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Professional High-Grade Gymnastic Floor Balance Beam with Handles




If you have a home gymnast but are short on space, then our professional gymnastic floor balance beam will definitely be the best option for you. It is brilliant for balance training, won’t take up a lot of room, and can build up body core strength in an impressive, but safe, way!

To ensures everyone’s safety, we make sure that our best gymnastic equipment is built with premium materials. This Olympic balance beam is made up of a sturdy wood base and high-quality EPE foam, which makes it strong and able to prevent foot sinking and ankle injury. For the time being, the premium hinge firmly connects the two separate beams to enhance safety.

On top of that, thanks to its thoughtful design, this gymnastics balancing beam  comes with an anti-slip bottom to keep the balance beam balanced and stable during training, even up to it’s maximum capacity of 154 lbs. Plus, the attached anti-skid pads also effectively prevent the floor from being scratched

Best part of all, our outdoor gymnastic balance equipment is made for easy storage and portability. Regardless of where it’s used, it can be folded into a compact size and the carrying handle attached for you to carry it to your destination easily. All in all, this home balance beam gets to improve you and your kids’ body balancing and increase neuromuscular control while having fun. We believe you wouldn’t want to miss this!


  • PREMIUM SUEDE MATERIAL – The surface of the gymnastic beam is wrapped in suede-like cloth, which is non-slip and wear-resistant, making it suitable for long-term use. 
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE  Our suede balance beam is 4 inches wide and can meet the requirements of gymnastics competition equipment. Therefore, both beginners and professional gymnast can use it to practice donkey kicks, handstands, jumps, leaps, and other skills they learn in the gym or at home.
  • BUILD STRENGTH AND CONFIDENCE – This beam is suitable for all levels of skill performance training, from beginner gymnasts for walking, playing, and practicing on a raised balance beam to athletes doing professional training. Not only does it increase your child’s focus and eye-hand coordination, but it also improves their professional skills.


        High-Grade Suede-Like Cloth, EPE, Sturdy Wood Pine
        Product Dimension:
        7″(L) * 4″(W) * 3″(H)
        Folding Dimension: 3.5“(L) * 4“(W) * 6“(H)
        Item Weight: 
        9 LBS
        Maximum Weight: Up to 154 LBS
        • Blue
        • Brown
        • Pink
        • Purple
        Package Includes: 
        • 1x Professional High-Grade Gymnastic Floor Balance Beam with Handles
        • 1x Manual Guide Book


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