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Bto-22 Razor Barbed Wire 18″ Dia 5 X 328′ Coverage Border Fence Posts 1640ft


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  • 【DURABLE MATERIAL】- The razor fence is made of stainless steel, giving the whole wire an anti-rust and anti-corrosion quality. With its sturdy construction, you can use it for a long time.
  • 【SHARP STEEL BLADES】- All the blades of the concertina wire are using high grade galvanized steel. The blades are harsh and sharp, which are not easy to close to, providing protection and isolation.
  • 【OVERLAY LENGTH & WEIGHT】- Each razor wire coil has 33 loops, which can cover about 49.2 feet linear distance. Every coil weights about 10 lbs.
  • 【EASY TO ASSEMBLE】- The razor wire fence is designed with small blades, and the main string can be flexible. The whole wire can be woven and folding. You can install it very easily with stretching and adjust length and thickness accordingly.
  • 【WIDELY APPLICATIONS】- This stainless steel razor wire is mainly used for road protection exclusion zones, site edges, forest protection zones, government departments, sentry posts, farms and yards, and other places that need security protection.
Main Material Galvanized Steel & Stainless Steel
Total Length 820 ft/250 m(Stretched); 246 ft/75 m(Coiled)
Each Weight 10 lbs appr.
Shape Spiral
Core Wire Diameter 0.1″ /0.25 cm
Coil Diameter 21.5” /54.6 cm
Razor Distance 1.3″/3.3 cm



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