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How to Wear Pixiu Bracelet Correctly That Brings You Wealth

What is a Pixiu bracelet, and how do you wear it for maximum benefits?

Before we look at the basics of what Pixiu bracelets are, how to wear them, or its benefits, and even the people who are not supposed to wear this kind of bracelet, let’s first look at what this bracelet is and its role.

For starters, Pixiu is regarded as one of the most popular celestial animals in the Feng Shui world, and it is said to hold the power to attract wealth and luck, either in a windfall or as direct income soruce to the animal’s owner but also, this celestial animal is considered an important display ornament made of different high-value materials such as gold, jade or Liu Li, among others. The most common version being the Pixiu bracelet which is one of the trendiest jewelry options on the market today.

With pixiu is, therefore, one of the most effective spiritual entities today, especially when it comes to finding a snarling amount of wealth. In Feng Shui, masters would invoke Pixiu for attraction of wealth in your life. But for you to attract more wealth with the help of Pixiu, you need to make sure that you can attract and wear the bracelet at all times. You are also required to actually nourish your Pixiu to help it learn more ways of bringing you a good chunk of weight.

So, how then do you wear the Pixiu bracelet?

How to Wear Your Pixiu Bracelet

The best and the most popular way of enjoying the benefits of the Pixiu is by wearing it, and not as any other kind of jewelry, but as a necklace.

Essentially, the right Pixiu bracelet features a Citrine gem which is regarded as the perfect dwelling for the Pixiu. This is an important feature because of the fact that the Obsidian in the gem offers powerful grounding effects, which means that the Pixiu is a lot more powerful and effective in increasing and attracting the amount of wealth in your life. So, if you wish to invite more wealth into your life, then the Pixiu bracelet would be the perfect option for you.

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So, how do you wear the bracelet?

  • Wear the bracelet on your left wrist

How to Wear Pixiu Bracelet That Brings You Wealth

Well, first, you should wear the bracelet on your left wrist, and never on the right. The reason for this is that wearing the bracelet on your right wrist means that the Pixiu would regurgitate all the wealth that the Pixiu had gathered. So, wear it on your left wrist to align yourself more with the Pixiu’s energy, hence more wear wealth attracted into and absorbed into your life.

In Feng shui, your left side is believed to be the receptive side, while the right is the projective side. So, since you want this symbol to bring your wealth in exceeding amounts and overall good fortune, you have to keep the bracelet on your left wrist. The right wrist is more ideal for sharing that fortune with others.

Also, you need to make sure that when you wear the bracelet, the Pixiu’s head faces outwards, a gesture that allows the Pixiu to hunt for wealth and to bring wealth to you.


  • Keep your private business private.

You should remove the Pixiu bracelet whenever you engage in private businesses, which means that you should remove the bracelet whenever you engage in intimate moments or when in the toilet. Doing this is important because it means that you are showing respect to your Pixiu.

How to Wear Pixiu Bracelet That Brings You Wealth

  • Invite and nourish your Pixiu

The next important thing you need to do is to invite your Pixiu bracelet into your life. Essentially, this is the easiest part, but trying to retain its powers is the hard bit. This is because for you to retain the Pixiu in the bracelet, you’d have to feed and nourish it, and you must nourish the Pixiu bracelet for it to stay with you.

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Otherwise, you’d be left with an attractive bracelet that offers nothing more or offers no benefits of bringing with you to your life.


  • Wear the Pixiu amulet consistently.

To build a strong bond with your Pixiu and to make sure that you inspire the Pixiu’s loyalty, keep the bracelet on at all times, except when bathing or sleeping.


  • Touch it regularly

You need to touch the Pixiu symbol on a regular basis to wake it up but also refrain from touching your mouth and eyes because it needs your eyes and mouth to be able to hunt for your wealth. At the same time, you shouldn’t let other people touch the bracelet because it might divert the bracelet’s loyalty to these people.

When at home, you shouldn’t place the Pixiu figuring in the bedroom, especially not facing the bed because its aggressive energy could affect your sleep. Don’t place it next to the mirror, either.

How to Wear Pixiu Bracelet That Brings You Wealth

Which hand should you wear a pixiu bracelet?

You should wear the Pixiu bracelet on your left wrist. But there is an exception to this rule, where if the bracelet is made of the black obsidian rock, you get to wear it on either your left or your right hand.

The reason for this is that the benefits associated with the black obsidian rock differ from those of the Pixiu, and in addition to attracting wealth to your life, the black obsidian also wards off and defends you from negative energy.

You might, however, want to wear the black obsidian bracelet on your left wrist to attract good fortune or on the right hand to ward off the evil spirits and to protect yourself from bad luck.


Who can wear a pixiu bracelet?

Almost anyone can wear a Pixiu bracelet, except for minors who are less than 16 years old and the elderly over 70 years. The reason for the age limit has to do with the fact that the individuals within these age groups wouldn’t be able to suppress all the vital energy that is emitted by the Pixiu, which is a rather fierce creature. The Pixiu bracelet is also not recommended for pregnant women.

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Who cannot wear a pixiu bracelet?

Pregnant women/ persons, minors under 16 years, and the elderly over 70 years.


Should the Pixiu head face outwards or inwards?

How to Wear Pixiu Bracelet That Brings You Wealth

The pixiu is supposed to be worn with its head facing outwards where it will be able to hunt for fortune and wealth, grab, and bring it back to you. and he

How to wear two pixiu bracelets?

If you have to wear two of these Pixiu bracelets, it’s recommended that you wear the bracelets with black obsidian. This way, you could wear the bracelet on either hand and not specifically on the left wrist.

But be careful about the beads that are strung with your bracelet. If the bracelet features Pixiu and obsidian, this piece will have strong forces/ energies that can clash with the other stones.

Note that the double Pixiu bracelets are a variation of the single Pixiu bracelet, and these often feature two Pixiu amulets known as Bixie and Tian Lu that safeguard and attract your riches, respectively. Generally, this bracelet should sit on your left wrist and cleanse it before wearing it.


Can I wear my pixiu bracelet with my watch?

Yes, you could wear your Pixiu bracelet on the same hand as your watch.


Can I wear a pixiu bracelet to sleep?

No. The energies from the bracelet might disrupt your sleep.



So, there you have it! If you wanted to wear the Pixiu bracelet but didn’t know how this article could be the guide you were looking for.

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