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Premium Large Portable Inflatable Shower Bathtub For Adults, 1.6 Meter




Say, you have a long hectic day at work. One relaxing and soothing way to eliminate all tension is to have a nice soak in the bathtub, isn’t it? But getting a conventional bathtub can very costly and especially if you are challenged for space. With our portable bathtub, now you can enjoy a steamy and warm bath after a long day by soaking yourself in this luxury inflatable shower bathtub.

Most inflatable bathtub uses air pump to blow up the bathtub. It is a hassle considering after a long day, it would be an effort to even take the air pump, connecting it to the deflated bathtub then wait minutes till it fully get inflated. Unlike our inflatable bathtub, it is powered just by AA Battery and all you need is to switch on the button and it will automatically start to inflate by itself and it will only take less than 60 seconds from deflated to fully inflated.

With the measurement of 25 inches deep, our premium inflating bathtub enables you to stay comfy and fully submerge yourself above your shoulder level. You can comfortably straighten your leg fully as the full length of this inflatable bathtub measuring at 1.6 meter. The bottom of the tub has a yoga-mat style bottom to give you extra cushion while reclining or sitting in the tub. The tub even came with a thermal insulation upper cover that can be rolled back so you can soak up some sun or it can be zipped up to keep you cool and out of the sun. Especially if you enjoy soaking yourself in hot temperature water, zipped up the thermal insulation cover, the temperature can be maintained the heat up to 2 hours.

With its inflatable design, our collapsible bathtub is super comfortable and most importantly it comes with its very own inflatable headrest pillow providing you the extra support throughout your soaking session. 

This environment friendly tub is made of premium high-density PVC which is non-toxic and durable for long-lasting performance. Hence, this soaking bathtub can be used indoors and as an outdoors soaking tub because of it’s multi-layered PVC material, it wouldn’t get penetrated easily by sharp objects. Best part of all, they are portable which means you can even take them on the road with you when you travel!


  1. Unbox the package, slightly unfold the bathtub (to speed up the inflation later on)
  2. Insert 8x AA Batteries into the battery socket. (Batteries not included)

  3. Make sure all the air sealer have been closed/sealed. (To prevent leaked air)
  4. Press on the switch to let it automatically start inflating itself (Only takes less than 60 seconds to let it fully inflated!)
  5. Fill up water into the inflatable bathtub and enjoy your soaking session!
  6. In order to clear the water for cleaning purpose, remove the lit of the air sealer located in the inner end of the bathtub. (To prevent water flow throughout your whole bathroom, use the drainage pipe provided so you can drain out the water directly to the drain hole in your bathroom.)
  7. To deflate and storing it in your storage box, open up all the lit of the air sealer and allow some time for the air to fully released till it deflated completely.  



  • PORTABLE – Designed with convenience in mind, it can easily set up at both indoors and outdoors. When it’s not in use, you can easily deflate it and it requires just a little space to be kept. 

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Designed to provide you an overwhelming experience without the extra hassle. With its spacious design, our large portable bathtub can easily accommodate tall user up to 6’5″ comfortably. 

  • BOOST HEALTHY LIFESTYLE – Due to it’s compact size, water in the portable bathtub stays concentrated on one specific area of the body. Therefore it enhance all body muscles to relax and helps release tension in minutes. 




Material: Premium High-Density Multi-Layered PVC
  • Overall: 62.99″(L) * 37″(W) * 25.2″(H)
  • Headrest Pillow: 9.8″(Length)
Item Net Weight: 8.5 LBS
  • Green
  • Pink
Heat Resistant Temperature: Up to 70°C
Package Includes:
  • 1x Premium Large Portable Inflatable Shower Bathtub
  • 1x Drainage Pipe
  • 1x Repair Kit
  • 1x Manual User Guide Book


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