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Top 15 Sunglasses Manufacturers that Save Cost Today[China/US/UK]

Top 15 Sunglasses Manufacturers that Save Cost Today[China/US/UK]

In this article, I’m going to show you the 15 best sunglasses manufacturers in the world, including China, USA, and UK. Additionally, you can also find tips and some Q&As in wholesale sunglasses industry.

If you want to have a full list of sunglasses manufacturers and get some usefull information in the business, then you’ll love this new post.

Let’s dive right in…



Why wholesale sunglasses?


According to In 2016, the global eyewear market reached US$95 billion in total valuation. Eyewear products, which span the entire globe, feature among the most iconic consumer products of the decade.


Eyewear products are being consumed on a global scale, regardless of the differences in culture and demographic setting. Plus, gone are the days when age factor and eye problems were the only factors driving people into purchasing eyewear products.

For instance, most youngsters wear sunglasses purely for cosmetic purposes, or to keep up with the fashion trend. Furthermore, lifestyle choices, including outdoor excursions and addictive media devices (TV’s, gaming consoles), have instigated the demand for eyewear products.

Take the United States for instance. The online sale of plano sunglasses, back in 2014, reached a count of 5.7 million units. In 2015, the sale of plano sunglasses generated US$218 million. In comparison, the entire eyewear market raked in US$34.45 billion.


Top 15 Sunglasses Manufacturers that Save Cost Today[China/US/UK]

From the look of things, there’s a lot of potential in the eyewear niche. Whether you plan to run an online or offline store, you have all the reasons to give it a shot. Let’s move on to the next interesting part of the sunglasses suppliers list.



The Best Sunglasses Manufacturers in China



Sunglasses Manufacturers Category Country
1. Glasses Factory Fashion Plastic, Sports Plastic, Wood & Bamboo, etc. China
2. YC Sunglasses General Sunglasses, Blue light Frames, Reading Glasses, etc. China
3. Conchen Glasses Wooden Sunglasses, Fashion Sunglasses, Kids Sunglasses, etc. China
4. Eugenia Eyewear Reading Glasses, Fashion Sunglasses, Contact Lens, etc. China
5. Taizhou Baiyu Eyewear Fashion Sunglasses, Safety Sunglasses, Wooden Sunglasses, etc. China

1. Glasses Factory 

This sunglasses manufacturer has over 20 years of experience. This suggests that the company develops high-quality products. The manufacturer exports products to Europe, Australia, America, and other countries around the globe.

Some of the products manufactured by the company include Fashion sunglasses, folding glasses, wood & bamboo glasses, etc. The supplier currently has 6 product lines and 3 branch factories.

The sunglasses manufacturer has more than 300 workers. On a daily basis, the company is capable of producing more than 50,000 pieces. The manufacturer develops 2000+ new styles each year.

2. YC Sunglasses 

This is one of the few China-based sunglasses manufacturers operating for more than 2 decades and a half. The manufacturer was established back in 1992. The company focuses on the production of a wide range of glasses and glass-related products.

The manufacturer utilizes metal, plastic and a combination of metal/plastic to develop their products. The company has a very active customer support department. Customers are guaranteed satisfaction.

3. Conchen Glasses 

Conchen Glasses has been in operation for approximately 10 years. The company opened doors back in 2009.

The sunglasses manufacturer focuses on the production of eco-friendly wooden sunglasses, wooden optical frames, bamboo sunglasses, acetate glasses, etc.

The sunglasses manufacturer focuses on offering high-quality products at a price that customers can afford. According to the company’s website, their main customers are based in North America, Australia, Europe, countries based in Asia, and other parts of the world.

4. Eugenia Eyewear

This sunglasses manufacturer specializes in the production of party glasses, sunglasses, eyeglasses cords, lens cleaners, and more.

The company exports the products they produce to all parts of the world. Eugenia eyewear focuses on producing their products using high-quality, environmentally-friendly raw materials.

The company has over 15 years of experience. Buyers interested in buying from the manufacturer but are concerned about the product quality can go ahead and order a free sample. Customers are promised high-quality service.

5. Taizhou Baiyu Eyewear

This sunglasses manufacturer has a wide range of products. Some of the products the company produces include fashion sunglasses, safety glasses, fit over sunglasses, etc.

The company exports its products to Brazil, the US, Europe, Taiwan, South Korea, and other parts of the world.

The manufacturer claims that all the sunglasses they produce are manufactured in line with international quality standards. Customers are promised high-quality products and competitive prices.


You can also Wholesale Sunglasses from Chinabrands


Chinabrands has been in the wholesale and drop-shipping business for years now, and have developed a reputation as a trustworthy company.


