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Premium Large Foldable Bathtub For Adults




Take a warm bubble bath and feel relaxed all throughout the night after a long day in our large foldable bathtub. Unlike conventional bathtubs, our portable bathtub for adults doesn’t take up huge and permanent space in your bathroom. It is a collapsible bathtub and enables you to set it up anywhere in your home or outdoors. 

Our premium foldable bathtub comes with multiple designs cover, giving your bathroom a bright and unique look. It was made with premium quality PVC, therefore it prevents any water spillage. 

Besides, our portable soaking tub also built-in with a drainage pipe to conveniently drains the bathtub water after used. Have an enjoyable bathing experience anytime and anywhere by using our portable shower tub. 


  • PORTABLE AND FOLDABLE – With its foldable design, our adult bathtub can be folded easily and stored in tight space, therefore it doesn’t take up much space within your home. 

  • EASY TO SETUP – All you have to do is to connect the frame pieces, wrap the bathtub cover around it and fill water into the portable bathtub. 

  • HUGE CAPACITY – Measuring at just 47 inches length, it is large enough for most adults to bathe in.  


Material: PVC
Dimension: 47″(L) x 23.6″(W) x 22.8(H)
Package Includes:
  • 1x Premium Large Foldable Bathtub
  • 1x Installation Guide Book


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