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Best 8 List Of Dropshippers & Companies In India

Best 8 List Of Dropshippers & Companies In India

What are the best dropshippers in india? Where and how to find them? If this is a problem you are confused, this article will answer everything about dropshipping india.


You will find the best list of dropshippers in india and start your business in the most profitable way.


let us start!

Best 8 List Of Dropshippers & Companies In India


1. Baap store

The company name of BAAP Store is KG Tech, located in Chennai, India.


Founded in 2011, KG Tech is a purely serviced international marketing company. With the growing demand for online sales, it started the dropship business with the Baap Store, offering products/stocks and online stores for merchants who want to do business online.


As one of the best dropshipping companies in india, the BAAP Store offers more than 70,000 products, such as electronics, clothing and accessories.


As far as the dropshipping service is concerned, it has three plans – bronze, gold and diamonds. Some of the expected features include access to all categories, wholesale cost access, delivery details, and more.


Best 8 List Of Dropshippers & Companies In India


Founded in 2012, is one of the newest and most popular dropshipping sites in India.


A little different from the traditional dropship website. is constantly looking for products that most customers demand and picking the best manufacturers or sellers for that particular product.


After completing all basic research and analysis, created a platform for e-retailers to select and sell these products online. Merchants profit from transactions by selling a variety of products on various e-commerce sites at a price they think is appropriate.


The advantage of is that they no longer require manufacturers or sellers to list their products on their websites, but rather to focus more on research and discover which products are currently being sold by consumers, and which Let e-retailers make a profit.


3. Bafulia

Best 8 List Of Dropshippers & Companies In India


Bafulia was created to help and promote Indian retailers to efficiently and efficiently source goods from Chinese dropship wholesalers and manufacturers. It is one of the popular dropshipping companies in India, connecting retailers to Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers.


Bafulia’s team is dedicated to the ODS community that brings strong platform technology and anti-counterfeiting product expertise to both ends of the partner. International retailers and Chinese wholesalers and manufacturers will always find Bafulia as the perfect one-stop service for their next transaction!


API integration, a range of products and on-time delivery are some of the features that are worth looking forward to.


It offers three plans to start direct sales – first, professional and advanced. You can enjoy the free registration entry plan, but the other two only need to invest once a month.


4. Bluember is one of the first automated dropship sites in India. It basically acts as a link between the ship’s seller and the reseller. offers the seller the product selection of the retailer. While most merchants can choose their source from where they want to buy goods, is responsible for the inventory and order parts. So when the seller starts his own store, the task of maintaining the store is left to

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Because it has the obvious advantage of early start, it is ahead of its competitors.


Even beginners can easily understand and understand the functionality of the website because its user interface and website design are very simple.


However, since bluember is not doing business internationally, there are currently insufficient distribution orders on a global scale. Using bluember is a challenge when we want to deliver its products to any corner of the world.




Best 8 List Of Dropshippers & Companies In India


Founded in 1996, Tradeindia is one of the largest B2B integrated e-commerce platforms and a well-known dropshipping company in India, providing a commercial platform for communication between sellers and buyers around the world. They find the right partner in Tradeindia.


Suppliers and various types of products on the platform can be found among global buyers. Tradeindia has more than 2.9 million registered members and 2,250 products.

Tradeindia provides product promotion services to Indian and even global manufacturers, importers, exporters and service providers.


Hot industries: fashion apparel, copper products and accessories, smart home, home textiles and home decoration, medical products, electrical and electronic products, etc.


6. Amazon India


Everyone knows that Amazon, Amazon India is also one of the well-known Indian dropshippers.


It offers this advantage to merchants through free registration.


The service is divided into two programs: Professional and Individual, which are sold nationwide/global and sold locally. Delivery times may vary from up to 2 hours to 7-14 days.


7. India Dropshipping


India Dropshipping provides merchants with direct sales facilities and bonus points that can be used each time they make a purchase. In addition, if you buy products in bulk, you can enjoy a lot of discounts to enjoy the service. You can sign up for free and browse a range of products from different vendors.



8. Chinabrands


This is a China dropship supplier, the parent company is Global Easy, located in Shenzhen, China.


Chinabrands offers dropship services to merchants around the world, a dropship platform that can be used in India.


At present, Chinabrands has more than 30 million registered users. Chinabrands brings together global suppliers and distributors to create the perfect cross-border e-commerce ecosystem.


Why choose it?


  • l Quality supplier resources


Chinabrands provides quality suppliers to merchants.


In order to become a supplier of Chinabrands, the supplier’s qualification inspection, sample sampling, door-to-door sampling, warehouse sampling, four levels of qualification certification, product inspection.