They have all sorts of sunglasses for those in the business. They have very affordable products. If you buy wholesale, you can also get some discounts and points.


They also have an amazing quality control team that inspects all of their goods before shipping out, guaranteeing that their buyers receive only the best products from their inventory.


Chinabrands also has powerful automation software and tools that you can use to synchronize your orders and shipment. Chinabrand is fully dedicated to making your wholesale shopping experience an easy and comfortable.

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Apart from having a diverse catalogue of products, Chinabrands also has over 10,000 suppliers listed so you can find suppliers for both low-end and high-end products and anything in between.

They add new items to their catalogue every day so you can stay up to date with the latest fashion and trends.

The Best Sunglasses Manufacturers in the USA


Sunglasses Manufacturers Category Country
1. ShWood Men’s Glasses and Women’s Glasses US
2. Allure Eyewear Fashion Sunglasses US
3. American Sunglass Manufacturing Sunglass and Prescription Eyewear US
4. Eyeking Sunglasses, Protective Eyewear, Accessories US
5. Randolph Men’s Sunglasses, Women’s Sunglasses, etc. USA

1. Shwood 

This sunglasses manufacturer focuses on the production of high-quality, eco-friendly eyewear. Buyers can find both men and women eyewear at Shwood.

The manufacturer’s products are warranted against all manufacturing defects for a full year. This suggests that the products developed by Shwood have the best quality.

If a customer orders Non-RX sunglass from Shwood, these will ship within a period of 1 to 5 business days. RX eyewear typically takes approximately 10 to 15 days to ship. The sunglasses manufacturer has a clear return policy.

2. Allure Eyewear

Allure Eyewear started operating back in 2003. This means that the sunglasses designer and manufacturer has more than 15 years of experience. The company focuses on the production of both luxury and moderate products.

Some of the products customers can source from Allure Sunglasses include optical frames, sun readers, custom-designed sunglasses, etc.

The sunglass manufacturer promises customers high-quality products. Customers can get products from the manufacturer at an affordable price.

3. American Sunglass Manufacturing

This sunglasses manufacturer has more than 30 years of experience. Apart from manufacturing sunglasses, the company focuses on the production of prescription eyewear. The company promises great quality and competitive prices.

The main services offered by the sunglass’s manufacturer include lens edging, sunglass assembly, consulting services, etc. The supplier promises customers high-quality customer support services. Their contact details are extremely easy to locate.

4. Eyeking 

This sunglasses manufacturer produces a wide range of products. Some of the sub-categories available under the manufacturer’s sunglasses category include sport, fashion, sports lifestyle, promotional, and youth.

Other products manufactured by Eyeking include visors & protective eyewear and accessories.

The sunglasses manufacturer indicates that they combine fashion, innovation, and functionality to produce high-quality products. Customers are promised competitive prices.

The company’s contacts are easy to access. Eyeking promises its customers high-quality services.

5. Randolph 

Randolph does not just focus on producing sunglasses. The company has a wide range of products, including prescription eyewear.

The sunglasses manufacturer only uses high-quality raw materials to develop sunglasses. Randolph opened its first factory back in 1973. This means that the company already has over 4 decades of experience.

The company pays relentless attention to detail and quality. Randolph focuses on the production of classic designs. The company indicates that the majority of their products are made by hand by experienced individuals.

The sunglasses manufacturer does produce military-grade eyewear. Buyers enjoy free shipping if their order exceeds $100.


The Best Sunglasses Manufacturers in the UK


Sunglasses Manufacturers Category Country
1. Red Eyewear Sunglasses and Optical Collections UK
2. International Eyewear Sunglasses and Related Optical Products UK
3. Walter and Herbert Eyewear for both Gentlemen and Ladies UK
4. Chic Sunglasses Unisex Sunglasses, Children Sunglasses, Sport Sunglasses, Accessories, etc. UK
5. Fabris Lane Sunglasses, Optical Glasses, etc. UK

1. Red Eyewear 

Red Eyewear distributes the sunglasses they produce worldwide. The company offers dynamic management and trend focus to ensure that all their customers are satisfied. Customers are promised high-quality products and competitive prices.

The sunglasses manufacturer does produce a wide range of products. This makes it much easier for customers to find what they need.

The company has been in operation for approximately 9 years now. The sunglasses manufacturer opened doors back in 2009 in London.

Although the company is only 9 years old, the team running the company has accumulated over 60 years of experience in the eyewear industry. The company offers its customers a great experience and a lot of flexibility.

