket Adjustable
Color Blue & Sliver
Gross Weight 29.08 kg/ 63.97lbs
Package Dimension 184x43x25 cm/ 73x12x10 inch


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