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Premium 14 Inch Corded Electric Garden Tiller Garden Cultivator


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Whether you’re an avid gardener or a hobbyist, our electric tiller will help to make turning soil, mixing compost, and loosening your garden soil to help water reach into the plants root easier than ever. It is an invaluable garden tool that saves you hours of hard work, sweat, and backache too. Most importantly, it is manageable and you can use it effortlessly. 

This powerful garden tiller comes with a 10 AMP pure motor with a speed of up to 365 RMP quickly loosens the hard soil while providing reliable stability during efficient work. Moreover, the sharp tines of the blades ensure easy and long-lasting work. 

Using this tiller cultivator safely is as simple as turning on/off the trigger and pressing the safety button, allowing you to walk between weeds and plants. The strong and wide shield prevents sand and stone splashes from hurting people, especially in high-intensity gardening work.

This electric tiller is equipped with 4 high-hardness blades, the maximum planting width of this tiller can reach 14 inches while the depth can reach up to 9 inches, meeting your needs for trenching and deep planting. Perfect for gardening work in orchards, greenhouses, vegetable gardens, and other areas.


  • CONVENIENT STORAGE -With rotary knobs on two positions of the frame, this tiller cultivator can be folded into a compact size. Just leave it in a small corner of the utility room after your gardening work! What’s more, the wheels can be opened downward for easy transportation.
  • PERFECT USING EXPERIENCE – With an ergonomic open handle perfectly at the right side, this tiller cultivator is quite easy for grasping without deviation. The starting switch designed on the handle serves more convenience for a quick start or stop. Light 18 lbs weight is easy to lift with one hand.


Dimension: 41″(L) * 40″(W) * 14.5″(H)
Item Net Weight: 18 Ibs
Blades: 4
Voltage: 120V / 60Hz
Power: 10 Amp
Working Width: 9″
Working Depth: 14″
Speed: 365 RPM
Package Includes:
  • 1x Premium Corded Electric Garden Tiller
  • 1x User Manual Guide


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