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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Medical Alert System

Buying a Medical Alert System 

If you are planning to buy a medical alert system for yourself or a loved one, there are a few important things that you should know about. The market is pretty saturated with all kinds of devices. Therefore, to help you out, we have compiled a list of five of the most important factors that you should take into account before purchasing a device.


1. Monitoring

Medical alert systems that offer a monitoring feature are better than unmonitored systems. These medical alert systems allow a better examination of the patient’s condition at all times with its monitoring feature. The call-to-action button of the device is programmed to immediately connect a direct call to a family member or the provider’s monitoring center so that help will be sent to you if needed. If you are a loved one, you can set the contact to yourself and easily keep tabs on your family member’s safety and health.

Whenever the button is pressed, a monitored medical alert system sends a direct signal to a medical alert center. These centers are specifically made for providing a 24/7 quick response to the alerts. An agent is personally monitoring the devices at all times. In case of emergency, he’s responsible for determining the severity of the matter and calling the respective personals.

On the contrary, unmonitored systems do not offer a direct call connection. Instead, they are programmed to dial only the standard emergency numbers.


2. Easy Installation and Management 

Installation and management of the medical alert system may not affect its efficiency yet it is a very important factor to consider when buying the device. If you are buying the system for your home, you might want to consider the installation and management process as well. A system that comes with easy installation rules would be a better fit to use at home.

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This way, the medical alert systems can easily be installed and managed by the family members. As for the systems that require a higher level of knowledge for installation and personalization, you may need to call a professional or the company for help installing.


3. Fall Detection

The fall detection feature is exactly what the name suggests. This feature monitors your well-being at all times and detects any falls. Whenever the medical alert system detects a fall has taken place, it generates an auto alert signal to the responsive authorities.

Not all the medical alert systems offer a fall detection feature and many offer it for an additional fee. However, if you are afraid of or prone to falling, it might be worth it to look for a medical device with the fall detection feature.


4. GPS Availability 

In earlier times, all medical alert systems worked over landline connections, so they could only be used in the confines of a specific place such as your home. But given the advancement of technologies in today’s generation, now some medical alert systems can be operated on cellular networks and WiFi.

This allows the users to call for help from anywhere at all times, so they can feel safe no matter where they go. With these modern systems, pressing the call button can connect you to the medical based unit that allows you to contact a mobile phone number as well.

The system comes incorporated with GPS technology as well. In case you get lost somewhere and cannot establish a communication-based connection, a medical alert system can prove to be very helpful. This is especially effective for elderly people who easily forget addresses and phone numbers.

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5. Cost

A major factor to consider when buying a medical alert system is the all-in-all financial expense. There are many options available varying in costs and quality. The top-quality medical alert systems have more unique and helpful features, but they do come at a greater cost. However, knowing you are protected and safe is worth the extra money to many and their loved ones.

If you are buying a system for someone who stays at home majority of the time, the home-based system might be a better option. On the other hand, a GPS-equipped medical alert system would be a better option for on-the-go and independent seniors who want to maintain their active lifestyle.

Monitored medical alert systems come with fixed monthly charges and an additional charge for the fall detection feature. If you are someone who is not worried about falling or has not fallen recently, you can always add the fall detection feature to your medical alert system when the time is right for you.


Bottom Line 

The above-mentioned five things to consider when buying a medical alert system are not the only things that should be accounted for but are important to consider when thinking about what you need in a medical alert system.

If you need a medical alert device only for a short period (less than a year or so), it might be worth it to rent the medical device. But if your requirement period is longer than a year, buying the system would be a wise choice that will last you and keep you safe for years.

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Another thing of importance is the battery life of medical alert systems. Always go for the systems that provide a longer life span for convenience purposes and for extra peace of mind that your medical alert is in working order whenever you might need it.

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