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Vevor Woven Ground Cover Weed Barrier 5.8oz Landscape Fabric 4’x 100′ Garden Mat


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  • Heavy-duty PP Material: This weed barrier is made of 5.8oz high density is woven needle punched dual-layer and professional-grade polypropylene, tear-proof, easy to cut, and degradable. Size: 4 x 100 ft / 1.2 x 30.5 m.
  • High Permeability: Our landscape fabric is designed with excellent permeability. You never need to worry about the water will be puddled on the top of the material. Note: Woven layer should face up for better sun protection, weed barrier, and more vital water permeability.
  • Weed Control & Soil Improve: This garden fabric can allow the soil to breathe and keep soil retaining humidity. In addition, a unique dual-layer design can accumulate nutrients for the earth, boosting the growth of your plants.
  • Easy Installation: Our weed control fabric is effortless to cut and install. It is convenient to DIY the cloth size and shape to meet your different needs. The weed fabric also features green stripes for easy plant alignment. (Installation tools are not included.)
  • Wide Application: Durable weed block fabric will keep annoying weeds away from your garden. The weed mat is ideal for garden, agriculture, industrial uses, such as a greenhouse, vegetable patch, flower bed, artificial grass, sidewalk, gravel, driveway, stones, etc.
Model VV-FCB-PE 4*100FT 5.8OZ
Material Polypropylene Fabric
Dual Layer Woven & Needle Punched
Product Size 4 x 100 ft / 1.2 x 30.5 m
Product Weight 5.8 oz/sq. Yd
Package Weight 13lb / 6 kg


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