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Should I Wholesale from Manufacturer or Distributor (+Suppliers List)

Should I Wholesale from Manufacturer or Distributor (+Suppliers List)

Every product business in this world needs wholesale suppliers, or distributors that you can get your products from. It may be a local market or an online supplier that can help you out with getting the right products for you on a wholesale price that works good for you.

If you are getting started or are thinking to get started with a retail business, in this article we’ll tell you all the details that could help you in buying wholesale and finding the perfect supplier for your business. We’ll look at wholesale manufacturers and wholesale distributors to make you understand your business. In the end I will also list 10 best wholesale suppliers.


Should I Wholesale from Manufacturer or Distributor (+Suppliers List)

Do You Really Understand Wholesale Manufacturers Vs Wholesale Distributors


Both manufacturers and distributors are different in some sense and a lot of people make this mistake of getting confused in these terms.

Wholesale Manufacturers

The manufacturer, as clear from the name referring to word “manufacturing” are the ones who produce/process any material that is to go out in the market and is supposed to be traded in the future. No matter which product are we talking a manufacturing company is the one which produce it. For example, a well-known company in the tech industry is “Apple” and they are a manufacturing company. However, they own their products too.

We can say that a manufacturing company is the one which has the goal to reach a final good, after going through a series of processes which basically includes the assembling of raw material. Many companies buy from manufacturer wholesale.

● One big advantage of buying from wholesale manufacturers is that you cut off any middle men which make your costs to go down.

● And secondly, the manufacturers are expert about their own market and know their product better than anyone and this can help you out.

Wholesale Distributors

Wholesale distributors are those companies which don’t own any product nor they manufacture it but what they do is that they deliver and distributes the products of other companies. We can say that Wholesale distribution is the process in which a company makes any product available in the market, either for the customers directly, or for other retailers which sell those products ahead to the end consumer.

The Wholesale distributors sell these products in wholesale prices. These wholesale distributors are also responsible for shipping the product on their own to the consumer. Mostly retailers buy wholesale goods from these wholesale distributors.

● Now if we talk about the advantages we can say that wholesale distributors deal with retailers like you on a regular and daily basis, thus if you ever want to research the market for any product they can give you a lot of data because they are aware if the industry.

● Distributors are known to be involved in many retailers at the same time, thus they know the consumer behavior better. Hence they can help you expanding your business and target the right, specific and narrowed audience for your business.

Thus we can say that the middle men in any business in not necessarily the cost up lifter. When the wholesale distributors are giving you so many benefits which can help you grow your business better, you should always prefer them over wholesale manufacturers.


How to Find Wholesale Manufacturers and Distributors?


Now the when we have looked at each thing we can the question that rises is that how can you find the right wholesale exporter wholesale manufacturers. The whole market is saturated with wholesale distributors and manufacturers and you need to find the right wholesale distributor for your business.

1. Suppliers Directories
There are several directories on the internet that give you the supplier for any niche or any particular product that you want. You can easily find online supplier directories like that and to find the suppliers all you got to do is to search them on their search bars. What these directories usually do is that they have hundreds and thousands of suppliers on their site and if you become a member of their website or register on it they’ll expose those suppliers for you. Most of these online directories also take complete responsibility of the suppliers that they are presenting.

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2. Referrals
Even if this is 2018 going on and the foundation of everything is on the back of internet but still you have a chance of getting your work done through referrals. If you are already into the business as a retailer and are only looking for someone new as a supplier, then it won’t be a problem for you. But if you are getting started for the first time, it may seem difficult. All you got to do is to let the people who are close to you know that you are looking for a supplier or wholesale distributor to get your products from. Because we as humans are connected to each other through relations and word of mouth can help you a lot in this regard.

3. Look into Local Wholesale Markets
This is one of the most simple and oldest techniques one could think of in 2018. In every city there are some wholesale markets you can look in for your product that you want to buy. All you need to do is to pay close attention to these markets. Visit them, have a look at them thoroughly and thus you’ll understand what they have to offer. Most of the time you get something better locally then what you would have bought from the Internet. So you shouldn’t neglect the local wholesale market.

4. Search through Google
One of the most basic ways of finding the right wholesale supplier is to ‘Google it’. You just need to go on a and search regarding your niche or your market and afterwards you’ll get the suppliers easily. The Google’s algorithm and SEO factors support genuine companies to rank higher on Google. Thus you can easily look at several wholesale suppliers on the very first page of Google and that’s it. For example, if you want to find clothing suppliers, just type “cheap clothing websites” in the search bar and there are numerous results in your sight. Afterwards all you got to do is to contact those respective wholesale companies and talk to them and understand where they stand as a supplier and what they offer and then finally make a decision.

5. Trade Shows and Other Events
Events are great for networking no matter which market, which industry you belong to. You get to meet new people, some from the same. So in the same way there are always some trade shows going on for the wholesale manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Try to participate in business gathering and Trade shows more because it can get you a lot of benefit for your business. Thus if you would regularly attend these trade shows and events of this type you would get the opportunity of meeting a lot of people which would be directly or indirectly related to some wholesale distributors that you can partner with.

6. Social Media Platforms
Social media is on fire in 2018. We all know how businesses have been using these platforms to promote themselves and to get their brand’s name big in the market out there. You can look into the some of the big name platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LikedIn and other social media platforms like these. These platforms are huge and have great potential to get you in touch with the right suppliers and distributors. All you need to do is to be a little smart about how you use them.

7. Talk to Your Community
Now this point may be a little more specific to the people who have been somehow connected to the wholesale business. As we all know that the retailers of any market have some wholesale distributors they have integrated their shops with. Thus if you have some friends or some people that are retailers like you which you already know to some reference, you can ask them to help you in finding a supplier for your business. Hopefully they’ll help because they have been into the wholesale market and know about wholesale vendors that would be perfect fit for you.

