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PREMIUM Portable Midsize Ping Pong Table for Indoor And Outdoor


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Are you looking for a ping pong table for your limited space? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our foldable ping pong table was developed to provide you the best possible playing surface in a high-quality compact storage format. It is a medium-sized table tennis table consisting of two independent halves, which make it suitable for small venues like exercise or any entertainment purposes.

Easy To Set Up

The setting of this ping pong table is very simple and does not require any tools, after unfolding the two small tables, put them together, install the net frame holder to the junction of the two tables, which can fix the entire table, and put the net on, then you can start playing.

Clamp-Style Net

Our foldable indoor table tennis table is perfect for you or anyone who loves table tennis. This sturdy foldable table tennis table comes with a clamp net and a high performance net with tension settings that can be assembled and installed in seconds. 


This table tennis table consists of two small square tables, where you can play table tennis. When you remove the table tennis net, you can use it for various purposes such as playing poker, eating, reading, writing, working, and putting small things. Great for indoor games, outdoor games and board games.


  • PREMIUM MATERIAL – The tabletop of our ping pong table is made of MDF fiberboard, which means it will not be affected by humidity, deformation, or weather. Tubular steel brackets will ensure the general robustness and durability of the table. 
  • SPACE SAVING DESIGN –  As a foldable table tennis table, it can be folded into a compact size when not in use, placed against the wall, put in the closet, or placed under the bed and sofa. You can also use half of them and put away the other half. It is perfect for small living areas with limited storage space.
  • CONSTRUCTIVE DESIGN – Our table tennis table set up with sturdy structures to ensure the stability of use, and the 4 rounder corners of the table protect you from being hurt by bumping into the corner during use.


MATERIAL: MDF with Heavy Duty Steel
DIMENSION: 72″(L) * 36.5″(W) *30.5″(H)
HALF TABLE FOLDED SIZE: 36″(L) * 36.5″(W) * 2″(H)
COLOR: Blue with Black
  • 1x Premium Ping Pong Table
  • 1x Clamp Style Net


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