According to the user complaints, the supplier will also conduct sampling procedures according to different standards.

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  • l Massive quality products


Chinabrands has a professional quality inspection team. Every product shipped from Chinabrands undergoes rigorous machine inspections and manual inspections.

Chinabrands selects 10,000+ suppliers worldwide and provides a high quality supply channel to ensure the quality of each product and the customer experience.

The website has 8000+ SKU products that supply the needs of global merchants.


  • l Cheap distribution price


Chinabrands has enough supplier resources to strive for a satisfactory price discount for its customers.


  • l 24 hour delivery logistics


Chinabrands has more than 40 overseas warehouses in 12 countries around the world. No matter where your customers are, Chinabrands will be able to ship the products within 24 hours and deliver them to customers within 2 days.


  • l Perfect after-sales customer service


The well-trained customer service team can help you solve the communication problems in 13 countries. You can completely worry about the after-sales problems of the products and concentrate on sales.


  • l Powerful API system


No matter if your store is on Amazon, eBay, wish, lazada (supporting 15 platforms and one-click), you can use the Chinabrands API system to publish all the products you want to your store.

Choose and compare their characteristics:

Company  Supply Availability Quality Processing Time(general) Customer review
Baap store 8 ★★★★ 2-5days ★★★ 7 ★★★ 2-5days ★★
Bafulia 7 ★★★ 2-5days ★★
Bluember 8 ★★★ 3-7days ★★★
Tradeindia 7 ★★★ 3-8days ★★
Amazon India 8 ★★★★ 1-5days ★★★
India Dropshipping 6 ★★ 3-7days ★★
Chinabrands 9 ★★★★ 24 hours ★★★★


What are best dropshippers in india?


The best dropshippers must be the best for your business model. No matter how good he is, if you can’t provide the services you need, your cooperation will not bring you any benefits.


What are best dropshippers in india?

You can refer to the following standards:

1. Suitable for your business model. 

You may be an entrepreneur, an agent or even an entrepreneur, a student. In different situations, you may start your business through different business models. You need to understand the advantages of different dropshippers, and what they offer you is really the best to help you.

2. Source quality. 

Every company claims to be the best and can provide the highest quality products. But these are the only things you can buy if you buy or even apply these products.

3. Logistics efficiency. 

This will ensure that you can work with them for a long time, because most businesses will stop developing due to logistics problems.

4. Can you provide a comprehensive service? 

These services include: SEO promotion, customer service, system technical support and more.


FAQs about dropshipping business india


Is dropshipping profitable in india ?


Dropshipping can help merchants manage online stores without any hassle or strain managing the entire inventory.


Merchants simply create an online store and display the products they want to sell. After that, when customers order products from the merchant’s store, they simply notify or forward the order to the dropshipping platform. They package the product for the merchant and ship the product to the customer.

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Customers will receive the product in a box containing the company name and logo.


All in all, throughout the process, the role of a distributor or online retailer is simply to showcase the products in the store and maintain relationships with the customers.


This business has no restrictions or disadvantages for any country, whether it is dropshipping India or dropshipping USA, people can manage this business from any country in the world and anywhere.


How do we start a dropshipping company in India using AliExpress or Alibaba?

Our recommendations are:


1. Create an online store. Look for AliExpress products to be sold on your website, and you can prepare enough product stocks in advance. Once the order is available, you can send the product directly to your customer.


2. Open a store in the local area. Buying products from AliExpress is sold in local stores, we can promote our stores locally, and some customers will go to our store to buy.


3. The third way is the easiest — dropshipping


Use AliExpress and follow your promotional product methods to choose which items to sell.


After the customer purchases the product and generates an order, you can place an order directly at AliExpress. It should be noted that in the AliExpress order address details column, we need to write the customer’s detailed address information.


Finally, our customers can get packages directly from China.


Where can I find the best drop shipper for Indian clothing?


The best India dropshippers above can provide you with a generation of Indian clothing, such as:

  • Chinabrands
  • Baap store
  • Amazon India


How do I start a dropshipping business in the US from India?


1. First find the potential supplier. For local providers, try looking for your page in the Wholesale or Supplier category.


2. You must select the target product and find the best-selling product. When we enter keywords in the search tool, use the best-selling items you find when performing a market survey and learn about valuable information, including average sales price, average shipping cost, and sales rate.


3. After that we must choose a sales platform such as eBay, Amazon or Bonanza. For sellers who really want to diversify, consider setting up your own e-commerce site, which is the quickest and easiest way to open your own store.


4. If we drop the dropship, we will list the items in the same way as we owned the inventory, but when selling on eBay, Amazon, and other websites, we must disclose the location and items to all potential buyers in the store listing.

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