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10 Ways Online Retailers to Boost Repeat Purchases

10 Ways Online Retailers to Boost Repeat Purchases

For e-commerce sellers, it’s difficult to reach high conversion rates no matter whether they have been working for 8 months or 8 years.

However, successful e-commerce isn’t just about conversion rates, but about how to enable customers to purchase over and over again. The abandonment rate shopping carts hovers around 68%, so try your best to get new customers and make them loyal customers.


1. Send coupons


One of the most effective ways to boost repeat purchases is to include coupons in the orders. According to a university study, customers prefer freight discounts to special offers.It’s also a good way to generate reputation because consumers can share their coupons with their friends for purchase.


2. Offer discounts on a customer’s birthday


On a person’s birthday, friends and family will gather around him, give him gifts or go out to parties together. They will feel happy and special on this day.

On a person’s birthday, friends and family will gather around him, give him gifts or go out to parties together. They will feel happy and special on this day.


3. Instill value in everything you do


As Tommy Walker of Shopify said: “Today’s customers are smart and they know when you want to squeeze more money out of their wallets, so the major concern is, can you bring value to your customers?”

“Doing everything you can to help your customers get what they really want and make them feel good not only gives you more benefit, but also makes them feel better in the long run. That means you need to provide your customers with personalized experiences, relevant advice, and products that are worth buying at a higher price.”

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4. Send recommendation of personalized discounted products by email


According to the customer’s buying history, sending an email of discounted products to customers is one of the most effective ways to boost repeated purchases. When you send this email, make sure to include some of the products they might buy together.

For example, write in an email: “you recently bought a set of colored pencils. Do you still need a pencil sharpener?”

According to a recent report on advertising monitoring, click rates on personalized emails have increased by an average of 14% and conversion rates by an average of 10%.


5. Don’t forget to send direct mail ads


Maybe it’s a little bit old-fashioned, but direct mail ads can be distinguished from promotional mail. It’s less easier to ignore ads sent by direct mail than by email.

A surprising study by Epsilon, a marketing services firm, found that 73% of American consumers said they preferred direct mail ads from a perspective of brand communication. Therefore, a good designer is important, because direct mail ads require compelling visual elements to attract customers.

10 Ways Online Retailers to Boost Repeat Purchases


6. Show appreciation to your customers


Saying “thank you” to your regular customers costs almost nothing, but the impact will be huge. It may seem simple, but it works especially for small e-commerce sellers.

Kissmetrics, an analysis firm, reported that three out of four customers said they would choose to remain loyal to a brand because of the positive shopping experience.

Send a handwritten thank-you card to any shopper who purchases more than twice and make it a ritual. A thank-you card doesn’t really need to be handwritten, but if you put a personalized one in the package, you’ll see the effect sooner or later.

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7. Offer “exclusive” discounts to loyal customers


Everyone likes to get special VIP treatment. Therefore, you need to provide customers with exclusive discount channels. Offer your loyal customers exclusive discounts before offering to other members of the public.

Offer these special deals to your loyal customers at least one or two days in advance to make them feel they’re taking a big advantage.


8. Provide convenient loans to customers


Many customers are looking for ways to borrow money to ensure that repeated purchases meet their monthly budget.This is especially true for the budget-conscious but credit-card-averse millennials.

In fact, 63% of millennials don’t even have a credit card. In order to win these customers again, you can provide alternative loans, such as monthly installments, so that customers can adjust their budgets flexibly.


9. Re-marketing for customers who have abandoned shopping carts or are potential.


Sending re-marketing emails to customers who have abandoned their shopping carts and, using re-marketing display ads, paid social media ads, and even search ads can help you retarget your customers. You can apply these methods to show your customers what they left behind in the shopping cart or what they might have bought along with their purchases.

Moreover, you can use re-marketing to advertise to customers at the best time of their buying cycle.


10. Ask the customers for feedback


You don’t need to do a comprehensive survey because it can be annoying to consumers. Nevertheless, some customers are willing to take the time to provide quick feedback, such as “very satisfied” customers and “very dissatisfied” ones.

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Take the opportunity to deal with the problems of “dissatisfied” customers, patiently understand your customers, and show them your concerns about them. Moreover, products and suppliers are also key aspects to boost your sales, check more suppliers details from wholesale and dropshipping companies.

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