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Premium Slow Masticating Cold Press Juicer Machine with Cleaning Brush




Consume Nutrients In Seconds!

If you have a hectic and extremely busy life but still wish to obtain nutrients as quickly as possible… You’ve come to the right place! Simply pop a mix of fruit and vegetables into our cold-press juicer machine and you will get your daily nutrition intake in no time!

Varying from the centrifugal juicer, this masticating cold press juicing machine runs at a relatively slow speed of 90 RPM and low heat, to preserve as much rich nutrition as possible from vegetables and fruits during the whole process. Therefore, the outcome of the juice is pure, with less foaming and less oxidation.

Thanks to the 7 spiral auger, it ensures that every single drop of juice will be  extracted from fibrous vegetables and fruits. After being fully ground and masticated, the pomace and residue are completely dried, thereby preventing food waste. Our best juicer also can be used to juice beets, apples, celeries, and so on.

Best part of all, this masticating juice extractor is equipped with a premium pure copper motor that makes it runs more efficiently and make less noise, while extending its service life. At the same time, you will only hear humming sounds that are less than 60 dB during the juicing process, resulting in no disturbance for you.


  • REVERSE FUNCTION – This heathy juicer features a reverse function, so it will helps to relieve unsmooth pomace discharging. 
  • EFFORTLESS CLEANSING – Any accessories included in this electric juicer machine can be tossed into the dishwasher to facilitate your daily cleaning work.
  • SAFE AND SECURE – All parts of this best juicer machine are made of food-grade material which is harmless to the human body, where you can use it without concerns. Plus, an auto-off function is equipped so that it will stop automatically every 20 minutes to ensure your safety. 


      BPA-Free, Food-Grade Materials
      Product Dimension: 11”(L) * 7”(W) * 14.5″(H)
      Cord Length: 41.5″
      Power: 150W
      Voltage: 120V
      Frequency: 60Hz
      Speed: 90RPM
      Noise: <60dB
      Continuous Working Time: ≤20 Minutes
      Net Weight: 8 LBS
      • Classic Black
      • Glossy Silver
      Package Includes:
      • 1x Premium Slow Masticating Cold Press Juicer Machine
      • 1x Juice Cup
      • 1x Pulp Cup
      • 1x Cleaning Brush
      • 1x Manual Guide Book


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