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Vevor Heavy Duty Cargo Lock Cargo Container Lock 9.84″-17.32″ Range With 2 Keys


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  • 【ADJUSTABLE CARGO LOCK】- This heavy duty cargo lock can be locked together by the innermost vertical locking rod. Due to its 9.84″-17.32″ adjustable locking distance, it can secure the two doors of different types of semi-trailers and shipping containers.
  • 【STEEL & POWDER COATING】- This cargo container lock adopts high-quality steel to make it not easy to bend or break during use. The red powder coating on the surface can also keep the semi truck door lock from corroding, which effectively prolongs the service life of the container lock.
  • 【HASSLE-FREE TO OPERATE】- This heavy duty cargo lock does not need to be installed. Just put the two parts of the lock on the vertical lever of the door, and then adjust the appropriate keyhole to tighten the lock, and finally put the key in a suitable place.
  • 【SPRING LOCK & TWO KEYS】- The spring lock makes this cargo door lock very convenient to operate, reducing the possibility of being pried or breaking. And it has two keys for you to apply, avoiding the trouble caused by the loss of the key.
  • 【EXTENSIVE SCENARIOS】- This cargo lock is available in different scenarios. In addition to container and semi-trailer box body, it can also be adapted to warehouse door locks and construction site office door locks for construction site storage, road truck and ship transport.
Model LK-2545-L
Material Steel
Adjustment Range 9.84″ – 17.32″ / 25 cm – 45 cm
Weight 13.46 lbs / 6.1 kg
The product size 10.43″ x 5.91″ x 5.51″ / 26.5 cm x 15 cm x 14 cm


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