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How to choose the Anti-Mosquito Pop-Up Mesh Tent - Prevent mosquitoes in summer-tips for choosing mosquito nets

How to choose the Anti-Mosquito Pop-Up Mesh Tent – Prevent mosquitoes in summer-tips for choosing mosquito nets

As the saying goes, “after the autumn mosquitoes as fierce as a tiger”, the most suitable for mosquito survival in the temperature between 22 ℃ -32 ℃, and after the autumn temperature gradually down, this period is particularly suitable for mosquito breeding offspring. And small and annoying mosquitoes, be a bite and itchy and painful. Especially the mosquitoes in autumn is not to be missed.

So, how do we prevent mosquitoes? Light mosquito incense? Use mosquito repellent? In fact, the most convenient and safe to use mosquito nets. Mosquito nets are environmentally friendly, breathable, can be used repeatedly, the human body does not have any stimulation and impact, can directly avoid the bite of mosquitoes.

Open the shopping site found that there are many types of mosquito nets, square top mosquito nets are divided into simple folding mosquito nets and three-door square top mosquito nets. Simple folding mosquito net folding convenient, cheap; three open square mosquito net shape novel, a wide range of styles; dome mosquito net also known as “yurt” mosquito net, generally two open doors, the advantage is easy to install, the shelf is stable, cheap; four-sided arc mosquito net is generally hanging in the ceiling, gorgeous appearance, beautiful and generous.

How to choose the Anti-Mosquito Pop-Up Mesh Tent - Prevent mosquitoes in summer-tips for choosing mosquito nets


Xia Tian, is a very unforgettable season, the great sun God went to great lengths to give the majority of male compatriots more benefits, make “force” to let the girls see how many styles of skirt this year around the world, the boys are selfless dedication to a record high ratings, the sun God to see enough is always to get off, the night when the deep couples will never forget is the spring night moment in the ear of the mosquito how “unforgettable”.


Summer on the mosquito hatred of the escalation of speed I’m afraid the high-speed rail are difficult to reach, such a scene I believe we will not be unfamiliar: they will always be in your ears when you are about to fall asleep buzzing straight, as if to remind: I’m ready to drink your blood, are you ready? When the lights are turned on, they seem to be invisible as no footprint to find, we have a million mmp, mosquito heart only one: you like to look at me and can not dry my look. Mosquito nets are a very effective way to prevent mosquitoes, after all, from the ancients began to be used to date is definitely withstand the test of time, we will take a look at the following selection of mosquito nets to pay attention to what aspects.

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How to choose the Anti-Mosquito Pop-Up Mesh Tent - Prevent mosquitoes in summer-tips for choosing mosquito nets

Mosquito net selection of the bracket

Mosquito net because of its different styles bracket will also have a lot of different shapes, in the purchase of whatever type of mosquito net you choose must pay attention to see whether the mosquito net bracket in the installation of convenient operation process whether the installation is simple, so that in the future the mosquito net cleaning is also more convenient and simple, here is not advocate to have mosquitoes all year round for the reason of hanging mosquito nets do not clean, although it seems very reasonable look, in addition to the material of the bracket must feel under the hand whether it is strong, after all, the mosquito net to hold up when strenuous exercise ah.


Mosquito nets to select the style

Society is developing, mosquito nets are also growing, mosquito nets is not our impression of the very earthy look (such as the following with the picture), after all, then do not fashion points with the bed how to make money, buy money to first combine the style of the bed at home, buy a suitable type, as to what styles are the best example is: please open Taobao self search, although the online style more novel, but be sure to buy before Ask the material of the article, to choose a fine texture and feel comfortable fabric, but also check whether the surface of the mosquito net stains broken holes, general anti-mosquito effect of mosquito nets are more internal space, good ventilation, can be in the prevention of mosquitoes and heat, but these online can not see how? Don’t worry, wait for me to turn down the address book to find the Ma boss’s phone number to add.

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Mosquito nets to select the brand

Brand, as the name suggests, there is quality is the face of the brand, playing cards are very strong, big brands are the same they are strong enough so expensive for a reason! But the reason is also very good in addition to quality assurance, the general brand mosquito nets are very good after-sales service, encounter some problems are enthusiastic customer service to help you deal with, some in the warranty period can also be replaced free of charge, although the mosquito net is not easy to bad, but the summer well more energetic, when the show will inevitably be some bump on the mosquito net friendly reminder that the damage caused by this can not warranty.

Mosquito net selection of size

This is to buy mosquito nets must do the preparation work, after all, too short mosquitoes can see the seam into, too long and affect the beauty, before buying must measure the size of their own bed, pay attention to the size of the usual home purchase of bed sheets is not correct, the size of the bed sheet is only the mattress, buy mosquito nets to measure the size of the whole bed. In addition, mosquito nets and the height of the size, the purchase criteria are a little complicated to be precise is to buy than the height to be high, after all, so what to do to be convenient.

How to choose the Anti-Mosquito Pop-Up Mesh Tent - Prevent mosquitoes in summer-tips for choosing mosquito nets

Experts suggest that, compared to the dome mosquito net, square top mosquito net, four-sided arc mosquito net space more, will not have a sense of oppression. General square top and four-sided arc type are three doors, the middle of the zipper, can be pulled open to watch TV, will not block the line of sight. In the selection of mosquito nets like style, but also pay attention to see the texture of the mosquito netting, it is best to gently pull the mosquito netting by hand, select the texture of fine. In terms of brackets, choose to install convenient, quick to dismantle and wash the mosquito net. The height of the mosquito net is generally in the 1.4-1.6 meters or so. Purchase must pay attention to ask the height of the mosquito net.

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Mosquito nets are good to use, but many people have no idea how to clean. In fact, the mosquito net cleaning is not a problem: soak in water for 2-3 minutes, wash away the surface dust, and then 2-3 tablespoons of laundry detergent, put into a basin with cold water, dissolved into the mosquito net, soak for 15-20 minutes, gently rubbed by hand. Note that you can not use hot water, otherwise it will be deformed. Washed mosquito accounts, to use plastic bags or cloth will be neatly folded and wrapped, stored separately.


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