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How To Make Your Products Speak Through Foreign Trade Marketing

How To Make Your Products Speak Through Foreign Trade Marketing

How To Make Your Products Speak Through Foreign Trade Marketing

Foreign trade marketing is to sell products to foreign customers. How to promote success is not only a test of your oral expression and thinking ability, but also the quality of your product. But the product is “dead”, it can not express their own advantages and disadvantages. At this time, it is necessary for foreign trade clerks to dig the information of their products themselves. Many salesmen are faced with only a few words of customer’s product introduction requirements, providing some parameters to think of something. In fact, how to convey product information to customers is a very profound knowledge.

No matter what product you make, no matter what market you do, knowing your product is always the first step. By understanding products, refining selling points and finding differentiation, we can convey product information to customers in the most effective way.


Understand the product


“Understanding” is the basis of all work. How to understand their products, this problem is actually very simple, there is no way to learn skills, depends on whether everyone is willing to do it.

1. product sample, website and so on. The prerequisite for establishing a trading company is to have a reliable supplier or to have the ability to find reliable suppliers. Samples and information are necessary. These things require you to find more suppliers and communicate well.

2. Search engine. Many people say that companies do not provide information, do not provide product training, do not know how to do. Search it, you can get almost all the information you want.

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3. The competitors’ websites, publicity materials and so on. No need to say a lot, this is an important basis for the study of differentiation. Without understanding peers and competitors, it is often difficult to find your own advantages.

4. Collect information.

5. Field investigation. If you have the chance, you can go deep into the workshop of the factory. This is the best time to learn. Don’t miss it. You can always learn what other people can’t learn.

6. Take information from the client. Many people do not pay attention to customers’ return visits. Visiting customers has two functions. First, maintain customer relationship and make customers more loyal and return. Secondly, we can get some relatively direct product information, such as video and image data, data and so on, which are very important.

If you want to get some ideas about product research, you can check products for shopify to get more ideas.


Information extraction


How To Make Your Products Speak Through Foreign Trade Marketing

The first step is to understand products, many people do well, but many just stay in the stage of understanding products. When you know the product, you have a lot of information jumbled together. This kind of jumbo makes it impossible for us to communicate effectively when communicating with customers. The real effective content is buried in a lot of nonsense, so we have to extract and extract it.

Some companies extract part of their employees and list the advantages of their products. This is the most basic refinement. But these contents are not necessarily comprehensive! What should be refined?

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1. A functional description. Customers purchase your product because your product can achieve some function, so you need to let customers understand these functions.

2. A functional material. Such as pictures, videos, authority certification, customer certification and so on.

3. If you can, extract samples of customer cases that demonstrate the functionality of your product, and sample projects.

4. If so, find out the advantages of your peers compared with your peers.

5. Knowing which indicators and parameters will affect prices, although this is last mentioned, it is very important.


Information processing


When we extract information, it is not immediately available, because the information extracted may be more difficult to understand, technical parameters and professional terms are more. If it is directly transmitted to customers, it is difficult to form an effective impact on customers on the one hand. On the other hand, it may reveal some technical information, so it needs processing.

The product itself is not spoken, salesmen are the mouths of products. How do you process this information?


The principle is the same as above, showing its function as its main function, and displaying its functionality with pictures and articles. These functions are related to the interests of customers, digitalized and visualized.

For the simplest example, The function of a product is foaming, so an important parameter is the volume of gas. When we introduce to our customers, we will say, how much volume it it, it’s very high. This parameter is very empty. It is hard for a customer not to know what the real meaning is. Because the impurities are handled well, the surface of your product is smoother, and there will be no irregular holes. We have pictures and videos. These are the experiments that customers take our products to show you.

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This is for the original boring information processing, they become visualized, three-dimensional, more impact.


Information transfer


This step is the ultimate goal. This step is really the goal of achieving our product’s mouth.


The purpose of information transmission is to enhance the customer experience, and the characteristics of the product must be transformed into the customer experience, so that sales can be made easier.


Therefore, when transmitting information, it is still in line with the principle of not being harsh, visualizing, stereoscopic and digitalized.

Because we have already processed the data, so we just have material.


Another principle of information transmission is to fully transmit. Don’t be afraid to say more. Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself. Don’t take it for granted that customers know, customers must understand! Now that information has been extracted and processed, information should be transmitted as far as possible. Talk about the customer is like this, you don’t know what point will touch customers, you think the point is not necessarily the customer’s real concern, so comprehensiveness is very important!

Through foreign trade marketing, we can still do a lot of things. Applying to product marketing is just one aspect. I hope to help you.

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