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Professional 9″ Electric Drywall Ceiling Pole Sander 850W




Are you looking for a sanding machine that can be used for both person and commercial purposes? Our Professional 9″ Electric Drywall Ceiling Pole Sander 850W With LED Lights is suitable for grinding and polishing floors, drywalls, adhesives, internal and exterior walls and loose plaster. 

Smooth down dry walls and ceilings with the help of our heavy-duty drywall sander by just your fingertips! Equipped with an adjustable pole from 1.4-1.9M, the pole sander helps you reach higher portions of a wall that you cannot usually reach with regular sanding sheets.

Our drywall sander comes with 6 variable speed levels and you can carry it with extreme easy as it is light in weight. It floats up and down automatically on an uneven wall surface and eliminates extra manual work that comes with sanding dry walls.

Unlike regular sanding sheets, our wall sander comes with a versatile handle that makes it easier for you to control its movement. Additionally, the drywall vacuum sander comes with a 360° all round LED lights to ensure the efficiency of to reach every corner and angle.

Besides, our drywall sanding machine is equipped with a high-quality brush that works perfectly with the sanding disc to provide a smooth finish to any wall. Included with the ceiling sander are 6 sanding discs papers that can be interchanged depending on your sanding needs.

Best part of all, the drywall and ceiling sanding tool rotates up to 1,750 times per minute, giving you high-powered sanding at all times. By using our painting wall sander, it ensures hassle-free and convenient sanding job.


  • EXTENDABLE – Equipped with a long handle, the drywall sanding tool simplifies your work process and experience. Its pole can also be adjusted to up to 6.2 feet long to help you reach higher walls and ceilings.
  • POWERFUL – The electric drywall sander has a powerful grinding pad and uses 850W power to clean efficiently. It is powerful, which makes it the best drywall sander.
  • 6 ADJUSTABLE SPEED – Our wall sander has 6 levels of speed variations, and you are able to choose your desired speed.


Material: Aluminum + Plastic
Dimensions: Refer To The Picture Above
Net Weight: 14lbs / 6.3kg
Input Power: 850W
Voltage: 110V
Frequency: 60Hz
RPM: 800-1750 r/min
Sandpaper Diameter: 8.86 inch/225 mm
Sanding Disc: 80/100/120/150/180/240 Grit
Spindle Thread: M14
Dust Hose Length: 6.56ft / 2 Meters
Power Cord Length: 9.84ft / 3 Meters
Color: Red + Black
Assembly Required: Yes
Package Includes:
  • 1x 850W Drywall Sander
  • 1x Dust Hose
  • 1x Accessories Kit (Refer to the picture below)


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