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PREMIUM Anti-Scald Automatic Rotating Iron Hair Curler




Be Your Own Professional Hairstylist!

Every girl dreams of curls, and even curly girls want different types of curls! Curls aren’t just one size; they’re huge and voluptuous, small and tight, or loose and beachy. You may want to try out different hairstyles, but always end up with an ununiform shape. It’s time to invest in our best hair curler, so you can style yourself like a professional hairstylist!

Our curling iron is suitable for everyone, even beginners! With or without experience, you can now style beautiful and charming curls in no time with just a few simple steps. Simply place the right amount of hair into the curling slot, curl your hair by controlling the arrow keys, and leave it for a 10 seconds for better results.

Furthermore, this magic hair curlers is specially designed with a double-layer anti-scalding shell, so now you as a beginner no longer have to worry about burning yourself when styling your hair. Meanwhile, the built-in smart temperature chip evenly heats the curler and maintains a constant temperature that does not damage your hair and scalp.

The best part of all, our hair automatic curler comes with an intelligent induction motor that stops the curler when the hair is placed too much or incorrectly to avoid tangles and damaged hair. Plus, in order to secure the safety of each users, the  wave curler will automatically turns off the power if it is not used for 1 hour.


  • 3 TEMPERATURE SETTINGS – This hair styler comes with 3 temperature settings from 160℃ to 220℃, where works for all hair types including fine, normal and rough hair types.
  • HUMANIZED DESIGN – The built-in smart chip in our hair waver automatically cuts of the power after one hour without operation or when it is used incorrectly to secure the safety of users.
  • ANTI-SCALDING – Double-layer anti-scalding outer of the best hair styler makes beginners no longer have to worry about burning their hands or face.
  • HEAT EVENLY AND LONG-LASTING CURLS – The ceramic rod in our rotating curling iron can be heated quickly and evenly just in 30 seconds, while giving you a long-lasting curls.


Material: ABS Material
Item Net Weight: 1.7 LBS
Dimension: 11.8″(L) * 3.9″(W)
Power: 54W
Voltage: 220V
Minimum Temperature: 160°C
Maximum Temperature: 220°C
Plug Type: US Plug
  • Shell Pink
  • Chalk White
  • Pine Green
Package Includes:
  • 1x PREMIUM Anti-Scald Automatic Rotating Iron Hair Curler
  • 1x Manual Guide Book


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