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Premium Electric 1700W Stainless Steel Deep Fryer With Basket


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Are you looking for the best deep fryer to speed up your frying process which also saves you a lot of cooking oils from any unwanted spillage and enjoy delicious and crispy foods with your whole friends and family?

Our electric deep dryer is perfect to make or fry 12 cups of food like fries, onion rings, fried chicken and all other various fried food that you personally like. It has all the great features for frying and this will be a must-have deep fryer if you’re looking for a quality combination of efficiency, speed and consistency.

Featuring a 3.2- quart oil container with a 1700W high-performance immersion heating element, this large deep fryer has a fast heat-up effect that keeps a constant temperature toward the oil resulting you a quicker frying process and easily reach the perfect crips.

Despite its large capacity and high-performance heating, this electric fryer has 4 cool-touch handles which are anti-scalding and is super easy to hold. The lid view window does allow you to keep an eye on the frying process and it also prevents the hot oil splash, ensuring you a safe and easy frying process. 

Our deep fryer with basket is designed to make your home cooking simpler and enjoyable, with the adjustable temperature and timer function, you can freely adjust the temperature from 302℉ to 374℉ according to your needs. The 60-minutes timer function also allows you to set up the frying duration and meanwhile you can prepare for other meals bringing you a quick and convenient cooking experience.


  • LARGE CAPACITY AND HIGH PERFORMANCE – Featuring a 3.2-quart oil container and a 1700W high-performance heating element, our deep fryer can fry large amounts of food quickly and reach the perfect crisp.               

  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE AND TIMER – This deep fryer has an adjustable temperature, from 302℉ to 374℉and a 60-minute timer so that you can set the temperature and time according to your actual needs.

  • SAFE GUARANTEE AND HUMANIZED DESIGN – The view window on the lid not only does keep hot oil from splashing, but it also allows you to keep an eye on the frying process. The four cool-touch handles are anti-scalding and comfortable to hold. The plug is UL certified as well.

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL – This home fryer’s body is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion and heat resistant. The inner liner is made of iron and has a nonstick enamel coating. The fry basket is made of iron with a surface plating treatment which is extremely durable.

  • EASY TO CLEAN – The ultimate designs of a removable heating element, a nonstick enamel-coated inner, a fry basket with a hook, and around corners make it the easiest electric fryer to clean you’ve ever owned!


  • Stainless Steel
  • Iron
Overall Dimension(inches): 21.5″(L) * 9.5″(W) * 8.5″(H)
Frying Basket’s Dimension(inches): 17.5″(L) * 5.5″(W) * 3″(H) 
Item Net Weight: 6 LBS
Color: Silver
Power: 1700 W
Oil Capacity: 3.2 QT
Food Capacity: 12 Cups
Adjustable Temperature Range: 302℉ – 374℉
Plug: UL Certified Plug
Packages Includes:
  • 1x Deep Fryer
  • 1x Frying Basket
  • 1x Manual Guide Book


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