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Premium Sturdy Double Gymnastics Training Bar with Adjustable Height




If you have a home gymnast but are short on space, then our premium sturdy double gymnastic horizontal bar will definitely be the best option for you. It is brilliant for handstand training, won’t take up a lot of room, and can build up upper body strength in an impressive, but safe, way!

To ensures everyone’s safety, we make sure that our double horizontal bars are built up with premium materials. This gymnastic equipment is made up of solid A3 steel and thick steel tube, where is strong and heavy-duty to withstand the test of time. At the time being, it is specially designed in a triangular structure that is not easy to deform and will brings a good supporting force up to 264 pounds.

On top of that, thanks to it’s flexibility design, this gymnastic double parallel bar comes with a screw knobs that can freely adjust the height from 38″ up to 55″, for you to alter a 11 different heights to fit different stages of kids, toddlers, even adults! Plus, this gymnastic gear is equipped with double locking knobs for double safety. Safe and secure for you and your little one!

Best part of all, our best gymnastic bar can fits any 4ft wide gym mat! Simply place a 4ft gymnastic mat under the rubber foot pads to keep the training bar stable and prevent sliding during momentum exercise. All in all, this home gymnastic bar gets to improve you and your kids body balancing and flexibility while having fun. We believe you wouldn’t want to miss this!


  • 11-ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT – The equipped screw knobs on this diy gymnastic bar can be easily adjusted to 11 different heights, in order to meet different height range of kids, toddlers and adults.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE  Without any installation tools, our best gymnastic equipment allows you to install effortlessly.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN  This double gymnastic bar can be placed in home and outdoor, for you and your kids to improve body balancing, strength, flexibility and body shape.
  • SAFE AND SECURE – Our home gymnastic gear are specially built with premium materials such as solid A3 steel, that is strong and durable to withstand the test of time, while with a bearing capacity of 264 lbs.


        Heavy-Duty A3 Solid Steel, Bamboo Bar
        Product Dimension:
        99″(L) * 52″(W) * 55″(H)
        Inner Width: 46.5″
        Adjustable Height: 38″ to 55″ (11 Levels)
        Item Weight: 
        106 LBS
        Maximum Weight: Up to 264 LBS
        • Olympic Blue
        • Fuscia Pink
        Package Includes: 
        • 1x Premium Sturdy Double Gymnastics Training Bar with Adjustable Height
        • 1x Talcum Powder
        • 1x Manual Guide Book


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