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8. Talk to Other Wholesalers
Now when we talk about “Other Wholesalers” what we mean is that you should try to get in touch with the wholesale distributors of another niche, different than yours. The reason for this is that the wholesalers themselves have a community and just like a normal society they know people that deals in different specific products. For example if you intend to buy wholesale of apparel than you may talk to some wholesale distributor of any other product like Sneakers and ask them if they know some wholesaler in the apparel business. And that wholesaler will work as a gateway and you’ll get the required wholesale merchandise very easily.


Top 10 Best Online Wholesale Distributors


Should I Wholesale from Manufacturer or Distributor (+Suppliers List)


10. 4WholesaleUSA
4WholesaleUSA is one of the best wholesale manufacturers USA. This company was founded in 2002 and it’s pretty much like a wholesale distributors directory. They have a list of wholesale distributors that they share with their members. The Suppliers directory they share, they are completely responsible for them. And this includes everything that includes their complete verification and the proof of their authentication. Thus you have no chances of getting a deal signed with a fraud. They have around 54 categories of products that you can choose from thus you would always find something you were looking for.

9. MadeinChina
MadeinChina is another wholesale distribution company that is based in China. This company is one of the biggest wholesale companies in the world and comes in the top 5 wholesale sites. They have a great wide range of products on their website listed, which you can choose form. You would literally find wholesale supplies from engine parts of different vehicles to as small as a tie. This diversity in the products nature in their company has been the base of their differentiation from other wholesale companies.

This is a well-known wholesale distribution and wholesale retail supplies company based in Hong Kong. They were established in around 1966 and till then they have maintained a quality brand for their business. This means they have about 50 years of experience of their business. HKTDC itself is more than just a wholesale distribution company. They are integrated with about 130,000 suppliers in ASIA and from other Continents. In short we can say that HKTDC is a company which sell wholesale distribution products on a larger scale than any other competitor of them.

7. Globalsources
Globalsources also comes in the list of one of the most high valued wholesale online distributors. They have a large widely spread merchandise in their inventory. This company is based in Hong Kong and was founded in 1970. Its considered one of the best wholesale companies. Since then they have become a leader of their own industry. They also launched their China sourcing fairs in 2003. Globalsources has around 1 million international buyers and statistics show that in the list of retailers that buy from them they have gained 95 of top 100 retailers in the world.

6. Kassirco
Kassirco is a big name in the wholesale distribution industry. You can easily look at them and if you judge them right you would know they are one of the most popular wholesale distributor companies in the whole world. They sell high quality merchandise at some of the best prices in the market. Its also considered one of the top rated wholesale companies. One of the best thing about them is their flexibility in their work. As they sell wholesale products to retailers, mini marts, chain stores and many more like these. They have been into the market for about 17 years now. Their service covers the whole US.

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5. ICM Distributing Company
ICM is a wholesale distributing company that is owned privately. This company was founded in 1983 at Philadelphia. Later this was bought by The Singer Family in 2006 and the company was relocated in Twinsburg, Ohio. Although ICM doesn’t have that much awareness in people’s mind about them than other wholesale distribution companies but they definitely have a well reputed name in the market with a positive image. One reason for their success can be their diversity in products. They have many categories and subcategories of products and that much categories are attractive for any retailer.

4. StyleKorean
This company is not diversified in its products but it has a more narrowed niche, which is beauty products and cosmetics. Stylekorean is a Korean wholesale makeup company that was started in 2012 and till than it has been providing cosmetics and other 3000 kind of products to their consumers. They have built a good name in the industry and a positive reputation. All the products are handled safely by their own well trained staff and are stored in their own warehouses. They claim that they try to upgrade their products and improve their service day and day out, based on their customer’s feedback.

3. Lightinthebox
Lightinthebox is a reliable and professional online shopping center that provides a hot list of wholesale products of any targeted niche. Ranging to a great wide category, all their products are believed to be of premium quality. This company was founded in 2007 and their objective was to take the benefit of the opportunity to become leading Chinese wholesale online company. Their credibility can be estimated with the fact that they served about 1.3 million customers in the second quarter of 2013 and till 2015 they have grown to a huge online store. Thus if you intend to buy in bulk products in wholesale Lightinthebox would be a good choice.

2. Bunzl Distribution USA
This is a wholesale food supplying company in the United states. This company distributes wholesale food, packaging products and disposable supplies etc. Bunzl usually deliver to industries or to other B2C retail shops, supermarkets and places like that. They supply around 400,000 SKUS and this include products like from tissue paper to big bakery items packaging. And if we talk about the shipping of the products Bunzl has around 3 logistic companies to make sure the shipping is done without any problem.

1. Chinabrands
Chinabrands is a leading wholesale distribution company that is based in Shenzhen, China. Chinabrands has become a huge brand in the wholesale industry today and are in the top list of wholesalers with the best service to provide. Chinabrands has always been known to be cooperative with their buyers. As they say that their retailers will only need to put 20% of the effort while the rest of 80% would be Chinabrands responsibility. They have leveraged their brand through wholesale pricing. About 90% of their customers say that they are completely satisfied with their pricing and other customer policies and this is a huge rate.

● Chinabrands have around 100,000 categories of products that means there inventory is more diverse.

● They have a separate QC team to maintain product quality.

● They are integrated with about 200 logistic companies and this makes the shipping process insanely great.

● Their product return policies are also quite good and they are really cooperative with their customers.



While concluding this article we can say one thing, at the end when we have analyzed all the ways someone can find wholesale distributors and have looked at each wholesale supplier that is on the top, I can suggest you to go with ‘Chinabrands’, It would be better than any other wholesale distribution companies no matter which niche they have.

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