2. International Eyewear

International Eyewear manufactures both optical eyewear and sunglasses. Both products are available in a wide range of colors and designs. Finding what you need shouldn’t be complicated for you.

The sunglasses manufacturer has been in business for approximately 3 decades. The company started operating back in 1988.

International Eyewear is focused on ensuring that their customers are getting high-quality products. The premium eyewear products developed by the company are sold at competitive prices.

International Eyewear supplies all its products with a 2-year warranty against all manufacturing defects. Within this period of time, customers can return a defective product.

3. Walter and Herbert

This company was established back in 1946 by Herbert Thorn and Walter Conway. This explains the name of the company. The company believes in attention to detail and pursuing perfection.

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The company’s attention to detail combined with their 70+ years of experience suggests that the company produces high-quality products.

Some of the products developed by the company include ladies’ sunglasses, men’s sunglasses, optical for ladies, and optical for men. Deliveries vary from 5 working days to 17 working days depending on the location of the customer.

If a customer is not satisfied with the product quality, he/she can go ahead and send it back within the first 14 days.

4. Chic Sunglasses 

This Nottingham-based sunglass manufacturer has a wide range of products on its catalog. The products include accessories, aviator sunglasses, unisex sunglasses, millionaire sunglasses, children sunglasses, etc.

The manufacturer claims that their products are developed in accordance with the European CE standards. The sunglasses feature full UV 400 protection on the lenses.

Customers are promised high-quality service during the buying and delivery process. Sunglass models to fit any age are available on the manufacturer’s catalog.

Even after delivering products, Chic Sunglasses promises high-quality aftercare service. Customers are allowed to return delivered products within the first 30 days if they are not satisfied with product quality.

5. Fabris Lane

This London-based sunglass manufacturer focuses on the production of high-quality sunglasses and optical. The company’s products are made of premium raw materials, including stainless steel and acetate.

The products they develop are tested in UKAS accredited labs. This ensures that the products are in compliance with the relevant international standards.

To ensure customer satisfaction, Fabris lane focuses on developing high-quality designs. The company has been in existence since the year 1993.

This means that the company has over 25 years of experience. The company’s location and contact details are extremely easy to find.



How to Find Wholesale Sunglasses Manufacturers?


Many newbies are confusing on how to find a reliable supplier for their sunglasses business, some of them take lots of time identifying the great suppliers, so I am including following some tips for you to catch a good sunglasses manufacturer.

. Make Sure the Wholesalers Are great for Your Business/Brand

Finding a great sunglasses manufacturer is often a personal issue. While the testimonials available on the internet and suggestions from fellow entrepreneurs may be helpful, you should always aim to work with suppliers who are great for your business/brand.

It is worth noting that business models do vary. Hence, what works for one entrepreneur may not work for another entrepreneur.

. Attend the Local Trade Shows

This is an extremely effective way to meet sunglasses products wholesalers you may potentially work with. Trade shows allow you to connect with people whose business aspirations/interests are similar to yours.

If you happen to find sunglasses products you love during the trade shows, you can exchange contact details with the wholesalers. Use the suppliers’ details to request samples.

If you find that the products and suppliers will work for you and your customers, go ahead and establish a business relationship with the suppliers.

. Use Google

Whether a startup or an established sunglasses business, Google is always a perfect resource. By simply searching sunglasses manufacturer on Google, you should be able to find wholesale suppliers you can work with.

. Use Yellow Pages

Search for wholesale stocks listed on the Yellow Pages in your locality. If you happen to find a listing, locate wholesalers selling the products you want to stock and have competitive prices.

Since shipping is easy to do nowadays, you do not have to limit your search to your local area.

. Purchase a Bulk Wholesale List

Some companies do compile lists of wholesalers who offer different sunglasses. Such a list can relieve you of the need to look for all the suppliers alone.



Best Online Places to Sell Wholesale Sunglasses


1. Amazon

There are numerous reasons why you should consider selling sunglasses on Amazon. The number one reason is a large number of customers. According to Statista, by the end of 2015, Amazon had over 304 million active customer accounts.

This number has continued to grow. In addition to a large number of customers, Amazon does not charge you a listing fee. This is good news for new sellers.

2. eBay

Currently, more than 1.5 million people and businesses are using eBay to generate more revenue. This suggests that eBay does have benefits to offer.

Some of the benefits include the trust factor, lower fees, fixed price listing, etc. All of these benefits help you enjoy better profits while reaching more customers.

3. Etsy

Etsy is one of the trusted platforms. This means that more customers will be willing to buy from you. The marketplace has an active customer base.

