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Vevor Hot Water Circulation Pump Circulator Pump 93w 110v Npt3/4″ Automatically


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  • Stainless Steel Material: Our recirculating pump is constructed with a heavy-duty stainless steel pump head, aluminum pump housing, and PES impeller, rust-proof, waterproof. Brass fittings and water-stop will come with the pump for corrosion-proof and leakage-proof.
  • Large Flow & Quiet Running: Powerful circulator pump has max. 40 L/min water flow, max. 10 bar pressure and max. 20 ft head lift. In addition, super silent running property(about 25dB) can provide you with a quiet pump: high performance but low noise.
  • Adjustable Speed Switch: This water circulator pump features a three-power control switch in 46/67/93W. It is convenient for you to adjust the flow rate as your different requirements. Meanwhile, the built-in electrical sensor automatically enables the pump to start-up or shut off according to the water flow.
  • Easy Installation: Our circulating pump for hot water can be used directly to drinking water pipelines with a wrench, fitting with an NPT 3/4″ inlet/outlet hose. The water taste of lubricating oil will disappear after 3 to 5 times of use. The shaft of the pump should be kept horizontal after installation.
  • Wide Application: The recirculating hot water pump is suitable for many applications, such as city buildings, suburban villas, houses, water and pressurized with industrial equipment, air conditioning, boilers, solar circulating system, water heater system and so on.
Model VV-BXG-RS15 6SB
Power 93/67/46W
Voltage 110V/60HZ
Body Color Green/Silver
Pump Head Stainless Steel
Pump Housing Aluminum
Impeller Material PES
Shaft Material Ceramic
Bearing Material Carbon
Noise Level 25dB
Inlet/Outlet Dia. NPT 3/4″ /1.9 cm
Max. Flow Rate 10.5/7.4/5.3 Gpm(40/28/20 L/min)
Max. Head Lift 20/16.5/10ft (6/5/3 m)
Rated Pressure 0.6 Bar / 8.7 Psi
Max. Pressure 10 Bar/ 145 Psi
Cable Length 4 ft / 1.25 m
Liquid temperature 32~212℉/0~100℃
Ambient temperature 32~104℉/0~40℃
Mounting Position Shaft Horizontal
Protection Level IP44
Insulation Class F
Product Size 5.1×4.6×4.7 in / 13×11.7×12 cm


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