Setting up your sunglasses shop on Etsy will extremely easy. The marketplace is extremely easy to use.

4. Your Own Website

While building your own website will take some work, it is a great way to sell sunglasses online. Unlike when using marketplaces to sell your products, you will get to keep all your profits.

You won’t have to pay marketplace fees. Promoting your website with information on sunglasses will help boost your SEO ranking. This will send more customers to your online store and hence increasing both your sales and profits.

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Using Chinabrands Drop-Shipping to Start a sunglasses Brand

If you are just launching your sunglasses brand, dropshipping is an ideal option for you. Unlike wholesaling sunglasses, dropshipping won’t require you to have huge storage space or a lot of cash to spend on the inventory.

In fact, you won’t have to spend your money on the inventory before your customers place an order.

While there are numerous sunglasses suppliers who promise great drop-shipping services, not all suppliers keep their word. Chinabrands, however, stands out from other drop-shipping sunglasses suppliers.

Some of the qualities which make Chinabrands an ideal choice for entrepreneurs planning to launch their own sunglasses brand include:

· Professional customer service – The customer support team will answer all your questions immediately.

· API Integration – Chinabrands gives you an extremely easy way to upload the sunglasses you plan to sell to your online store.

· Numerous products – Chinabrands makes it easy for you to find all the sunglasses you need.

· Cheap wholesale price – This makes it possible for you to enjoy huge profit margins.

· Global dropshipping – You can meet the needs of customers from different districts and countries pretty easily.



Pro Tips to Run Sunglasses Business Successfully


1. Be aware of every detail of the selling sunglasses

To understand all the details of the selling sunglasses may help you understand not only the product but also bring ideas to help you meet the customers’ demand. With good knowledge of sunglasses, you are able to prepare a great description including:

• The material of the lens: polarizers, sunshades, photochromic glasses, etc.

• The shape of the lens: round, oval, or other fashion shapes

• The color of the lens & frame: amber, gray, blue, green, yellow, pink, etc.

• What’s the brand?

• Special lens for myopia

2. Trace the fashion trend

Nowadays many people buy sunglasses not only to protect their eyes from the sunshine, but also considering the design of the sunglasses.

You can search online or go to any popular sunglasses stores near you to understand the latest fashion trend and select the best products that fit for your business.

Some famous brands that you can get great ideas are:

• Ray-Ban

• Tory Burch

• Michael Kors

• Burberry

• Emporio Armani

3. Establish an online store to promote sunglasses

Sell on the internet is not a secret and millions of business have experienced great success selling online.

You can set up an online shop and the most important of all write a clear description and prepare brilliant photos for all your sunglasses. Bring facebook ads or google ads to the ones that you’re most willing to promote.

Additionally, use social networks to expand your sales chains, such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and youtube.

Social networks have become great promotion methods for fashion products. Dig further to grasp the attention of your customers, hence you’ll reach good sales.

4. Tell a story for the sunglasses

Believe it or not, customers are willing to pay more for the products with a story. For instance, worn by a famous star is a story, a loved choice by an online celebrity is a story, a high-end technic in the material that no one has achieved before is a story.

People are willing to share with their friends on unique and interesting things. Go ahead to prepare some interesting stories for your sunglasses to attract more customers to pay for “these stories”.



How do you buy wholesale Sunglasses?


You need to make a decide on the type of sunglasses you plan to sell. There’s a variety to choose from, for instance, kids sunglasses, sports sunglasses, designer sunglasses, among others.


Still confused? Well, here are three questions that will guide you in making the right choice:


lWhat are the most popular sunglasses that feature in advertisements?

lWhat are the most popular styles among celebrities?

lWhat type of sunglasses is trending on the streets?


Answer these questions and make a wise decision.


How do you find trusted wholesale sunglasses suppliers?


There are four steps to finding a trusted supplier.

Step 1: Look for and verify the supplier’s contact and email address. Any legit suppliers should have their address and contact information listed on their website

Step 2: Check for track record and reputation. Consider a supplier with years of experience in the business. You can contact existing clients to make sure they’re reliable.

Step 3: Make a purchase and do an inspection. Consider suppliers who offer sample packages. From it, you can be able to tell the product’s quality based on the first-hand experience.

Step 4: Test the supplier’s customer support service. Direct a few queries to the customer support to see how long they take to respond. If they’re slow to respond or don’t give precise answers, then look for another supplier.


Last Words


So that’s my post all about wholesale sunglass industry and the best sunglasses manufacturers in China, USA, and UK.

Now It’s your turn:

Which manufacturer from this guide are you going to choose?

Are you ready to start a sunglass business?

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